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          Sideways Moon Toya Mr. Dennis Brosky of Brooklyn, NY on Facebook

Typical of Tea Party 'heros' such as those who spit on members of the U.S. Congress and American civil rights leaders, Dennis Brasky, who lists Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY as his hometown[if you plug his name into the Facebook search bar, and then his hometown into the advanced search--you'll get to his facebook page]; Brasky absurdly attacks liberals and mainstream Democrats in private, in facebook messages[for example] and won't go public on people's facebook walls or accept invitations to guest blog or comment publicly on the pages of the literary marvel that is:

This man refused my facebook friend request following the abuse of another facebook member by posting some vitriol on someone else's wall, but keeping his own wall free of any attacks on the character of others or his own. This genius somehow imagines that I won't utilize my first amendment right by acting as 'Unabashed Left' and making the editorial choice to publish what he writes "in private" on facebook, in public on the best blog ever produced by anyone, anywhere, anytime:

This particular individual engaging in bullying behavior somehow imagines himself to be a friend of the American labor movement and quotes Socialist Party member Eugene Debs prominently on his own[Dennis Brasky's] facebook wall as follows:

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world."

Debs, of course, was the Socialist Party member early in the last century who ran for President of the U.S. 5 times, in 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1920. Anything but cowardly and private, Debs very public labor-leading and controversial political life was abridged when he was jailed by two extremely misguided Democratic U.S. Presidents, Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson, for obvious political reasons. Debs even served two terms as a Socialist Senator for the American citizens of Indiana's 8th Senatorial district as early as the 1880's!

Corporate lawyer Clarence Darrow was so enraged by the actions of misguided political repression that he represented Debs pro-bono.  A founding member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, the Industrial Workers of the World, and disenfranchised for life for his extremely public political speech and controversial left wing stands, Debs languished in a Georgia Penitentiary prison yard and cell for nearly three years before his sentence was commuted by Republican President Warren Harding on December 23, 1921--but without the benefit of a Presidential pardon. When he left the Atlanta Penitentiary it was to "a roar of cheers" from his fellow inmates(

This extremely public speaker and American hero is cited as inspiration by a cowardly Tea Partier who wants to compromise genuine hero American troops' lives by "dismantling 1000 military bases" and cutting the budget with an axe, and fantasizing that modifying corporate tax rates will protect spending on government social programs. This fantasizing, cowardly, imagined-'left'-winger is just another Libertarian in drag, such as the Rand Paul-supporting bums who beat up a female protester outside the building where a debate between Tea Party-Libertarian-'son of Ron Paul'--Rand Paul was to occur between Rand and the Democratic Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senate candidate earlier this year. Please remember folks that now "Senator-elect" Paul more-or-less endorsed the head bashing incident by hypocritically calling for non-violent political discourse while simultaneously implying that the protester had "asked for it." Grrrrr. 

Dennis Brasky; hometown Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY; who messages privately and refuses friend request has the nerve to post photos of Mahatma Gandhi and his own wife with himself as his profile photo, and yet write 'private' character assassinations-- foolishly imagining it won't be published.  Why does anyone vote for fools such as these? Why?  I strongly suggest every Unabashed reader of this article go to and place a friend request in to Dennis Brasky; hometown Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY or hometown Brooklyn, NY(Dennis posts both as his formal Facebook hometowns); and put in your friend request RIGHT NOW! By entering this name into the Facebook searchbar and then plugging in his home town(s), it will bring you to his facebook page, where you may simply hit the friend request button for this gentleman. Let's flood this obviously emotion- and empathy-challenged man with love.  Please consider being his Facebook friend immediately. :)

Congratulations Tea Partier Dennis, you are a published author for my blog which is now being read on all 6 populated continents, including hero-readers who are risking their own imprisonment or worse simply by opening this page in nations every day where the first amendment and the U.S. Bill of Rights does not exist. Here is what transpired in "private" messages initiated by Brasky the morning of November 25th.

Dennis Brasky:

re: your friendship request and your listing as VP Young Dems-I'm sick of dealing with alleged leftists who repeatedly put their "leftism: on the shelf, "hold their noses" and support the corporate/pro Empire Democrats. The biggest obstacle to a real left in the US - one that can channel the desire of the majority that wants punishment for corporate crimes, end of wars, dismantling of 1000 military bases, cutting the war budget and re-instituting[sic] corporate tax rates of the 1950's/60's as an alternative to mass layoffs and destroying the social safety net - is the chimera[sic] of the Democrats as 'lesser evil.'"

