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Bette Midler Sings About A Hero Who Flies Higher Than An Eagle
To Be Honest?
This Morning Ray Gallant Is NOT 'My Hero' NOR Is He
'Everything I Would Like To Be!'
In Fact, Quite The Opposite.

Not-So-Gallant Ray Gallant From who chooses to assassinate the character
of others on other peoples' Facebook walls, turn down friend requests so that a more
civil and maybe even a friendly dialogue might happen on his own or his debate
partner's wall instead. He also sends mean and vicious "Private" messages
and then gets mad, in this case, because I posted another person's "Private" messages which
were neither mean nor vicious, just posted to make a point about a separate issue.
He continues to ignore my Facebook friend request. He called me arrogant and worse
electronically. On his own profile, his hometown, state and contact info such
as email are not too surprisingly NOT available. Mine is. :)
Be my friend Ray. I just checked, and he's blocked yours truly,
Unabashed Left.

On a Facebook friend's wall, not Mr. Gallant's nor my own, Ray Gallant called me arrogant and worse in an irrelevant tyrade and then proceeded with these attempts at intimidating and bullying "Private" messages in a manner most cowardly and very sad in the extreme. He claims to be a liberal. Our "Private" messages as they happened in their entirety, unabridged:

Ray Gallant 10:03am: Bring It Left ~

Unabashed Left July 24 at 10:05am: Not till you accept my friend request. .
Unabashed Left July 24 at 10:08am: You neither know me, know the situation here, and I suspect would NOT assassinate my character in person, only electronically. Such behavior in person would result in frequent arrests, bodily injury and what-not. One thing's for certain. Calling a stranger arrogant when you don't even know their name, is not Gallantry at all, mere cowardice my friend. So I await your positive response to my friend request prior to continuing our discussion of exactly what 'arrogance' is and I'd like to add 'cowardice' to the agenda, if I might be so bold. :) Happy day, sir..

Nice Bike, Huh? Only Pics of Ray are with his hog! Lol.
Ray Gallant July 24 at 10:13am: Thar Is some more arrogance ~ I saw what U R trying to do to Christine on your Page ~ That Is NOt Christian at All ~ Do U have a attention seeking dis-order ~ We ALL have the Right to Delete or un-friend or Block anyone 4 any reason we have on FB ~ from all I see she said she was concerned about either family or friends reading the postings ~ So what we IMHO mostly have all done that 4 whatever reasons ~ We have Rights or have U 4gotten that !!
Yes, not-so-gallant Ray Gallant attempts to pretend that he's a liberal.
And yet has this type of behavior online and in his own personal interactions.
Arlo Guthrie said of peace [not really a direct quote I'm taking liberties here, lol]:
 "Ifya can't do it fer yerself first, then ya can't get it fer
communities, counties, countries, continents, planets and worlds either."
Arlo's pal and musical partner Pete Seeger said, saying he learned this from Arlo's old man
Woody Guthrie:
"Plagiarism is a tradition in folk music. He stole it from him. I stole it from him.
We steal from everybody."
So Arlo:
Sorry if I didn't get your quote dead on dude! :)

Here's Woody Guthrie doing his kinda angry but beautiful answer to "God Bless America"
the most non-nationalistic patriotic song I ever heard:
This Land Is Your Land!
How 'bout this one for National Anthem instead of the one we have now that pumps up
"Bombs burstin' in air!"
American Militarism outa control!
We need people like Woody and Arlo
and I'm trying for an interview with Arlo! :)

Ray Gallant continued his verbal assault at 10:13am July 24th thusly: Thar U go with the Bully Tude !!! Only a Bully would not see the concern one has 4 a good friend that Is obviously being attacked by U Mr Not so good Guy ~ Showing private conversations on your Page ~ Not honorable and disgusting at best ~ So I really don`t see how we could ever be Friends ~ But thar Is A Great Song I Like ~ SOME PEOPLE CHANGE ~ As U have demonstrated with your open posting of a private conversation U have No Honor !!! Do it to me and I`ll have U reported repeatedly by many many Friends !!!

