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An Awesome Cover of the Village People Classic
I posted the following today on two of my websites and here on Facebook and received a comment from one Trix Doca who lists herself as a resident of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. My initial posting was:

Here's Vladimir Wading In a River Shirtless

Trix Doca: Russians like Putin. What militarism are you talking about? Which expansionism do you mean?Aren't there american politicians who used to work for various secret services, too?

‎Steve Alexander: Trix Doca: Putin has launched repeated wars of aggression in the former Soviet colonies of the Caucuses region, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan especially, and the consequent campaign of terrorism in Moscow, including the bombing of the... Moscow subway system twice in one day by widows of Putin victims, is the result of his militarism. He spends more on the military per capita than any significant nation on earth, and he continues to point intercontinental nukes at the rest of the world along with an exclusive club that includes only himself, the USA and the PRC. Putin IS after all a former leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and of the KGB where he first acquired the actual power he holds today. Following Mikhail Gorbachev's sacrificial service (much understated and/or misstated by revisionist historians and the media at the time) handing over power to the multi-party democracy that was headed by President Boris Yeltsin (who is also maligned and inappropriately lampooned by the US press and "historians") there was a brief period of non-KGB rule. Medvedev stood a brief chance at ascendancy but the power of the CPSU remains. In the United States we are not "Free as butterflies" either, otherwise delusion reigns rampant. The information we get handed to us in Amerika post-WWII First-strike nuclear war victory by the Amerikan DOD handed to us by the media and academia is just as colored as the trash generated by the CPSU during Stalin's heyday, Hitler's, Mao's, and anything generated today by Beijing Daily. OVERRULED, I am not hopelessness for Russia's future following Gorbachev's voluntary, willing and planned descenciion from leadership of the CPSU. Gorbachev, John Paul II, and Lech Walesa are the heroes of the downfall of the Soviet empire, not US President Raygun's obscene arms race. And Boris Yeltsin won the presidency and maintained it competitively at the outset of the current incarnation of Russia, attempted no militaristic expansionism, and freedoms were afforded the populace which hadn't existed since 1917. As soon as former KGB leader Putin took over as President for 8 years, any chance at development of these fledgling human rights were gone. When he devolved his role to PM, and Medvedev initially took the Presidency a brief power opportunity for Medvedev existed, but not for long. Now Putin will ascend in the spring, unless agitation can be encouraged as it has been throughout much of the Arab world with this year's Arab Spring overthrows. Dissent in Russia needs to be encouraged by our government and by our people, and anyone who might be hear by the average angry Muscovite especially!

Here's the same dude walking thru the woods without his shirt! What a loony! Lol dude!
Steve Alexander: And yes, Trix Doca, there might be American pols who may have worked for intel agencies, but none in power who were active in as despotic a regime as that run by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the KGB of Vladimir Putin! You are Russian, many, many Russians are fed up with Putin and his usurpation of their rights, his spending on weapons and his bare-chested ego centrism and his cult of personality and I encourage PEACEFUL PROTEST IN MOSCOW AND THROUGHOUT RUSSIA AGAINST THE TYRANNY OF VLADIMIR PUTIN AND HIS SICK REGIME!!! You, Trix, most definitely do NOT speak for the majority of Russians or even a significant minority. Most Russians and their neighbors want him GONE! Myself included. It is high time and today's announcement is obscene.


Employers: sheep farm

Castration Specialist · Jan 1978 to present · Cleveland, Ohio

Castrating sheep.

College: Homeschooled

Class of 1972 · Satanic Rituals.

Religious Views: Mormon extremist.

Political Views: Love your government

And his/her activities include:
Global Revolution.