To which I replied as:

Unabashed Left:

My reply is don't be a coward, I don't think u r. Accept my facebook friend request, which I checked and is still pending[you haven't ditched altogether quite yet--so I still have hope that you're rational] and do this publicly on my wall and yours, not behind closed doors. This type of nonsense privately in this sort of paranoid cowardly manner incites me to anger, not resentment nor rage. It provokes a feeling of sympathy and compassionate love as a big brother would have for a cowardly little bro. There really is NOTHING to be afraid of. I AM really a friend you haven't met yet. I want to be a friend that you get the opportunity to know, my little fearful brother. FEAR NOT! "You have nothing to fear but fear itself." You might remember that FDR rallied a nation with that call. Don't be a coward, because my thinking is that you're behaving sooo cowardly, and so many Tea Partiers and irrational Republicans such as yourself are, that you really aren't as scared and defensive as you seem. A link to my blog, where I invite any unedited guest blog or comment that I would allow a kindergartner or elderly grandparent to see, follows, DB. Luvya man.... Steve Alexander

This apparently somewhat delusional "left"-wing Tea Party Libertarian makes the common mistake of modern right-wingers to utilize vocabulary of which they yet to have command[George W. Bush- 'nucular' and 'misremember' and Sarah Palin - 'refudiate' -- for example] by using this term defined by as follows:

chi-me-ra:  an illusion or fabrication of the mind: especially: "an unrealizable dream chimera in my brain, troubles me in my prayer" -- John Donne

Mr. Brasky's chimera is that he is somehow not a right-wing fanatic; not acting cowardly; not taking advantage of his wife by attacking me in private and posting her photo in his own public profile pic; and by attacking myself and others in private as exemplified by his labeling me, attacking my own resume credentials, and putting words I haven't spoken into my mouth and pen in private facebook messages through my facebook page while refusing friend requests and requests to comment more respectfully in public forums; not risking American hero troops lives; and by imagining that he somehow resemble Mahatma Gandhi and Eugene Debs. Pretty much defines chimera by his own example--doesn't Mr. Brasky, here in his imagined 'private' message to me?

Naturally Unabashed Left chooses not to take advantage of Mr. Brosky's wife by publishing Dennis Brasky's own profile picture of himself with his wife, in deference to her. Since these postings, my friend request has been denied by Mr. Brasky. I'm sorry you feel that way my friend Mr. Brosky. Peace please be with you, sir. Amen.

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        The TSA Superman See-Through X-Ray Machines Make about as much
                     Sense as this Sideways Moon. Sideways Moon toya!

The Federal Transportation Security Administration is barking up the wrong paranoia tree with their latest over-reaction to punk Osama Bin Laden's random attack nearly a decade ago now.  A few plastic box-cutters and a lax security situation caused by the "W" Administration's incompetence in all areas, from Katrina to spelling and pronouncing "nucular" and "misremembering" basic grammar school words and concepts has resulted in a "War On Terror" of ridiculous proportions, still to this day.

While the Communist Party in China has surpassed our own American carbon footprint, bought up so many T-bills that they own most of our national debt and are launching an unmanned moonshot this year that will demonstrate the new high-tech in their nuclear intercontinental missile capabilities; and while Russia under former KGBer Vladimir "W"-gazed-into-my-eyes-after-gabbing-thru-translators-for-1-hour-and-fell-in-love-and-trusted-me-like-a-life-long-friend Putin has tried to reoccupy the Caucuses Mountain free and sovereign nations formerly enslaved by then-Communist Party member Putin and still deploys Sub Launched Ballistic Nukes, MIG Bomber Nukes and ICBMS and Intermediate-range-as-well-as-tactical Nukes; and while Putin has formed a twisted alliance with British Petroleum, hiding out Tony "Wayward" Hayward, this nation's security people have been distracted by Bin Laden's long-defeated band of holy-war thugs.