Unabashed Left July 24 at 10:43am: U fool. There are no copyrights and NO such thing as 'private' messages. Congrats. Yours now will be published on 6 continents this last one's so funny. Congratulations. You, gallant Ray Gallant, are now a published author. Lol dude! Thanks, this one'll surely get hits galore. Peace man and have a nice Sunday! Wow! ♥

After receiving this notice at 10:43 that his attempts at intimidation, character attacks, and comments such as 'Bully Tude' and questions such as "Do U have a attention seeking dis-order?" Mr. Gallant blocked my Unabashed Left friend page on Facebook as all trolls do once I inform them of the pending publication, verbatim, of their own comments as well as my own. This is the complete text of our "private" messages this morning, following his decision to call me arrogant on another's wall, and that wall owner has since deleted those comments and, are unfortunately unavailable at present. :(

Read all about the Lennon Peace Prize in memory of John Winston Ono Lennon here:

Friday, July 22, 2011


Melanie Safka Sings "I Don't Eat Animals" Cuz They Don't Eat ME!!! :D
I don't eat animals cuz I luvem you see!!!

                                                                                        Will I See This Moon Tonight?
Sideways Moon Toya!

Will any one of us see it[the Lunar surface, that is] tonight? Who knows? Doya think the 'Beckster'[talk about Lunar Lunacy! Guffaw!], Palin, Newt, Tanman-Mr. Orange, Mitt or Huckabee[is that his name or is it more sorta like what he prefers doing to stinging insects?--kinda like shucking corn--corny cornpone corn, like his Fixed News broadcast with the touchy-feely reactionary politics and him looking all stiff and absurd playing electric guitar in an ill-fitting suit and tie, doya know what I mean??] think about these things? NOT! LOL.   ;-D

How do you know it's Autumn in Wasilla, Alaska?  Sarah is up in the trees raking the leaves, of course. And selling tickets to the great event!

How many Palins does it take to change a light bulb?  You know that answer already. Three, naturally.  Sarah clings to the bulb with both hands; after reading the instructions written on her palms; while Bristol and Todd spin the ladder. :D

So we've established that I've been sick. I have a primary care doc, who seems responsive and sort of a minimal interventionist type. His name is Rippell, and he's in a neighboring town, about 15 minutes as the Ford Windstar flies.  I, of course, am my own case manager, however Dr. Rippell has agreed, despite the limitations of my Medicare plus an AARP supplement, to be my primary care.  I will call by Friday, to tell his office of my vegan decision, and seek their guidance. 

My chiropractor is Dr. Dawn Tobin,

                                    Dr. Dawn Tobin, D.C.---Doctor of Chiropractic

and she has been of great assistance since August 1, 2010. Her practice is a one chiropractor phenom, in my estimation. She advocates for minimal medical intervention, opposes for example, routine flu shots and offers education throughout her office on the matter.  She has inspired me by sharing about her own family's medical matters, and her request that I attend and support her first inservice-type training for new patients, and offering her gratitude routinely for my support of her efforts. She honored me by requesting that I attend a "Band of Brothers" patient appreciation conference in Hartford, on an evening when she could not attend herself.

This "Band of Brothers" includes men and women who are chiropractors and I had the privilege of meeting many of Dr. Tobin's friends there.  The basic notion seems to be, according to Dr. Steve, who moderated the event, that mechanical intervention and spinal manipulation is vastly superior to the scalpel or pills as a knee-jerk reaction to any health matter. There is a clear spiritual component to the "Band of Brothers." Dr. Tobin has educated me in many ways. The idea seems to be that the central nervous system, indeed the entire nervous system, affects every body part, system and the personality as well(after all the brain contains these components, at least in part). She suggests that there is an underlying logic and map to the nervous system and that healing is contingent upon a healthy spine and nervous system. If the spine is misaligned, if "subluxation" happens, then health, especially healing, is not going to occur in a maximally effective manner.