So at 11:47 Trix Doca has not yet had enough, and posted:
Here's ol' Vlad sportin' some camos and holdin' a tranquilizer gun?
Doya think he just might have himself a Napoleonic Complex?
Or maybe he's just REALLY repressed in a sexual way? Tee hee hee hee.
Trix Doca: Repeated wars? In Azerbaijan? And Kyrgyzstan? Ah yeah? And I guess he also attacked Georgia, right?Russia spends more on the military per capita than any other nation? Where did you get these 'facts' from? Here you can check your 2nd claim, about military spending per capita: to Russia and talk to some people on the streets, you will see that they like Putin. Then ask them about Gorbachev or Yeltsin.American people don't understand Russia or the Russian people at all. You complain about missiles aimed at you, but are you not doing exactly the same? You complain about military spending, is it not the US who is entertaining hundreds of military bases all around the world, is it not the US who continues to piss on Russia shoes, with its anti missile idea in eastern Europe? Is it not the US who is currently occupying more than one country, killing a million Iraqis, bombing Afghans for no reason? Is it not the US where they stick their hands into your pants at airports? Is it not the US where they lock up more people than in any other country? Is it not the US where wealth is distributed as un-equal as in no other country?Tell me, which country is Russia occupying? Which part of the society is oppressed? Why would anyone care about what Russias neighbours want? Did it occur to you that the only reason foreign politicians don't like Putin is because he actually acts in the best interest of his country? I am sure, America would kiss his shoes, if he would lick Obama's ass and praise American politicies.So again: America is the warmonger, America is occoupying countries, America is poisoning other people's land with DU. America is spending more than anyone else on arms. America is locking up more people (per capita and overall) than any other country. America is letting sick people die instead of providing healthcare for them.So tell me again, who needs to rise up?See MoreList of countries by military expenditures per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here's the former and soon-to-be-again President of Russia in his Karate outfit...
And it ain't even Halloween!
To which I replied:
Here's the current Prime Minister of Russia wrestling in the same outfit! OMG!
Steve Alexander: Guess what Trix Doca, using Wikipedia as your source is as silly as calling yourself satanic and a pro sheep castrator. I dispute the Wikipedia figures, and Russia is NOT occupying any country because they have been rebuffed by the heroism of the people of the former Russian colonies under Putin's KGB during the Soviet empire in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia among others. The economy of Russia is still in a third world state because of the ridiculous amount of cash spent by Putin trying to keep his Oedipus complexed missiles up and running. And READ please, Trix, I'm no fan of American nor Chinese militarism either. I don't defend our militarism and called us the first strike winners of the first nuclear war ever, WWII! Lol. You don't even ID yourself as male or female on your profile, yet you call yourself a sheep castrator and a satanist college grad! The entire society has none of the rights they had under Yeltsin, arrests for political reasons are back, graft and corruption rampant, and now the drug trade in Russia is as bad as in the West and the government thugs who ruled fiefdoms under the old CPSU are now profiteering off of organized crime as well. Putin has brought all of these wonders to the Russian people. There are many warmongers in the world, Putin is but one, but a sicko who is a misogynist exhibitionist and a megalomaniac who has brought despair to millions. If you haven't heard of the Russian military misadventures in the Caucuses it is because Putin is controlling so completely what you are allowed to read, hear and think, Trix. BTW, r u male, or female? Just curious. LOL! :D
Here's Mr. Putin in some kinda goggles and what looks like a flight jacked of some sort.
But at midnight HE came back for more:
Here's the Vlad-man on a T-Shirt lookin' kinda like an alien.
Ifya ask me he never looked better. Actually she looks great, him...
well... I'd rather look at her to be honest even though she is kinda young.
Trix Doca: You are making a lot of sense, yes. Have you ever been in Russia? Have you ever even left your own country?How do you know when corruption supposedly ended, and when it came back? There has never been a time without corruption. As I said,... American people don't understand Russia at all.Arrests for political reasons? Do you really believe that, or do you actually bother to read what people who are imprisoned are accused of? There is one country that has the habit of locking people up and torturing them indefinitely, and I think it is called America.Do you really think that you have any idea about what happenend in the Caucasus? You can't even spell the word. Have you ever been there? Have you been present during the conflict? You embarrass yourself when you talk about things from which you obviously know nothing about. I think it is you, who does not know what your country was actually doing during that conflict.Who in Russia wants Putin gone? Of course, there are people who would prefer somebody else as president, but the overall opinion is pretty much pro Putin. The only real opposition comes from old people who want the good old times to come back, including communism and everything it stood for.To sum it up: Putin did not engage in military expansion and the Russian people in general like him. You can't compare Russia to an Arab country. To answer your question: Male.
Here's the Man called Vlad(he wore his shirt that day) and Dubya.
Remember when Dubya gazed into Vlad's eyes and they both looked like the Man from Glad and
Georgie pronounced Vlad his 'trusted friend' after meeting him for the first time
and talking with the insane dude for about an hour through Russian interpreters!
Since then, Vlad's tried to annex about a half dozen sovereign nations,
imposed political repression on his own people and created
a terrorist threat in Moscow and elsewhere because of his
tendency for violence and mayhem!
Doya really wanna elect another
Republican President
of THIS country?
Steve Alexander: Hi once again Trix Doca, you self-avowed sheep castrating satanist supporters world revolutionary supporters of Vladimir Putin just don't give up, do you. Yeah, I guess I'm embarrassing meself, dude! Lol. Now that we know you're a dude after all! OMG you ARE funny, is that your sense of humor or are you simply weird? Another genuine question. Sorry for the misspelling of the Caucasus, but at least I'm aware that there have been repeated military incursions into the independent and sovereign nation states bordering the Caucuses mountains, for example see the NY Times articles on the Russian war with Georgia in 2008 and it's usurpation of Georgian territory: .World news about Georgia. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times:

Steve Alexander: I've never been to Nazi Germany, Trix Doca, but I have some pretty sound understanding of Hitler's rule and some opinions about them. You seem to only march to your own drummer, and keep attacking America, I despise the American criminal "justice" system as well as it's militarism. Please don't change the subject from your bare-chested exhibitionist Prime Minister who was allowed only two terms as President constitutionally, put in a puppet in Medvedev sandwiched in between, and announced his intent to take over the Presidency once again next year. There won't be any opposition nor any form of democratic election, he decided and its done. I didn't compare Russia to any country, just yearn for an call for the Russian people to emulate the heroes of Alexandria and Cairo when they peacefully overthrew another egocentric murdering dictator like your Putin, Hosni Mubarak.

Steve Alexander: To sum it up, Putin has repeatedly tried military expansionism since the downfall of Boris Yeltsin. And I can compare Putin to Hitler, Stalin, and Mubarak, Trix Doca, because the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is still in force and freedom of speech flourishes here, unlike Russia today.
Here's ol' Vlad wearin' a starched white shirt, tie and a suit. Betcha he couldn't wait to strip!
He looks kinda dumb in this one, huh? That's cuz he is!
So's Trixie! LOLOLOL!
Steve Alexander: Are you certain of your gender, Trix Doca and why isn't it on your profile on the information page that says you graduated from Satanic College and are a pro-sheep castration technician in the United States, but live in Russia? Why Trix? Why? I'm embarrassing myself again, aren't I? Lol dude or dudette!

Trix Doca: Oh my god. You criticize me for quoting wikipedia, and now you post an article from the New York Times?I never denied that there have been conflicts in that region. Do you know how they actually started? Do you know which role the US has ...played in it? Do you have any idea about who attacked and killed whom? Or did you just read the New York Times and watch Fox News?To describe the actions in Georgia as military expansionism is completely laughable. It was an act of self defense.I suggest you go to Russia, one day, talk to some people, and have a look at the country. So Putin is only allowed to serve 2 terms, which he most probably will do, what's the problem with that? Do you have anything against him or Medvedev being president because the people actually like them? Would you rather see a guy that is being hated by everyone? Again, you can't compare the situation in Russia with the situations in arab/north african countries. Both the political system and people's mentally are completely differentPutin is not perfect, neither is Medvedev. If there were a better alternative, people would vote for them. Most western tv channels and newspapers like to present those guys 'as the right choice' who would only serve western interests.Do you really believe that all the uprisings in Egypt and so on just happenend by themselves, automatically? Are you really that naive? I suppose you haven't heard how these supposedly 'free' countries started to ban protests all together, and how they introduced sick religious laws right after they came to power.Perhaps Russians should do the same - participate in a staged revolution, to then accept a new US puppet as the new leader.