The 9-11 nineteen have been given way too much credit. Such a thing never happened before or since, only then due to the idiocy of the Cheney/Rumsfeld[with Bush co-starring as "President"] administration.  Trillions of dollars later, 5 or 6 thousand uniformed and civilian American deaths and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani deaths and more later, the overreaction continues with the TSA. Are they thinking of bringing back the old color code paranoia, too?  Maybe Orange for scary this time. How 'bout yellow for terrifying. Maybe red for blood-curdling scream scary. And I suggest plaid for flat out TERROR. Which is, after all, precisely any guerrilla's, such as Bin Laden's or Mullah Omar's goal in life.

Neither the Taliban when in power or now, Al Quaeda now or never, the Huquanni Network, nor Iraq under Saddam Hussein have or have had legitimate air forces to speak of, navies at all, missiles of any threat whatever, large numbers of folks with rifles and/or bombs at all, not too many jeeps or tanks either.  We've had and continue to have the Air Force, ballistic and cruise missiles, drones, Air Craft Carriers, battleships, destroyers, the Green Berets, the Marines, Nuclear weapons, tons of uniforms and people with weapons to carry, oodles of conventional bombs, bombers, fighter aircraft and much, much more.  Call it insurgency, terrorism, guerrilla warfare or whatever you want--it was all started by Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap refined it.

The basic premise is simple. They've got lots of guns and people and we don't. So Mao told his Communist friends that "Military power stems from the barrel of a gun." Along with a lot of other happy horse____.  He told his people to be nice to the people who lived in the areas they sought to occupy.  And then just randomly murder, slit throats, rape etc. etc. etc. Chop off heads, burn people and what-not. But only the "enemy." Be nice to the farmers and the workers with cash and food and places to stay.  And scare the bejesus out of the guys supporting Chiang Kai Shek. Worked like a charm. By  1949 Chiang and the former Nationalist China was now just Taiwan and still is 61 years later.

In Vietnam, Ho and Giap used the same techniques. In the 1950's they kept the French from making North Vietnam into French Indochina and isolated them into the South.  When the Americans decided to take over in the  1960's and 70's they did exactly the same. We sent in hundreds of thousands of troops, airplanes, bombs, missiles, had nuke subs and nuke bombers nearby, nuke missiles which could nail Hanoi in minutes, the Marines, our Navy, the Green Berets and much more.  Oh what fun.

So once again outnumbered, Ho and Giap created a trail through Laos and Cambodia and named it after Uncle Ho.  The South Vietnamese people were now fed up with foreign invaders so Ho and Giap had a large group of Viet Cong to do the hand-to-hand murdering and terrorizing of our troops in jungles which they knew like the backs of their hands.  Dr. Henry Kissinger, a political science professor, decided that as National Security Adviser and foreign-born the best way to run the world was to be President of the U.S. and Secretary of Defense by becoming Secretary of State.

The political scientist decided to defoliate the Ho Chi Minh trail, and spread the war to Laos and Cambodia.  So now the war dragged on. 100 dead American troops a week in the papers, then 200. Film at 6 and 11. Walter Cronkite even got pissed and started showing real dead bodies of American pimply kids who were forced to go by draft.  Protests. John Lennon. Abbie Hoffman.  Ohio State. Johnson quits the race after he looks like a loser in 1968. So the United States under the military leadership of an Ivy League political scientist like Kissinger accomplished what France couldn't. We lost South Vietnam, our own personal dictator of the day, Nguyen Van Thieu[today it's Hamid Karzai] had to book, and highlight films showed people being lifted by rope off the Saigon U.S. embassy sealed the Jimmy Carter victory. Nixon resigned. Kissinger also lost Laos and Cambodia, too.  Not even the French military accomplished any of that! The economy tanked and we had Wage and Price Freezes and Controls! Riots. Bobby Kennedy and George Wallace shot. What fun. Great Job Political Scientist Kissinger!

As an aside, Kissinger got the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating a cease-fire with North Vietnamese negotiator Le Duc Tho, for negotiating the loss of three sovereign nations and turning Cambodia over to the Killing Fields of Pol Pot. Congratulations Henry!  Don't forget that it was Ph.D. Henry who went and played ping pong with Mao and that People's Republic of China that we're now doing battle with economically AND militarily now almost 40 years after Henry A.'s other really secret stuff in Peking, besides his secret Congressionally unauthorized wars in Laos and Cambodia/Kampuchea!