The good Doctor Tobin demonstrated for me once how she adjusted her newborns the day she delivered them and it brought tears to my eyes. Lovely. Spinal maintenance from birth. Touch. Wow. No harm there! Only benefits that I can see. She uses just her finger tips to adjust the spine.  I've routinely joked to Dr. Tobin and her Chiropractic Assistant Anna Gagliardi that "I'm already well-adjusted. Please just fix my back."  I, of course, was joking, and wrong on the first count and needing the second badly.  She said give it a year. It's been months now, and slow progress with my back pain has occurred.

My outlook on life and my  spiritual journey has progressed well since chiropractic.  My other medical stuff, including ingesting the nuclear purple pill, Iodine Radiation, the week of the very onset of my chiropractic treatment render judgements on the effectiveness of the chiropractic treatment difficult at best.

The speaker at the "Band of Brothers" conference was Dr.(PhD) Pastor Aaron D. Lewis,
Dr. Lewis' Book Features This Artistic Rendering Of A Romantic Heart

author of Why I Love Chiropractic(2010; Foghorn Publishers, P.O. Box 8286, Manchester, CT 06040-0286; 860-216-5622;;

Dr. Aaron D. Lewis' Why I Love Chiropractic(Foghorn Publishers, 2010)

Explicitly not a Doctor of Chiropractic himself, Dr. Lewis is a pastor of the evangelical tradition, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, and is an ordained minister.  He's ghostwritten over 100 books, and consults major publishers--he lives in New England and in Panama. He is winging all over the world all the time, it seems. Busy man, indeed.  Quite in demand as a preacher and speaker it is apparent to me. So I was eager to attend services with him on a Sunday morning at the Family Of God Church in Glastonbury, which I did last Sunday morning.

Dr. Lewis has become something of an expert on Chiropractic, as a layman and advocates for it as an inspirational speaker.  Since commencing my Chiropractic care I have made some good choices. Including reconnecting with two pastors from the United Church of Christ(formerly the Congregational Church) and making the decision to shop for a local church to attend regularly since my move to this locality a year ago.  I've attended services in Goshen, CT; plan to visit a congregation in Naugatuck, an Episcopal church in Cheshire, visited Pastor Aaron's last Sunday and plan to return there in 2 weeks time.

I've been in phone contact with pastors, by email, and have a newly reacquainted friend from high school who is recently retired as a counselor in private practice with Counseling credentials, and a Doctorate in Divinity. I will call the Deacon of Pastor Aaron's church this week to arrange a coffee get-together, and will email Dr. Lewis for an appointment on a one-to-one basis.  I've requested admission information from the Hartford Theological Seminary.  Dr. Lewis' book I will finish shortly and is chock full of health info.

I have an appointment scheduled for three MD's of differing specialties. One Gastro-intestinal doc will be doing a necessary colonoscopy in early December. My Endocrinologist is Dr. Surani Fernando, and I have full confidence in her abilities and inclination to be cautious in treatment.  And I have an intake scheduled for a psychiatric screening with an MD.  I will consult all these MD's as well as my Primary Care Doc Rippell on my vegan plans.

At a fund-raising dinner for the Northford, CT Historical Society, I recently had a great conversation with an operating room Registered Nurse who happens to be a friend of the family's.  Another long-time friend recently acquired her R.N. and was pinned recently, despite her busy life of raising her son as a single Mom, and has been invited to write a guest blog for Unabashed Left on public health care policy. I also recently met an R.N. from the Maritime Provinces in Canada whose judgements I respect greatly and admire.  Their advice will also be sought for my Vegan endeavor.

I intend to contact my insurance carriers soon to determine if coverage is available for nutritionist services, and look into local nutrition groups.  Since undergoing chiropractic care with Dr. Tobin I've also gotten much more involved in my 12 step work, which has also improved my health in many ways, my spiritual condition and my outlook on diet and exercise.