Trix Doca: Of course you can compare Putin to Hitler, or Mubarak to Stalin. It just doesn't make much sense. Putin has not attacked any country, nor is his country currently occupying any. All he ever did was protecting Russian people from violence, and stopping a freaked out leader of Georgia, who btw thought that could do just about anything thanks to the Okay that he got from US politicians. People who need to know any details about my person already do so. Last time I checked I was still male. The contradicting details in my profile serve to confuse people. In the end it does not matter where I live or where I am from, I think. You have already brandmarked me as a Russian and a Putin supporter, what more do you need to know? :-)

Steve Alexander: I'm bored with you now Trix Doca, your defensiveness is repetitive. WHY on EARTH would a nation the size and scope of Russia have to engage in self-defense against a tiny defenseless sovereign nation such as Georgia. And please address the issues raised, not raise smoke screens. Why do you have such a deceptive profile. You clearly cannot be a full time sheep castration specialist in Cleveland Ohio where you say you've been employed from 1978 to the present and simultaneously residing in Russia. That's quite a commute. How much does a sheep castration specialist make these days? And you call yourself a Mormon Extremist, How large is the Mormon church in Russia and does Mr. Putin have a large following among the Mormon flock there? And since you say on your Facebook profile page also that you are a graduate of Satan College, is that where you acquired your Mormon extremist religion? And is the vast army of Putin supporters like you, in that they like "World Revolution, attend Satanic Colleges, commute to and from Ohio to castrate sheep for a living and are Mormon extremists? Inquiring minds wish to know, Trixie! :D

Steve Alexander: We DO agree on one thing, Trix Doca. And I shall also quote you on this one: "Putin is not perfect." I couldn't agree more, Trixie! :D

Steve Alexander: Just so you may determine who embarrassed themselves more this evening Trix Doca, is a link to a note I composed simply restating this entire thread along with a Playboy Bunny photo of your hero, the Exhibitionist Superpower Superstar, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: . :  BIZARRE VLADIMIR PUTIN CONTACT! OMG! A MUST READ, A SICK PUTIN SUPPORTER LISTED AS A SHEEP CASTRATION SPECIALIST!

Trix Doca: As you have already found out, the details of my fb profile are contradicting and were placed there to humor people. You already concluded that I am Russian, living in a country without a free press, plus you seem to know where I stand politically. You don't seem to form your opinions on facts anyway, publishing any real data about my person is completely unnecessary.See More

Steve Alexander: Therefore I shall now block you and report this very comment to facebook as it is a facebook violation plain and simple and I certainly do not trust you at this point at all my friend Trix Doca.

And please note that poor Trix Doca has only commented on the thread attached to this article the following which you may find below:

Trix Doca: Well done.

Thank you Trixie, I couldn't agree more! :D
Right Lisa?
Lisa: Yup, that's right Uncle UL! Vladimir's an ugly old man ifya ask me! He should keep his shirt on when a camera's around unk! AND he should bury his head like an ostrich so I don't hafta look at his face. Tee hee hee hee! :D

And me and Unk,
we hugged, and hugged, and hugged!
The end again.
Just for now, though!
<3 :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis Execution Imminent: Beauty and Beasts? BREAKING: TROY MURDERED AT 11:08PM BY JOHN ROBERTS, OTHERS!

The beautiful Jennifer Ebersole, describes herself as a non-dope smoking hippy.
She has been abused by others and yet shows deep mercy and understanding
of unconditional love. Isn't she beautiful? Wait till you read the things
she writes and some of the things she does!

Melanie Safka sings "Peace Will Come"

It is now 6:20pm on September 21, 2011 Eastern Daylight Time and Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia in 40 minutes. 139 nations, all the developed and civilized nations but ours have outlawed judicial murder. Only the United States of America tarnishes this progress of humanity. Troy’s case is even more compelling; since he has had 7 of 9 witnesses recant their testimony which caused his conviction in the 1989 murder of a cop. Furthermore no physical evidence whatever ties him to this case. Former Georgia Governor and former President Jimmy Carter, if he were Governor today, would rescind the execution order. No less an expert on the case than former FBI director and the nation’s top cop at the time of the incident William Sessions (appointed by Ronald Reagan) has called for Troy not to be executed. Pope Benedict XIV has joined the world-wide chorus calling for a stay in this tragedy. Nobel Peace Prize winning human rights group Amnesty International has been campaigning tirelessly and helping in acquiring nearly 1 MILLION petition signatures to halt this gross miscarriage of justice.

Try answering this question from a 5 year old and then justify the above:
"Why DO we kill people to show people that killing people is wrong? WHY???"

Monday I posted on a link to an article Amnesty had generated about Troy’s pending possible demise, linked here: I offered the following comment along with the link to this article:

“Since Troy Davis has been on death row, more than 90 prisoners have been released from death rows around the USA on grounds of innocence. In contrast to the 139 countries worldwide that have ended executions in law or practice, the USA currently has more than 3,200 people on its death rows, and has executed more than 1,200 prisoners since resuming judicial killing in 1977. Currently Georgia has over 100 people on its death row and three people have been executed in this state in 2011 already.”

Above is Troy in 1991, and below is where he is once again at 8:28 pm, an hour and a half
after his scheduled murder as 9 wealthy lawyers on the U.S. Supreme Court decide
whether he lives or dies. How on Earth can anyone imagine
that this meets the Constitutional requirement that
puishment NOT be 'cruel and unusual?'

My post generated some comments, only one bumper-sticker knee-jerk reaction with the old cave man revenge motive negative;  all the others positive. And the one woman, who offered that comment, actually came to her senses and offered this two word amends: “I’m sorry.”