No matter how you slice it--guerrilla war, call it 'terrorism' if you'd like, insurgency or whatever.  It's all asymmetric warfare.  It's the Steven King approach to war.  If they have more guns and bullets and people, then it's asymmetric. Unbalanced. So get 'em off balance.  Move in quick and just get a few of their guys and really butcher 'em and make 'em look bad. Do it at night when you know the area and neighborhood and they have no idea which street is which. Get as much publicity for the violence you cause so it gets onto the network TV at home. Scare the ____ out of the folks back home.  Get it onto the nightly news, or now the 24/7 news channels.  Get those poll numbers for the incumbents down, and reduce support among the people. Get the hatred and rioting going again.

See if ya can get Joe McCarthy type paranoia goin'.  Reduce the home folks quality of life.  Make 'em use X-rays on people at airports just like the ones Superman had that lets you see interesting body parts usually hidden by clothes.  Cause 'em to deprive people of their rights to liberty.  Make 'em pat 'em down and feel those body parts in person. Have folks at home watching The Weather Channel showing an interview of a woman talking about how embarrassed she was when a rude TSA guy bounced her prosthetic breast out of her shirt!  Have one U.S. President leave office as the most unpopular in American history with what's known as the "Great Recession" going on.  Then bring the next President's poll numbers down, too.  Get that President kicked out of office.  Have Petraeus and McChrystal ascendant again and the uniformed brass talking trash again publicly about civilian control of the government. Overthrow. Military dictatorship. Chaos. Jihad wins! Yippee?

President Obama needs to take charge of the TSA here.  And of the Intelligence community and of the Defense Dept. when Secretary Robert is finally shown the Gates.

Internet people have taken charge for now here, and that's a good thing, I do believe. Brian Sodergren of Ashburn, VA and James Babb and George Donnelly of Philadelphia have set up and a facebook page promoting NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY. They're boycotting the X-rays and forcing pat-downs. So on balance, we say BOYCOTT PEOPLE, BOYCOTT THE TSA BODY SCANNERS ON NOVEMBER 24TH THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!

We've got a boycott of Michael Vick, the NFL Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL in general to keep an eye on which Unabashed Left has spearheaded.  We also launched a Democratic-Liberal boycott of Fox News and their supposedly liberal Alan Colmes. So that list is larger by one. Here it is:




And please remember that for all your military affairs and comedy needs it's

And Christmas is almost here. Give the animal lovers in your life the gift of a donation to  Thank you, Augie thanks you, and so does Snoopy and Felix the Wonderful, Wonderful Cat!

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Fox News has one "liberal" left on its Unfair and Unbalanced Rupert Murdoch cable channel. Alan Colmes is a straw man constructed by Murdoch to enhance his bottom line profits. The most boring news commentator on TV, irrelevant to any demographic category whatsoever, a mediocre writer, with little insight to offer and unable to hold his own in a debate with their own back bench on-air unscheduled part-time Tucker Carlson for decades now, since the two were paired up at CNN on Crossfire, and then simultaneously migrated from Atlanta to Manhattan together ever since then.  He has no scheduled air-time, appears unpredictably, has a low salary compared to their "stars" like Palin, Beck, Gingrich, O'Reilly, Hannity, even Huckabee.

Anyone who looks at the writing on his website can see his medicroty as a writer, and his incapacity to analyze much.  He also has a page on facebook that is sponsored by Murdoch and by Fox News(Fox is given credit for the page). 

On September 1st I received this message from Colmes along with an absurd promotional photo:

"Thanks very much...I'm also here: "

This blog approached Colmes recently to comment on this page and his reply was:

"Hi...I don't like to critique other sites, just not my thing. Blogs are always works in progress and need to reflect the sensibility of the person cultivating it. Keep it visually interesting, keep reflecting how you see the world...that's the best I can offer."

Colmes was certainly accurate in his reporting. "That's the best he can offer." His own blog is cluttered, monotonous and visually much too complicated and just busy.