My niece is now in her mid-20's and has been a vegetarian since 12 years old, and has been an inspiration and a love of mine from her birth.  She's honored me in many ways, and has a Baccalaureate degree in journalism, and has been not eating animals because she loves 'em.  My sister, her Mom, and family have had to compensate for her wishes and has been an example for friends, acquaintances and families by quiet, humble example for way more than a decade now! She is a cabinet member indeed! She honors me with her participation.

So there it is. 4 MD's, 3 R.N.'s, one Chiropractor and several of her friends, a Pastor/expert on things medical, a "Band of Brothers," 2 additional spiritual advisers, 12 step supporters, and a couple of more. 

I attended a Stress Management course three times at the invitation of teacher Beth Roth, and will renew contact with her, who incorporates Yoga and many great principles into her teaching. In fact, she asked me to pose for photos as a poster child for Stress--and I can assure you that she chose wisely. :-D  One more MD I hope to contact is actually primarily an herbalist, whose been a friend for years, and I am uncertain regarding my ability to contact him. 

And finally, I have much in the way of contacts online now through this Unabashed writing venture of mine.  Many experts of all sorts, but especially experts in Unconditional Love. <3  I have to shout out to my new Facebook friends and say that their inspiration has been and will continue to be instrumental in this endeavor. TYTYTY!!!

In the short run my diet will be dictated by my immediate medical needs. I have several medical concerns at present of an immediate and serious nature, which I shall document soon in a separate essay on this blogspot. 

And a thanks to 4 people educating the public about diet and exercise who have inspired me.  Mrs. Barack Obama, Michelle, has made obesity her central issue in Barack's first term. To be honest, the President's own transgressions as far as his health maintenance have no doubt compromised her efforts. He has not quit smoking cigarettes that I am aware of, and has his photo taken with world leaders eating junk food.  NOT constructive, Mr. President. I don't know how you manage to run up and down a gymnasium floor playing basketball doing what you do to your body, sir.  Unless media reports of your own health maintenance are distorted, and that certainly may be the case.

               Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams From NBC's The Weather Channel
Jennifer Carfagno From NBC's The Weather Channel

Al Roker, from NBC's Today Show and  Wake Up With Al on the now NBC-owned The Weather Channel, has gone public for years with his decision years ago to have gastro surgery in order to deal with his own obesity.  He's lost oodles of weight, exercises and has made his life an example of public education for the nation and world---Dads, Moms and kids! Just last month he became a media event himself when he completed all 26 miles and change of the New York City Marathon! Congratulations to  Al! Thank you sir, for your inspiration. You've helped to make this an easy choice for me. And at The Weather Channel, Stephanie Abrams and Jennifer Carfagno--on-camera meteorologists--have gone public with their own diet and exercise changes and talk on camera and on facebook about their friendship and their runs together from the TWC studios in Atlanta. Thanks Steph and Jennie!

So there it is, the cabinet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Weather Channel Expert Stu Ostro On Global Warming: Unabashed Q & A

A Bit Of Vintage Local On The 8's The Weather Channel Music (Pre-NBC Takeover) Forya To Listen To
 Whilst Yer Reading Stu's Perspective

Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro of The Weather Channel, which was acquired by NBC Universal in 2008 (and, of course, NBC itself was acquired recently by Comcast--can anyone keep score of modern corporate subsidiary subterfusion except the gangs occupying the Manhattan boardrooms and on the Fairfield county cocktail party circuit?) agreed to answer a series of questions posed to him unabashedly by your Unabashed Lefty. So thanks to The Weather Channel and to NBC and especially to a wonderful and inspiring friend, Stu Ostro.

Brief background. When I came online last year I objected to the BP oil spill and its effect on canines and felines on the Louisiana Gulf coast, and sought to raise money for the awesome Louisiana chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA SPCA -- donate immediately, get that darned debit/credit card out--here's the link: I was reinforced with some success and with meeting some wonderful people and this writing project of mine is the result. I learned to make contacts in order to advance the K9 and feline cause. The most approachable television on-camera media folks were far and away within the category: meteorologists! Ya gotta luvem!

