Thursday, September 9, 2010

Missile Madness: Unabashed Idiocy: Burning The Koran

An idiotic gesture by a disturbed and obviously mentally unstable "preacher" to burn Korans this Saturday, the 9th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks by fanatics against U.S. lives and property has been condemned by none other than Sarah Palin, General Petraeus, Robert Gates and President Obama.  At times on this page I have been highly critical of each and every one of these people. On this occasion I praise each of them for denouncing this dangerous nonsense.

The chorus of denunciation is loud and clear and I can add nothing to improve upon them.  Praise goes out to all on the right and on the left, Republicans and Democrats, Uniformed and Non-Uniformed who have spoken out about this despicable venom from this pastor of only 50 lost souls in Florida.  We pray for them and for the pastor, for guidance in the next two days especially!  Please, Lord, grant them discernment. Nevertheless thy will, not mine, be done. But please Lord forgive me for being so bold as to beg that the two are in conjunction at the present time.  Amen.

I hear in the other room MSNBC anchors denouncing the denouncers.  Nonsense!  A slight bit of unity in opposing the fear mongering surrounding anti-Islam(instead of opposing fanatical murder by punks claiming to kill in the name of Jehovah, God, + Jesus, to some, who also goes by the blessed name of Allah to others) is emerging yesterday and today.  Freedom of religion is actually a backchannel winner in this. 

I am often quick to criticize Petraeus, who was among the first to denounce the event.  More than others, he was and is aware of the damage already being done to U.S. security and the safety of Americans and Afghans and many others already happening because of the punk pastor and deserves special praise, not condemnation, on this.  Palin, Obama, Gates and any others who claim to be leaders are obliged to speak out.  America looks good today for the first time in a long time to Unabashed Left.  Only one Pastor, and the violent idiots who are threatening retaliation or any violence at all are looking bad here. 

My own Congregational Pastor has recommended a constructive protest.  For $25 the Massachusettes Bible Society will donate two copies of the Koran(for each one burned) to Moslems without access to their holy text, such as those in hospitals, prisons or shelters.  Not yet technologically savvy enough to ensure a direct link on this page, here it is to type into your own browser, in case my attempt to post the link here fails.  Peace and as the President always says, May God Bless The United States Of America.

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