I recently sent him a personal facebook message in my efforts to raise money for the American Red Cross efforts in Haiti during the recent Hurricane, Tomas, while the storm was unleashing it's fury on the earthquake, cholera and otherwise devastated nation, and the suffering men women and children of the most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere. Former President Bill Clinton, under UN auspices is doing awesome work to assist the nation, which is actually half of the island of Hispaniola, sharing it with the Dominican Republic. I messaged Fixed News Colmes as follows:

"More than a quarter million dead--that's hundreds of thousands--and way more than a million displaced including KIDS! Please do what you can to raise cash for the group TODAY with infrastructure on the ground and around which the UN, US AID, the Coast Guard and others are working, please Alan. Here's the link. Thanks... Your Friend, Steve Alexander"

Colme's reply:

"please take me off that mass email list...thank you."

He offered a lecture of what he called "netiquette" at one point in our discussions. I offered some criticism of his approaches on his Fox News facebook wall on November 21 as a celebrant of my favorite amendment to the US constitution, the first, and his debating style was to delete me within 60 seconds from his page, both my personal and my fan page were deleted almost simultaneously.  "Netiquette." A professional debater unable to accept criticism from this fledgling blogger.

Colmes appears to be a straw man set up by Murdoch and Fox for smoke-and-mirror games, though at this point my biases may impinge upon my objectivity.  The network has gone criminal by doing things like launching a campaign earlier this year by several different anchors claiming that the Justice Department[under the best Attorney General the nation has seen since Elliot Richardson on the Republican side and Robert F. Kennedy on the Democratic side] Eric Holder, who happens to have different skin pigmentation than Colmes, Murdoch, O'Reilley, Hannity, Beck, Palin etc; and coincidentally the same skin pigmentation as the current incumbent President of the U.S., his boss, Barack Obama[potentially the greatest U.S. President since the likes of FDR and real Republican Honest Abe Lincoln--YES WE CAN, Mr. President] dropped the criminal charges against the couple of ludicrous bullies who attempted to intimidate 2008 voters calling themselves "New Black Panthers."  Turns out that the charges were dropped in January of 2009 BEFORE Barack was even inaugurated.  Slander laws still exist.

The Fixed News campaign included a so-called whistle-blowing former Justice Department lawyer who called the Obama-Holder Justice Dept. "racist."  Among other things, Holder and Obama have sacrificed much to engage in their lives of public service.  In the short time he's been in office, the Attorney General has done much including helping to secure a $20 billion advance from BP for their Gulf oil crime, and setting up Justice Dept. offices in New Orleans during that event to keep a personal eye on Hayward, Suttles, and all the BP criminals and intimidated them into taking their responsibilities a good bit more seriously than they would have had the Justice Dept. not visibly set up shop in their neighborhood!  Imagine the sacrifices of Barack's and Mr. Holder's families on a day-to-day basis so that they can serve the public good.

How irrelevant is race-baiting in 2010???  And how can Obama and this Attorney General go about enforcing the slander and other laws now, given the political environment of fear the "Tea Party Movement" has engendered[spitting on Civil Rights history-making Congressmen during the health care vote endgame, cutting gas lines to members of Congress' family members' homes, Eric Cantor claiming to have had his office window shot out, when a police report indicated it was a random graze, Congressman Stupack being called "Baby Killer" on the floor of the House, soon-to-be Speaker Boehner providing an example for the nation's Kindergartners by calling his Republican party the party of "HELL NO!" on that same House floor, etc., etc.].

The right-wing is out of control, and taking advantage of these two men in particular, the President and the Attorney General.  And it appears to be Rupert Murdoch leading this right-wing fanaticism[just ask the three Republican Presidential contenders currently dependent upon his bankroll--Palin, Gigrich and Huckabee].  Colmes, if he is liberal at all, and he's not, is designed intentionally to be the one very weak non-reactionary on the channel. In this manner the fans of this tragicomedy that is Fixed News may actually subliminally believe their comical slogan that they are "Fair and Balanced" or that "The spin stops here." Absurd.

SO I AM CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT OF ALAN COLMES! BOYCOTT FOX NEWS. BOYCOTT HIM ON FACEBOOK, BOTH PAGES. BOYCOTT LIBERALAND.COM AND BOYCOTT ALAN.COM AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GUY. He either is a Democrat in the mold of Alvin Greene, being taking advantage of by the nuts on the right or he is neither Democratic nor liberal. It is far more likely the latter! Someone posted the deposit required for the then-unemployed Greene to win the South Carolina Democratic Primary for US Senate this year against Vic Raul because his name appeared at the top of the ballot alphabetically. Greene's inability to even formulate sentences was a sad sight to see for the entire nation. Republican Jim Demint wound up beating Greene in the general election by 34 percentage points, 62 to 28 percent! Colmes is either being taking advantage of like Alvin was, or he is a fake liberal and a faux Democrat. SO THE DEMOCRATIC AND LIBERAL BOYCOTT OF FOX NEWS AND ALL PRODUCTS, BOOKS, BLOGS, OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH ALAN COLMES BEGINS. 