But remarkable was the response of a friend I’ve met on Facebook, Jennifer Ebersole, whom I have come to admire, love and respect for a multitude of reasons, but never more so than in the eventuality of Troy’s threatened murder by the Governor of Georgia, and the ‘jurists’ who live comfortable lives and all those transgressors and sinners, from the prosecutor in the case to the individual who voluntarily may stick a needle into this man’s arm in 26 minutes to kill him. WHAT HYPOCRACY! How dare anyone claim to be so righteous as to sign off on anyone’s death, given their own transgressions in life somehow imagining themselves superior in some manner? Certainly not Jennifer Ebersole, though if anyone could be given to bitterness and angst, certainly she could. Her comments speak for themselves.

Jennifer with her beloved Iguana, Dino; a Llama, and with one of her beloved furbabies.
She really loves Dino and has created an entire Facebook page for her elderly friend. :) <3

Jennifer Ebersole (Monday, September 19, 2011 at 11:38pm): “There is nothing much more that fires me up then when people start acting like a lynch mob when it comes to execution. First of all, life is prison is no life. Death is an easier out for the guilty. 2nd, my hero Gandhi said one of my favorite quotes "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." I could carry on with a long one from Einstein but I won't. 3rd, most victim's families who witness the execution of the murderer of a loved one often feels more guilt. It doesn't make anyone feel better and it doesn't take the crime away. Texas is full of hate. The US Supreme Court and the entire state should be ashamed of themselves but instead they are proud of killing. Normal, mentally healthy people do not kill. That goes for the state as well...”

She followed this comment immediately with another even more amazing one:

Jennifer Ebersole (Monday, September 19, 2011 at 11:41pm): “And do NOT get me started on the self-righteousness of our police force. 99% of them are evil criminals with badges, their excuse to commit and get away with crimes. If you don't believe me, ask my therapist. When I was raped by a state trooper I didn't think anyone believed me until I went to counseling and found out that most women are abused by husbands or boyfriends in law enforcement or as a result from drug abuse.”

To these comments of Jennifer’s I replied as follows:

Steve Alexander (Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 9:53am): “Thank you Jennifer Ebersole for sharing all of your experience here, this is awesome testimony and you are not just a beautiful human, but courageous as well. I admire you. And I AGREE with you in re. Gandhi, Einstein, MLK's writings and many more. Even former FBI Director Sessions is calling for clemency here, and murdering Governors like Dubya and Perry are sickos indeed, as is the "Lone Star" State, unfortunately and the nation which uses revenge as a motive for murder and calls it execution. Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and decries not only U.S. judicial murder, but our criminal 'justice' system in general, of which you are one obvious victim. I ♥ you sincerely Jennifer, thank you so much. :)”

Upon seeing Jennifer’s courageous testimony, the aforementioned author of the pro-killing remark who had already seen the error of her ways was inspired to write the following in direct response to Jennifer Ebersole’s most insightful and brave commentary:

Anonymous (my choice, I don’t have her approval to release her name, her real name was on my thread, and I consider her recantation of her comment, her apology and this statement of hers to be heroic as well offered on Tuesday September 20, 2011 at 10:29am): “Oh Jennifer that is such a courageous thing to speak about. I am glad you went and took care of yourself. I too was raped by a guy I dated.”

Wow! Then Jennifer offered the following, which ends this thread for as of this hour, which is now just 14 minutes before Troy is scheduled to die by state murder:

Jennifer Ebersole (Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 11:50am): “I stood up for myself and reported him but he got away with it. I still hope that somewhere down the road it comes back to him bc I do not believe I am the only person he did that too. Anyway sadly the latest is that Georgia's pardons board... rejected clemency. Am I not correct here that an FBI agent involved in the case actually admitted that this man was wrongly convicted? What a sad, sad day. I can only hope that something good comes of this situation somehow. We are all too quick to judge others bc we only assume everyone else is the same as us.”

I was so touched and affected by Jennifer’s insights and her heroism in sharing not only her story, but the convictions she holds despite all odds, I felt compelled to offer her the following private message yesterday, and still the day before Troy’s pre-planned premeditated first degree murder with revenge as the motive:

Some of the filthy rich over-priveliged silver-spooner lawyers who have killed so many.
On top is scary Rick Perry, in the middle is George W. Bush and at the bottom is
U.S. Supreme Court Chief "Justice" John Roberts.
Are these guys beasts? Nah, not really. Just committing beastly acts for most of their adult lives.
Unfortunately disadvantaged folks like the average Iraqui citizen, Afghan peasants,
people just trying to get by, kids in the inner city, the retarded guy Bush executed,
and Troy Davis are the victims of rich white guys like this. Just being real, because
that's who makes these decisions still for the most part. Let's be real here.

Unabashed Left: “Hi Jen,

I just had to stop and tell you privately how touched I was by your honest sincerity in sharing about the rape you suffered at the hands of 'law enforcement.' I am a friend of a Senate candidate here in Connecticut, Sue Bysiewicz, who has privately shared with me the plight of countless servicewomen in the recent US aggressions overseas who have been victimized, not by enemy combatants, but by superior male American uniformed officers, and so routinely it is sickening. Your response to this monstrous act, one of compassion for those who are victims, and opposition to executions is amazing. As a kid I grew up in a household where my much older siblings along with enabling and contributing parents created an environment replete with violence, handguns, switchblades, gravity knives, blood, police vehicles, ambulances, flying coffee pots, assaults, hollering and what-not. My best friend was my brother Joe, exposed to jail at 16, dead at 43 from heroin, and with whom I chose to live as a roommate for 4 years immediately prior to his death we were in such love with each other as friends for life. Another brother is out of prison for 4 years now after languishing for 34 of the last 35 in maximum security torturous U.S. state prisons. Thank God he is getting better, despite the obstacles being placed in his way. My response has been to become a pacifist, I went altar-boy as a kid, then toyed with my mistakes of a non-violent nature, and as you know, now to Hartford Seminary and my writing project based on pacifism and peace and a possible calling to ordained ministry. I relate to you at so many levels and you have so much courage that I wanted to take the time to tell you that I have learned that there are no virtual people on this earth or even this website. And God don't make no junk. Troy Davis may not be perfect, but neither is the State nor the person who would be sticking the needle into his arm for his possible execution. :( You get that. I love you dearly, my non-virtual compatriot. Posting about giving that tire and rim away helped so many others the other day, I can't possibly begin to thank you for that one either. You are simply a perfectly cut crystal clear diamond in a red platinum setting which is so beautiful it almost defies imagination. ♥ Continued blessings to you and to all those you touch, please, Jennifer Ebersole. Peace please, Steve Alexander”
George Harrison Sings to "My Sweet Lord"
Please intercede tonight. Amen.