To a "T" almost, these folks have been responsive, and are dedicated to saving peoples' lives through advancing technology, warning systems and their own broadcasts. I immediately found that the meteorologists at two national networks based in or near Atlanta, The Weather Channel and CNN were not only receptive, but enjoyed interacting with viewers and teaming up to cover stories and more! Fun galore, plus fund raising efforts for groups such as and when weather catastrophes were imminent or had happened were succeeding.

I immediately noticed Chad Myers' ability at CNN to explain the pseudo-science behind each successive pathetic ad-hoc effort to cap the spill in a way that was understandable to the layman, and his humility in not understanding the BP explanations of these efforts. He educated the public far better than the federal point man Thad Allen was my observation. I've always had a penchant for journalism, and had been noticing Julie Martin at TWC for years, without a meteorology degree herself, but doing on-camera journalism the way The Weather Channel should do journalism for a long time now. I followed her career a bit, and learned of her recent marriage to CNN producer John Murgatroyd. Murgatroyd happened to have produced a CNN prime time special on attempts to clean up the spill while it was still in progress, by their meteorologist Rob Marciano, with whom I'd already had several pleasant interactions, and I was delighted by that. A life-long fisherman and weather buff, with complex home meteorology stuff, I've been watching TWC religiously for years and my friends and family accept it as an eccentricity, even accepting that I'm fairly responsible in my efforts to chase tropical systems when they near my neighborhood (the tri-state area---lol).

Dr. Cullen in 2008 at the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook

Eventually, as a consequence of the BP spill and these meteorological interactions, I went into political writing, doing these photo/music/essay things, fiction and more. Now I am employed as a journalist for the online paper, and so on. I have a long list of media and government contacts and sources today, and it all began with the responsive stable of dedicated folks who are that special breed: on-air meteorologists. And I've interacted with many, many experts in the past year and only one out of that group of more than a hundred sees no direct connection between human behavior and not just climate change, but the actuality of global warming. Dr. Heidi Cullen is a PhD, a Princeton and Columbia University person, a TWC on-camera climate expert, and the CEO of Climate Central, linked at

Stu Ostro may be a weather geek, but he's a brilliant guy and a great educator.

Since most folks still get their news and climate info from TV, aside from Nobel Peace Prize winner and climate change advocate extraordinaire Al Gore (the former Vice President and winner of the 2000 popular vote for President of the United States over George W. Bush by more than 500,000 ballots), Heidi and Stu Ostro are probably the most effective public educators on the topic. Besides nuclear weapons, if there is one way we, as a species, will botch our ability to inhabit this little blue ball we call Earth and the delicate thin little layer of gas surrounding it that we call the atmosphere, it will be by continuing to despoil the atmosphere with our absurd and selfish gaseous emissions.

Dr. Heidi Cullen of The Weather Channel and Climate Central

Stu holds a degree in meteorology from one of the finest schools in the country for weather experts, Penn State, and has been working diligently on and off-camera for TWC since 1989. Here are his answers to some important questions:

Q1) Many people object to the use of the term "Global Warming" when speaking of the "Climate Change" phenomenon. Is the global climate warming due to human carbon and other atmospheric emissions in your opinion?

A1): There’s a lot of short-term year-to-year natural variability superimposed, but the overwhelming evidence is that the longer term temperature trend, which is one of warming, is primarily the result of human activities.

Q2) Besides climatic temperature changes, what other Climate Changes do you see happening in the past century due to human carbon and other emissions?

A2): A serious trend of Arctic sea ice loss, changes in atmospheric circulation patterns, and changes in the nature of precipitation extremes.

Q3) What weather phenomenon outside North America of note would you attribute, if any, to the Climate Change phenomenon, and what weather events in our country would you say have been affected by climate change over the past century?