And remember please, that for all your military affairs, sociological, political, sports, meteorological and comedic needs your one-stop-shop is UNABASHED LEFT provided as a public service for your reading convenience conveniently right here at!!! Happy Thanksgiving Week to all!


                  "Polar Bear Mother With Cubs" by Norbert Rosing provided by 
Good Morning.  A wonderful event out in the Western USA occurred overnight, a beautiful heavy snowfall blanketed many states and the pictures coming out of the west today are gorgeous.  Unfortunately in Minnesota over 500 traffic accidents were reported and at least 75 included injuries, particularly because icing was involved.  During this Holiday Season--it's here folks--PLEASE SLOW DOWN, ESPECIALLY YOUR DRIVING SPEED.  Nothing is more important than not compromising your safety or the safety of everyone else on the highways by speeding.  Your urgency does not necessarily exceed the importance on the road of the mission of others on the road who may be carrying children, mothers, expectant mothers and what-not.  To assume that getting there fast is justified is simply selfishness, of which I continue to be guilty at times. 

The traffic laws are LAWS and there for reasons.  If we don't like laws we advocate their change we shouldn't necessarily violate them when we may be compromising the safety of others.  Speeding down the highway most definitely is not "CIVIL" DISOBEDIENCE.  In my book, it's SELFISH DISOBEDIENCE, of which I have been guilty at times in my own life. "Uncivil" selfishness to say the least. I saw an awesome video this weekend on The Weather Channel narrated by meteorologist Kelly Cass.  An accident avoidance drivers' trainer was interviewed.  He made one simple point to me.  All accidents can be avoided by stopping in time.  Speeding decreases braking time and lengthens the distance between hitting the brake pedal and stopping.  So maintain your brakes above all else, was that basic point. What an awesome dude(and Kelly Cass is quite a young woman as well).  He teaches mostly teenage new drivers, but also older veterans of the highway wars as well. :)

On frozen surfaces braking time is magnified exponentially according to road surface temps, the nature of the frozen precipitation, whether it's an elevated bridge, wind, temperature and many more variables.  Driving down the highway or road, there is no easy way to judge conditions because they change constantly.  The traffic laws are in place for precisely that reason.  Driving IS a privilege, not a right.  The roads are owned by governments primarily, and we are licensed to utilize them because we've been trained and found competent to do so.  Similar to bus drivers, and airline pilots in that regard.  Please take this responsibility seriously when driving. No texting. No drinking and driving. No speeding. No poor vehicle maintenance. Replace wiper blades. Ensure safe braking and brakes. BE INSURED. No cell phone calls without hands-free devices. No smoking pot and driving. No getting high and driving. If taking prescriptions, only drive with doctors' approval.

Otherwise you may be criminally liable and before you know it, in court defending yourself for negligent vehicular homicide or defending your family's property in a wrongful death lawsuit. Your family may not have you to love or put food and a roof over their heads for years to come.  You may be dead. You could lose your kids house for 'em, good guardians.  Take my word for it.  Please trust me on this one. I KNOW.  From personal experience.  A pre-schooler and a grade schooler lost a parent for years, a beautiful Mom her husband for years.  The house was lost, the business ended.  They divorced.  He languished in a prison yard, having never before sat in one.  In one split second when he killed a 21 year old woman on a state road.

I've been writing a lot this year.  It is cathartic. It's helped me get better in many ways.  I've raised some money for causes, but my favorite this Thanksgiving is  Elsewhere on this website are photo essays and essays about the fact that more cats and dogs have died than wild animals due to Tony "Wayward" Hayward's greedy BP oil spill this year. BTW, Eric Holder, let the prosecutions begin Sir, I'm behind you.  This Attorney General deserves great praise for the work he's done on this one in particular and for his sacrifices in general, to say the least. Already, maybe our best Attorney General since Robert F. Kennedy--who obviously sacrificed everything in the end--in my book.