Jennifer Ebersole: “Well it's not a secret bc I have a big mouth but it's something I stand strongly behind. People like to stand blindly behind our police force. These are people who do not know any better and believe that the police are good as I was taught to believe. That said, I suffered from an abusive relationship with a PA state trooper for 10 years and if that wasn't enough, I went on a date with another one after we broke up and Mr. Drug Enforcement Officer stuck a roofie in my drink. Unbeknownst to him, I am an asthmatic and he nearly stopped by breathing by not knowing this. I reported him and long story short, he got away with it. People are so blind. They think what they experience is life is how it is. Do you know what I'm saying here? I am now a rape advocate and I'm personally sickened by law enforcement. That could be a bad thing bc maybe some are good BUT based on my experiences, I see things differently and maybe that's wrong of me to judge bc I'm obviously judging based on my experiences. On the other hand it opened my eyes widely!!!

No, I'm not making this up. The Governor who is signing off on and attempting to murder
Troy Davis actually paid for this campaign ad
touting himself as "Pro-Life" and endorsed
by, of all people, Newt Gingrich, another rich  lawyer like him who
has divorced three times, telling two of them about his plans to divorce
while he was cheating on them and they had just been diagnosed with cancer
in one case and with MS in the other.
This guy somehow imagines himself to be
in a position of moral superiority and
in some kind of position to
decide whether
someone lives or dies based on a sick sense of 'morality????'
Let's end the real death squads once and for all.
The real death squad is the crew of lawyers occupying
the state houses as Governors of states who sign off on judicial murder.

In the older days, men were executed for rape. No I do not wish to see my "attacker" harmed or hurt but I believe that a little karma 3 fold will find his way to him. (Although a state trooper in general population in prison for rape would be just in my mind.) I have a really good friend whose mother was sexually assaulted and murdered when she was 18. It has hurt her tremendously. He just recently had his sentence commuted to life. Although I feel for her, I don't think killing him will make anything better. He admitted to the murder and he's obviously mentally ill so he wasn't wrongly convicted. Doesn't matter. It's a touchy subject and I have to watch what I say not to hurt her.

But enough of my rambling. Thank YOU for saying such kind words to me. I am not perfect and sometimes I am too opinionated but I blame that on the stars as I'm a Libra. So are many other open minded, peace & animal loving individuals such as Mr. Lennon was ;) Thanks for taking the time FOR me and for just listening ♥”

Unabashed Left: “No problem Jen, if you want to publish some of your opinions, just say the word, because you have power behind your words and the feeling and passion associated with them are awesome. No you're not perfect, me neither. But you are awesome and you are converting lemons into lemonade every time ICU! I'd love to take some of what you write and convert it into an article or two. Just let me know. I am in complete agreement on everything you've said here, and have similarly strong personal reasons for my feelings, and I agree that other's experiences color their views of officers who are like the rest of us, a mixed bag of mixed motivations. You don't ramble you make valid and strong points as far as I'm concerned. And any time you wish to vent, I'm here forya! ♥ indeed! :)”

Just look at this woman, she is beautiful inside and out, and says and does beautiful things.
I sure wish she was Governor of Georgia, or that there were at least 5 Jennifer Ebersoles on the
U.S. Supreme Court tonight. Or maybe that someone with her values
would consider a run for and actually be able to win the Presidency of the United States.
Wouldn't that be refreshing!
Jennifer Ebersole: “You can publish ANYTHING I say. I have no problem with that and I stand behind myself. I say what I mean. People need to be more educated. This whole execution today has me sick. Idk why I get so involved but you try to make a difference. I'll never get why people are so quick to judge something they know nothing about. And thanks for saying I convert lemons to lemonade. Sometimes I feel like I'm a nagging drag but maybe I'm not????”

Unabashed Left: “Jen, you are ANYTHING but a nagging drag, ask your FB friends and personal friends. What I see each time is outpourings of love from them for you and from you for others. I'm inspired by you, and believe me, that doesn't happen often. Get the movie "Pay it forward," it's simple and really more aimed at kids, but it reminds me of you and me. I was abused as well, and try for the whole lemonade thing, too. I relate to you so much it's always a delight to visit your page and your wall. You also have a sweetness about you and your fashion project is a delight as well. You have writing skill and you are physically attractive in a notable and very noticeable way, many besides me comment on that as well. There are reasons for all of this and they are assets that you use to good effect in advocating for nice and good projects. I sincerely mean it when I say that your husband, family and personal friends are fortunate and blessed to have a woman of your caliber in the midst of their lives. :) ♥ I hope that one day we could meet, and that I'd get the chance to meet your people as well and tell them these same things.

Like you, I can't really think about much else but Troy Davis today. I received an email from NAACP President Ben Jealous, asking me and others to fast, pray and discuss tonight the horror of judicial murder in the United States and Mr. Davis faith and to consult our own faith leaders and seek their guidance on this sad and shameful day for our nation. I'm so touched by your reaction and your support. You also try to make a difference and THAT is the lemonade thing. I confess that I DO try to make a difference, and am somewhat effective at it. But so much more needs to be done. I will get to work on putting your comments together along with some photos into an article for publication, and submit it to you for approval before I do. This will be a most pleasant project for me. Luvya Jen.