A3): Some of the temperature anomalies and precipitation extremes we’ve seen in recent years likely have a climate change component to them.

Q4) Are human injuries, deaths and/or property damage occurring due to weather anomalies produced by Climate Change or is that impossible to assess?

A4): If climate change is affecting the day-to-day weather including extremes, which my assessment indicates it is, then there are injuries, deaths, and property damage which have occurred as a result. What’s impossible to assess is exactly how much of those impacts would have occurred without these changes in climate.

Q5) Environmentally, what damages have occurred or are occurring world-wide and here due to Climate Change, and are you aware of any species (whether single-celled, plant or mammal) which have become extinct or endangered primarily due to climate change?

A5): The frequency of devastating floods worldwide, and the nature of the 2003 Europe and 2010 Russia heat waves, and the kind of topsy-turvy patterns that have produced odd snow extremes, have a signal to them suggesting an influence of climate change. [N/A on the species question – outside my realm.]

Q6) What public policies should be highest on the agendas of the state governments, the U.S. government and the U.N. and the international community and which policy initiatives would accomplish the most in an expeditious manner and are ones you would advocate?

A6): An increased focus on adaptation to climate change, given that it’s already happening and affecting us regardless of what is done to mitigate the causes.

I can't overestimate the seriousness of one of Stu's comments. Please remember this one from an expert who has been at this for decades:

"If climate change is affecting the day-to-day weather including extremes, which my assessment indicates it is, then there are injuries, deaths, and property damage which have occurred as a result." 

     And don't forget the kitties and doggies
so donate today to


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No More Tears: Advocates For Missing Children and Rock to Cure Cancer/Joey Ramone Tribute

No More Tears: Advocates For Missing Children and Rock to Cure Cancer/Joey Ramone Tribute
Eric Clapton's Tears In Heaven a song he wrote for his little boy who died a tragic death.
If we dedicate a bit of effort
we can prevent the kind of sorrow you hear in Dad Eric's words, voice and guitar
by other Dads, Moms, Brothers, Sisters and Friends.
When kids go missing it's a nightmare for all involved!
Never had kids.
Can't imagine Eric's pain.
Eric's son has no more tears.
He's in Heaven.
Eric still has tears.
He must be strong.
And carry on.
Because he knows
He doesn't belong
Here in Heaven,
not yet.

Hailey has been missing for over 6 months now.
She's cute, huh?
Let's get her back.
Keep your eyes peeled.
If you think you have any information about a missing kid, you do.
Don't hesitate to call. Even if the lead seems stretched.
It might save her life or another kid's.
And prevent a Dad like Eric Clapton from having all those tears.

Shelby just went missing a week ago from Texas. Again call if you think you have ANY clue whatever.
Looks like a fun kid to me!
A friend is a relative and asked me to help in any way I could. So here we are.

My dear friend, 16 year old (17th coming up soon) Isabella Stone has created a new Facebook Page and a new website.!/pages/Advocates-For-Missing-Children/218952258146008. Her newest website is also dedicated to missing kids and is: Just click and you're there.

The mission statement she's outlined reads as follows:
To get the name and faces of missing children on the media and to bring them home to their loving families! Simple and direct. Nothing to complicate or confuse the matter. To reprioritize the media from showing endless loops of Casey Anthony dance tapes to focusing attention on kids and families in need of and desiring help! Thanks for pointing that out to me Bella!
A very peaceful scene selected to head the new missing kids website
so unlike the lack of peace suffered by families that just don't know where their loved one is!

I am so grateful to have a young woman of Bella's moral character and funloving personality in my life. I'm blessed with several young women, men and children in my life. If any of them went missing, I would be frantic. Never a parent, I can't imagine the horror of a missing child. I lost my best friend, my brother at a relatively young adult age to death and it was the worst time of my life. The WORST! But not even knowing? OMG! Please visit these pages, pay attention to Amber alerts, memorize the faces and CALL if you have the slightest clue. Call the authorities. Don't hesitate, please!