I have made the final decision early this morning to pursue and adopt a vegan lifestyle next year.  I'm looking for support from friends and family in the effort.  My niece went vegetarian at the age of 12 because she loves animals.  I've tried vegetarianism over the years with notable lack of success.  I'm consulting, MD's, nutrition experts, Overeaters' Anonymous members, vegetarian and vegan friends and family, my own family members who remain omnivores, pastors, and many others.  But the decision is made.  There are pictures elsewhere here of my hero, role model and pet 14 year old former pound puppy Augie the Doggie who was heroically rescued from death row at a municipal shelter by my loving wife Sally long before I met her.  He and she have saved my life. I love them both, but her more than anyone on earth, including my own self.  Only my love for God is supreme to her. 

You'll also find pics of Bluebelle, Meow and Momcat here.  I've been eating and wearing vegetarian animals for years.  Eating eggs and milk, and wearing leather and suede.  Chickens and cows bred to produce and living lives of confinement, boredom, loneliness, pain and horrible deaths quite often.  I will wear cotton.  As a human, my own nutritive sustenance does not require meat of any sort nor any animal product or byproduct of which I've become aware.  I'll attempt to get my protein from soy, beans of other types, legumes, etcetera.  Other than protein primarily, there are no major obstacles to healthy living that requires meat.  If there are obstacles I will view them as challenges to resolve, not impossibilities.

Inconveniences, yes.  Because of our culture, primarily as I see it.  Impossibilities? MOST DEFINITELY NOT!!!  So thank you Tony Hayward and you greedy boardroom execs this year, especially at BP.  For waking me up and helping me smell coffee--and I'll abridge my caffeine addiction soon, as well, thanks. BOYCOTT BP, PLEASE. DONATE TODAY TO, pleeeze. And I promise to post regularly about the progress of my efforts.  I'll be writing about my own complex medical situation at present and I'll be giving a bit of a nutrition and medical background on myself.  I'll write about my consultations with professionals, friends and families.

I will soon be starting a new book. I hope to have it published by late spring or early summer.  I guarantee it to be a good read.  I have many friends who are successful writers and authors.  I've sought their advice and support.  I have acquired publishing, and journalistic supporters and advisers.  I have good friends who are meteorologists, chiropractors, other medical professionals, volunteers, animal rights supporters, political people and more.  I ask your support in my decision to stop killing animals for my convenience.  Augie is, by nature, a carnivore, I am not.  He will continue his lifestyle, modified by his changing and aging needs, medically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. 

Though I am not a fan of their current editorial policies, Time magazine for August 16th 2010 has a fascinating cover story with a beautiful black pug, head tilted and thinking, gracing the cover. The cover story is entitled: "What Animals Think."  It is sensitively written by Jeffrey Kluger.  No more than a 20 minute read.  Please do so, you will NOT regret it. Pugs are awesome, and I love a one-eyed one in particular named Pugsy who was heroically rescued from an abusive pet store.  So please read this article and support my efforts this coming year.

And remember: "For all your military affairs, sociological, anthropological, meteorological, political, global warming, economic, and comedic needs; it's one stop shopping at Unabashed Left available for your convenience at! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dogs and cats! Tell your neighbors!  Wake up your opponents and tell them! Tell all your friends that you haven't met yet! Tell your fellow church goers! Tell your pastor and doctor! Tell everyone to come here to immediately!"  :D LOLOLOLOL!

And once again, tell them all to carefully consider a huge donation this Winter solstice season to Amen.

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Nobody gets any salary and $1.00 is collected

       by Mom--Patty--and placed into
a not-so-secure metal
cash box, if you have
the buck.
No armed security required or utilized.
Though an ambulance is running
and two paramedics
are at the ready,
just in case.

The players wear protective
gear, but are miniatures of
their NFL[and NCAA]
4th Graders, most well under 5 feet

The cheerleaders were given equal
billing and wore
modest attire, compared to
the sexploitation
utilized by the NFL via
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,
for example.
On a chilly October eve, some
covered up in jackets
and what-not.