I posted Ben's email in the form of this note, please read it and let me know what you think. I'm taking the day off for reflection. I'm all tied up about Troy. :(“!/notes/steve-alexander/email-from-naacp-president-ben-jealous-join-us-in-a-fast-for-troy-davis-tonight-/276227699063583

Jennifer Ebersole: “You have no idea how good the things you say make me feel. Not many people take the time for anyone other than themselves. I'm going through a bit at the moment (though I have been through mounds more in the past). I'm not married yet. My fiancĂ© lives in New Zealand. We've been going back and forth for 2 years and it's gotten so frustrating that we can't come to find a way to be together. He has a really good job over there and doesn't want to leave it (I do NOT blame him when our economy is the way it is). And me, well it's everything but mainly my pets. This sounds so ridiculous but I could give everything else up if I HAD to but not my pets. I have 5 cats and an elderly, handicapped iguana. I'm just not in a financial situation where I can keep my place and have one in both places. But I don't wanna talk about that. I worry about my small issues when there are situations like Troy's. I read the letter and for once I don't know what to say. You feel so helpless. What would it hurt anyone to stay his execution and commute his sentence if not pardon him??? It's all political. Are you familiar with Leslie Van Houten and her case? It's another one that sickens me. There are many cases that do that :( “

Unabashed Left: “Yup, Connecticut. I am a bit familiar with Leslie's case as well, and I also related to your pet love. I believe that I am a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. And I also believe that my 2 current felines, my k9's and my late iguana (yes, I had one, too) are the same sort of spiritual beings having or having had temporary dog/cat/iguana experiences. :) I live in central Connecticut and commute now to Hartford for work and school at Hartford Seminary and the state capitol quite often. I'll write more later. I'm glad my remarks, help, but they are sincere and heartfelt and just stating the facts, Jen. You are an awesome woman; please don't let anyone ever let you forget that for one second. I hafta run out, but will definitely write more later, and plan to start work on your article later. :) ♥ Blessya. Steve :)”

Jennifer Ebersole: “That makes me so happy to hear you had an iguana too! Have you ever seen mine? She's my baby. I run a pet kennel from home so I've gotten stuck with quite a few pets in my lifetime. After the rape I just stayed in the house and gave up on finding a decent and honest person to share my life with. That's when I became content with what I already did have and I learned to love myself and my life the way it was. Then I met Graham. It was safe online but it became more. I love him dearly and he has been the answer to my prayers though I forgot to ask that the one for me be in this country. It's something I never even thought about but just assumed!

Anyway, most of my pets have passed away; I have 1 of 8 fish left, my frog, birds, guinea pigs, and 4 cats have left me for the Rainbow Bridge. Now I still have my 5 cats and OLD iggy. They are my family. I feel I owe it to them to stay. I shouldn't have to give them up if I don't want to. There has to be a way around it but I haven't figured it out yet! Enough babble about animals. (I just have more respect for them than most humans!) I've never been to Connecticut. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? I've been to Boston 4 times. I was an egg donor when I was younger and donated through Boston IVF. Write whenever you have a chance. I'm not going anywhere except to therapy tonight which I actually look forward to going to :)”!/pages/Dino-the-Iguana/96520842248

Republican Presidential Candidate and incumbent Texas “Governor” Rick Perry has been responsible for the premeditated first degree murders of more than 230 of his own fellow Texas citizens, and has even been responsible for abusing the court system in Texas to sign off on the murder of two Mexican nationals in violation of international law and in contradiction to the ruling of his predecessor and then-President George W. Bush! Bush himself, as Texas Governor killed 131 in his brief 5 year tenure as Governor, far more than any other state! WHY DO WE TAKE PERRY, ANOTHER SICKO COWBOY FANTASIZER WHO IMAGINES HIMSELF A CHRISTIAN, WHO HAS MADE MISTAKES IN LIFE LIKE ALL THE REST OF US, AS A PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER OF ALL THINGS? GEORGE W. BUSH BELONGS IN CRIMINAL COURT AT THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE AT THE HAGUE FOR HIS WAR CRIMES IN OFFICE, AND PERRY ALREADY DOES AS TEXAS GOVERNOR HAVING KILLED MEXICAN NATIONALS IN VIOLATION OF ALL THE CONVENTIONS AND TREATIES OUR NATION HAS SIGNED! EVERY SINGLE LAWYER, BUSH, PERRY, INCUMBENT GOVERNOR AND LAWYER RICH-GUY NATHAN DEAL, AND EVERY JUDGE, PROSECUTOR AND RICH LAWYER WHO HAS SIGNED OFF ON THIS, JUDGES AND JUSTICES INCLUDED, ARE AS GUILTY OF PREMEDITATED MURDER AS ANY CONVICT THEY HAVE KILLED! THESE ARE THE BEASTS! BEASTS! WELL, THERE ACTIONS ARE!

I’ve shown pictures of some beastly acting individuals and this beauty, Ms. Jennifer Ebersole of Pennsylvania. She’s no attorney, has no doctorate, has won no beauty contests like Sarah Palin that I know of, but writes with more passion and feeling than I ever will. And she does so with a certain right to do so, given the calamities she’s suffered herself, and yet so full of mercy, compassion and love. Which after all, is the why for the existential question, “Why are we here????” To Love. LOVE. Yes, TO LOVE. EXECUTIONS ARE ABOUT HATRED AND REVENGE. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. ABOUT REVERSION TO CAVE-MAN MOTIVES AND DEVOLUTION, NOT EVOLUTION. Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Baha’i, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist or polytheist one guiding principle MUST guide our species. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is the only way that our species is worth continuing. Arguing finance, or pragmatism in using the most violent act of all, taking another human’s life, is operating out of HATRED. And I have never printed this vulgar word on these pages before, but I am compelled to do so tonight. There is no other word more vulgar than HATE. The proponents of hate are misguided and operating on the basis of beastly motives. Perry, Bush, and others are not beasts, their actions are! They are sick and misguided people, in positions of power that kill way too many as a consequence of their personal sicknesses, just as Hitler and Stalin did.