Another friend whom I've come to admire and respect has given herself the pseudonym Kimmi Ramone and is helping to raise money for Cancer awareness and for a cure with Rock to Cure Cancer, an annual tribute concert and fundraiser in memory of cancer victim Joey Ramone, front man for the Rockers "The Ramones" who died of cancer all too young in 2001.
It will be a great event, great music on a wholesale basis at fundraiser prices on Long Island
Friday Night July 22nd, 2011 with doors opening at 8pm and music till the not so wee hours!
Should be a blast, I plan on making the show! And looking forward to it indeed!
The Facebook link for this one is:

And the website is:


Monday, July 4, 2011


This guy claims to be a liberal but attacked me and another FB friend  personally when I dared to criticize his beloved NFL:
Check out the misogynist poster behind him? Liberal? "Girls in Sports???" What a sicko!
Manny Whitlock abuses women with this insulting profile pic of himself!

John Winston Ono Lennon and his wife Yoko tell Dick Cavett like it is and then sing
Woman is the Ni**er of the World

For the second day in a row a self-proclaimed 'liberal' has disagreed disagreeably with me (and in today's case, one other) on my own FB wall. I remind everyone here at blogspot, my FB walls, my Examiner pages, that any comments and debates are welcomed as long as the discourse is civil, though I'd much prefer cordial, friendly, loving and constructive. Civil at a minimum and no personal insults. I encourage kids as young as 5 to read these pages, they are designed in large part as civics lessons for kids, especially high schoolers! So don't do it, you WILL be published! Happy Monday! <3 Steve
The pic I keep on my wall along with my pic of Augie Doggie. Face it NFL, Mike and animal welfare groups: Michael Vick is NOT qualified to be a role model for anyone in this life. He has options, but not being a superstar in the NFL (which markets to kids and makes their 'stars' role models for marketing purposes) or representing animal welfare of all things! It's not always about the $!!!! Boycott!

Deborah Mut-Erickson likes this..

Pat Middleton I wholeheartedly agree.

59 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Steve Alexander thanks Pat Middleton: for the record, in your state, the local Tampa Bay TV outlet boycotted Phillie last year (the Eagles) to their credit! :D

57 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Manny Whitlock What, Michael Vick don't have rights to overcome his short comings? What country do you live in?

52 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Pat Middleton Yes they did as should other stations but the NFL is big money and most won't. Kids should not have sports standouts for heroes but they do and the NFL needs to act responsibly with Vick and I suppose in their money ladened brain they have.....but they haven't. Do the crime do the time, rehab is all fine and well but something like Vick did is so heinous that Vick shouldn't be allowed to enter into any national organization for the purpose of making money, especially when part of his draw is what he did.See More

50 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Manny Whitlock Wrong!

46 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Manny Whitlock His wrongs are his wrong and he has the right to make them right but that gives you no right to say that man can not make a living in his profression and with his talent.

46 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Pat Middleton Yes it does....I have the same right to my opinion as you have to yours.

40 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Manny Whitlock You have no right to decide if one can make a living and eat or not.

18 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Steve Alexander ‎Manny Whitlock: Look up the very first amendment to the Flawed constitution of the United States, you are soooo wrong my friend. I in fact have every right to speak my mind. :) And to boycott the boring product that is NFL football these days played by spoiled millionaires. TV Time outs, video review rules, fetus ball the last hour of the game, intentional grounding galore, 20 minutes between hikes... Yawn...

15 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...Manny Whitlock This has no measure in deciding your right to speak. I stated that Pat has no right to decide what and how a person can eat, make a living, and such.

15 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Steve Alexander ‎Manny Whitlock: if you're a fan, you know that ever since Super Bowl II, and the fusion of the NFL and it co-opting the AFL, and inter league play, the NFL has not been worth the bother. There is nothing more boring than watching 3 hours of an NFL 'game' which is all nothing more than a Madison Ave marketing scheme at this point my friend,

14 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Manny Whitlock You have your right to your opion. Beit incompetent or not.

14 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Steve Alexander Let's not get personal Manny Whitlock, I am anything but incompetent, sir. Go Pat Middleton go! Not just civil but cordial and loving disagreement is allowed on MY wall, if you want to resort to "incompetent" comments, please take it to your own real estate Manny. Kids look at my wall and I do NOT allow disparagement on a personal basis of anyone. Be careful here.

12 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Manny Whitlock You don't like football and you are taking your troubles out on football. That is incompetent.

11 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Steve Alexander ‎Manny Whitlock: views cannot be incompetent, look the adjective up in your Websters, btw. Only people can be. :)

11 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Manny Whitlock You need to attack football just because you can't get your house in order.

10 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Steve Alexander Therefore you are close to being blocked permanently from my wall Manny Whitlock. I accept apologies 24/7. If one is not forthcoming here, you're done here, sir.

10 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Manny Whitlock Oh block me. That's your freedom.

9 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Steve Alexander My house in order Manny Whitlock? What house is that?

9 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Manny Whitlock Apparently it ain't if you are worrying football. Don't you have anything else more effective in your life to worry about than football and moaning groaning about a sport that millions of Americans will disagree with you about?

8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Manny Whitlock You are incompetent.

Pat Middleton: I'm not denying him the right to make a living and eat. I said he should not be allowed back in the NFL. Children make those stars into heroes and if a person is going to be a hero, whether they chose to be one or not they should be morally... and ethically responsibe people. Vick did an awful thing and yes he did his time so what does that teach young boys? That they can do awful things, do a year or two in the county lock up and then resume their career or job as if nothing happened. Well something happened and Manny if that had been you or I when we were released our jobs would not had been waiting for us.

7 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Steve Alexander I just posted this thread on Manny's own wall and he unfriended me after the above "You are incompetent" attack. He'll be published on 6 contintents shortly. Congrats Mr. Liberal! Lol Dude! :) Good stuff Pat Middleton! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Vic Chesnutt sings "Coward" For Al Rogers



Steve Alexande: Dennis a thinker? I hope he thinks about endorsing his fellow Chicagoan, our awesome incumbent Barack Obama and abandon his comical, yet harmful to the left, quadrennial quixotic presidential campaigns, Al Rogers. If you have any sway with him, give him an earfull and tell him an ego is not worth a campaign every 4 years. Peace... Steve Alexander

about an hour ago

Al Rogers it has nothing to do with his ego you sound like that asshole chuck todd... Barack obama has not been entirely loyal tot the progressive wing of the party..he has not had enough senators to deliver on some of his promises

25 minutes ago

Al Rogers he as commander in chief should have asked congress to authorize us troops pn the ground oin libya...instead he has chosen to lie about it...

24 minutes ago

Al Rogers as aformer consititutional law professor he should have asked holder to prosecute at least dick cheney a confessed war criminal

23 minutes ago

•Steve Alexander

Al Rogers: Please be aware that you do not know me at ALL. I do NOT utilize vulgarity on others walls nor do I al]low it on mine, and the treminology you just used is vulgar indeed. I like to think of my walls and writings as civics lessons for kids. How DARE you do such cowardly stuff. Would you refer to me as an ___hole in person because I disagree with you? If so, you're not a liberal at all, you're sick and require immediate psychiatric and/or law enforcement involvement. Otherwise since you choose to only do so online, you suffer only from cowardice--especially since you choose to engage in such juvenile and indefensible conduct on other people's walls. You fool, sir. I accept apologies 24/7, and I block, delete and report 24/7 as well. Typical of typical Chicago politics like that of egotists such as Bloggo and Kucinich. Certainly not our awesome incumbent President. Your turn. But without a SINGLE act of vulgarity ever again. Zero tolerance for you now, my friend. Peace... Steve AlexanderSee More