It is now 7:27pm and it appears as though Georgia has temporarily delayed Troy’s killing, while the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a last-minute argument for a stay of execution. Lord let this PLEASE be your will!

The beauty of Jennifer and all those who are on the streets, typing, as I am right now, and advocating for those in positions so untenable as to be unimaginable is the love that is contained in the motives of people world-wide, and the comfort which can be taken in knowing that for maybe the first time in human history most of the world has outlawed judicial murder or ‘execution.’ Wake up America.

Troy Davis issued a statement himself today:

“"The struggle for justice doesn't end with me," Davis said in a letter to supporters released to the public via Amnesty International USA after his legal appeal was refused.

"This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me," he said in the message.

"I'm in good spirits and I'm prayerful and at peace. But I will not stop fighting until I've taken my last breath."

Please, Lord I pray that it be your will that this prayerful man be spared death at the hands of other humans tonight. Amen.

One last comment about Jennifer Ebersole. The other day, she was out and about in Pennsylvania, and another motorist had a flat tire and was in despair. Jennifer measured out her tire and rim, the rim fit the other car remarkably. She gave the tire rim and all to the other motorist without regard for a replacement rim for herself, nor for the tire, nor seeking any recompense whatsoever. Her beneficiaries were surprised, and when she posted this event upon her facebook wall it created yet another of Jennifer's lemonade sort of events. I commented on that particular thread about an awesome movie produced a few years back called "Pay It Forward" about a kid who creates a movement of doing favors for others and then repaying the favor by doing one for someone else. Jennifer and people like her are part of that movement. Random acts of kindness, if done often enough, are no longer random. They are a lifestyle. And if we all can do them, then we change the world. Thanks Jen, I love you my friend. Here's a link to the movie starring an awesome guy, Kevin Spacey:

And here's a link to an awesome poem for anyone who has loved a creature who has departed this life already, Rainbow Bridge, which Jennifer referred to above:

And a link to Nobel Peace Prize winners Amnesty International:

I am going to go ahead and publish this article now, it is 9:05pm and the state of Georgia has still not killed Troy Davis as the world awaits the Supreme Court decision. The NAACP has called this delay a "miracle." Let's pray for this court please. If you're prone to praying do so now, if not hope, send energy whatever you can please! Now more than ever. Amen.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Jay Baldwin was accused of killing a kitten, abusing and neglecting a dozen or so others.
Kinda reminds ya of this guy at the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, don't it?
Also reminds me of the classic off of John Lennon's "Imagine" album,
"Crippled Inside."
Baldwin's still taking feline hostages now that he's out,
but while the dude's no doubt still crippled inside,
he needs to be put away as soon as possible again.
Could be kids next, felines and canines are bad enough.
Studies show that Columbine types, and
rapists and what-not began their
idiocy with animal abuse.
Three years ago in early August Jay Baldwin, then of Ansonia, was charged with abusing and neglecting his own 12 cats and kittens including the murder of one kitten. It became a very high-profile case and Mr. Baldwin and his taxpayer-dependent Public Defender Jonathan Gable abused the Criminal “Justice” system by inventing the lie that the kitten had died from rat poison, which was easily disproven by an autopsy which showed that he killed the cute little defenseless kitten with blunt trauma, since the feline had no trace of poison and extensive bleeding within the skull. Once this lie was uncovered they just switched gears and decided to abuse a new piece of legislation allowing defendants to seek easy time via psych treatment followed by erasure of the criminal record. Baldwin wound up serving only one year. When asked by a reporter about his courtroom tactics, the entitled defender Gable snottily and obnoxiously replied “I don’t have to answer that.”

Jay Baldwin's Kitten-Killing Mug Shots from 2008 above;
And below is admitted Dog-Stabber Alexander P. Bernard from May 2011.
This case portended a bizarre current case at the Meriden courthouse involving Alexander Bernard who has admitted publicly to stabbing his own 8 month old gentle and beautiful puppy (Princess the Staffordshire Terrier mix) 29 times in a Hamden neighbor’s driveway in May 2011. Bernard was released without bail then, but violated the terms of his release by clipping his electronic monitoring anklet, jailed on $10,000 bond, deemed competent for his defense and then on July 12th told Judge Phillip Scarpellino in court that he wanted to fire his Public Defender Thomas Conroy and asked for a continuance to seek other counsel. It was granted, but at his next appearance on July 22nd, no mention was made of his motion for new counsel and instead the long-controversial and dubiously competent Judge Scarpellino screamed for 15 minutes from the bench about a letter he had received from 22 State Legislators, Democrats and Republicans, calling for justice in the case, and refused to recuse himself from the case. I attempted to query Thomas Conroy, and he sent a proxy to say he didn’t want to speak with any reporters. When I did finally succeed in getting his attention he rudely gesticulated and simply said “client confidentiality.” These courtroom abuses are also evident in the Prosecutor’s office at the Meriden Superior Court, and can be found in articles detailed elsewhere on the pages of Hartford Government Examiner , linked at:

Animal Rights Activists, including Donna Ploss (second from left) and Patty Daponte (center)
outside the Meriden, CT courthouse (nay, circus) one sunny day after yet another
Alexander Bernard court appearance.

Animal Rights Activists Patty Daponte, Donna Ploss and I visited Princess at North Haven Animal Hospital July 22nd and found her somewhat emotionally scarred, but well on the way to recovery and soon, if not already placed in a good home since Bernard’s last appearance. At that appearance, Scarpellino was much more subdued following extreme reaction from the public to his behavior in the case.

Ms. Ploss was involved in advocating for justice during the Jay Baldwin ‘trial’ and reported on one of her days at the Derby courthouse as follows:

“Donna Ploss has been vocal in her belief that people who abuse animals are likely to also abuse people, especially children. On two occasions, her comments about Baldwin raised Gable's ire, and the last time he had her removed from the courthouse.

Ploss said she was waiting in line at the prosecutor's office when she made the remark to someone standing behind her.

"I said, 'If this guy ever gets out, he's going to go after little kids,' " she said. "He called the marshal over and had me taken out." A judicial marshal also told her that every time "you people" -- meaning those involved in animal rescues -- show up at court, they create chaos, Ploss said.”
My two rescued kitties, Bluebelle the Wonder Cat (top) and Angel Orange (below) in an aerial shot taken from a
helicopter at Tunatime. They've saved my life too. And made it much happier. :)
<3 Bluebelle and my Angelpie.

Jay Baldwin served one easy year and is now out and living in Meriden. He has acquired at least one and possibly more cats. Upon his release in August of 2010 animal rights bloggers warned each other about Baldwin’s immediate attempt to acquire more cat and kitten victims, including this plaintiff plea from a blogger who writes at

“I work at an animal shelter in northwest CT. Today we had to keep all our doors locked and check people (license, etc.) before they entered our shelter and keep the security camera on at all times. There is a man called Jay Baldwin who just got out of jail on Thursday and on Friday he stopped at a local vet and tried to get an animal from them. They recommended our shelter and another local one (not knowing his reputation, he is known for animal abuse). Our director alerted the police who kept an eye on us and will continue to do so. He may even break into a building to get an animal.

Jay Baldwin is in his 50s, tanned and likes to wear hats. He will pay an adoption fee to get the animal and can even get violent and take the animal if thwarted. He may also send friends in to get the animal. He will use other names. So it this makes it hard to tell who he is. Hopefully adoption screening will help keep animals from him.

Please let other shelters you know of know this.”
Napoleon XIV's one hit wonder tune
"They're Coming To Take Me Away."

More recently a cat was taken from Mr. Baldwin, now relocated to Meriden and it was removed from his possession and is recuperating at a shelter, and apparently severely shaken by Baldwin’s treatment. Donna Ploss did some direct advocacy and spoke with Baldwin recently, providing the following notes on her discussion with Jay Baldwin just within the past month:

Donna Ploss reports on her recent talk with Baldwin:

“Jay Baldwin is a sociopath, a convicted animal abuser who is also a pathological liar. He was convicted of 10 counts of animal cruelty in 2008. He served one year. He is now free and at it again. Unable to find out his location, I did some digging. Found out he goes to the Meriden Senior Center on a daily basis. I decided to pay him a visit

As I walked into the Meriden Senior Center, my mind was racing. What do I ask? How would I identify myself??? Would he recognize me? (I was front and center at Derby Superior Court throughout the entire proceedings)

With everything I had NOT to lose control, I walked up to him, extended my hand (*note to self - scrub hand raw with bleach*) and said, "Mr. Baldwin, I'm Donna, a writer, and I wonder if you'd care to talk to me?" He agreed.

I began by asking him how everything is going, now that he's a free man, after being convicted of animal abuse. It was like opening the flood gates!! He went on about the trial, and how his public defender, Jonathan Gables, told him to take the blame. When I told Baldwin it was because it was proven there was no rat poison in the cat's system, but the cat died of blunt force trauma to the head, he had an answer for that too. "It could've been my neighbor, I loved that cat."

I then asked him why he didn't report to the Pretrial Diversion Program as required as part of his sentence. "I don't remember." When I asked him about the theft at the convenience store, he said he was broke and out of gas, and he asked the owner if he could borrow a couple of bucks. He then took over $600.

I asked him about the cat he recently got his hands on that was seized by Meriden ACO. It was a beautiful tiger tabby. He said he loved that cat and didn't know why they took him. He said it might have been because pets aren't allowed. He also remarked that the cat was probably sick. According to sources, the cat is so paranoid and terrified; he won't let a human being near him. This is a definite sign of abuse.

He also said that he's being evicted from his apartment. He showed me a letter from his attorney, indicating Baldwin's lease would not be renewed and that he had until August 31st to vacate the premises.

Baldwin told me of a man that he says is stalking him and leaving him threatening notes. When Baldwin complained to the police, they asked Baldwin if HE was the one writing the notes. He denied it.

He is conniving, cunning, charming as hell. He flirted with me as I left. He trusted me so much he gave me BOTH his cell phone, and his home phone (yeah, like I'm ever going to call him), as well as his attorney, AND his public defender. Now why would he need a public defender if he's free?
I thanked him for speaking with me. He said, "Give me a call later!! Maybe this story will make people realize I'm a nice guy and then I can GET A CAT!

I thought I was hearing things. A FREAKING CAT??????? Not if I have anything to do with it!!!!

This man flatly refuses to take responsibility for what he did. He had an answer for everything and has his mind set on getting his hands on another cat!”

So the warning continues for all people: don’t give this man an animal, especially animal shelters! Beware of Jay Baldwin, he still looks like the mug shots accompanying this article. He has a long rap sheet of offenses, including theft, animal abuse and breech of peace.

Stabbing victim Princess. <3
Cowardice and cruelty are so unattractive. Animal Abuse needs to be a felony in the state of Connecticut and the nation, and definitive sentencing guidelines legislated so that the courts MUST adhere to them and only cases of neglect should be considered as possible misdemeanor cases. Watch out for Jay Baldwin, as I said, though cowardice and cruelty are unattractive, if he can be thwarted good, if not, any abuser caught and imprisoned is one less abuser available to do harm to the harmless today. My friend has proposed that legislation in honor of Alexander Bernard's victim be proposed for Connecticut stiffening criminal statutes in this manner, and that it be called The Princess Bill. I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to honor this beautiful animal. <3 Princess and let's get her some justice please.