Next to the football field was a beach.
Another football game was being played there.
The general rules were the same, but no
striped officials were needed to
adjudicate disputes,
and dispute resolution
occurred amicably
and with justice for all.
No one in this
received any salary, either.

was the only official evident
for this pick up game.
She was reading a self-help book
and is an R.N. from
British Columbia where they
have "government medicine",
even better than "government
option", she says.
I believe her.
She, I believe, is an expert witness
on medical matters, more so
than anyone who
testified during the
Congressional fiasco on health care.
Three of the players were her sons
and her pride was evident.
She gave one of them
the metallic blue Nerf
football with which
they were playing.

The Madison Tigers were down by 7 in the first quarter,
it mattered, but nobody seemed
too concerned about the score.

And the cheerleaders cheered and
were athletic and synchronized just as well
as the football teams themselves,
and were far more beautiful
than the Dallas Cowboy

The Final Score:
The NFL is playing no game whatsoever.
It is out for profit at any cost.
The Philadelphia Eagles are playing no game whatsoever.
They are out for profit at any cost.
Michael Vick is playing no game whatsoever.
He is out for profit at any cost.
The MYFCL(Madison Youth Football and
Cheerleading League) is sponsoring
children at play with a game
that may be rough and challenging(both
cheerleading and football,
if both are done correctly I do believe) that was
made for kids.
That such play prepares kids to
live morally and ethically
upstanding lives.
Perhaps the pick-up game
on the beach is teaching
those values even more
effectively than the more
organized game
on the field.
And neither game
featured the profit motive.
Neither does Canadian Medicine.
Neither does "Mom."
Relative to the U.S., Canada's life
expectancy is growing by leaps
and bounds.  Ours is lagging
behind with
the private profit motive
 scheme we have
going still, despite
the progress made this year.
And the quality of the lives of all involved
in both games yesterday
was measurably enhanced by those
Especially my own.  What an evening!
[Thank you MYFCL, adults, and especially
the kids!]
Not so, with the NFL, the Professional
Golfers' Association(hi Tiger...  Woods),
or most professional and
Division 1 NCAA financial sports conglomerates
And neither were the canines mercilessly
abused by Philadelphia Eagles'
quarterback Michael Vick.

Augie the Doggie and Bluebelle the Wonder Cat

The Weekend is here. Please enjoy it, and
please be kind to animals.
Boycott the NFL this weekend,
if you're a football fan,
don't go to a game
or watch on TV.
Have a pick-up game 
with some kids instead, 
or go to an amateur event
involving kids and be
a good role model 
instead, please. 
Please tell your friends.
Boycott the Philadelphia Eagles.
Boycott Michael Vick.
Put an end to animal cruelty.
It's time for the BP prosecutions
to begin.
Adopt an animal instead
of buying one if you can, but
adopt, please.
Be a hero to yourself, your family
and to your new
canine or feline
family member. :-)
Donate today as generously
as you can to

Sally Alexander contributed heavily
to this photo essay, and contributes
love and support to my Unabashed
endeavors every single day of my life and for
that I can never thank God nor her enough.  Photos
taken with a cell phone around sunset
at Madison, CT on October 21, 2010.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Missile Madness: Party of Hell No Stymies Kissinger, Baker and Obama--No Party is Attempting to Hijack National Security and Stop New START!

Sen. Jon Kyl, Republican, has flip-flopped on the biggest vote of the year. "Trust but verify" is a premise that even Republican Icon Reagan pumped in his presidency in his own public and private pronouncements in negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachev during the era of Russian dominance via their scumbag Soviet "Union" conspiracy, before Gorbachev assisted in bringing the whole "communist" scam that was the USSR to a grinding halt(it wasn't Ray-gun's arms race that did that forya, it was leaders such as Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, Lech Walesa, Alexsander Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov and more, as well as the will of the people throughout eastern Europe and central Asia).

Even reactionary former Secretaries of State such as Henry "Let's-spread-war-secretly-from-Vietnam-to-Laos-and-Cambodia-and-enable-Pol Pot-to-start-his-massacre-and hide-it from-the-Congress-and-American-People + give-away-the-store-to-North-Vietnamese-negotiators-and-win-the Nobel Peace Prize-after-allowing-58,000-American-troops-to-die-for-him-and-lose-all-3-wars" Kissinger and his successor Republican James Baker got into the photo op with President Obama to pump the new New Start treaty negotiated with President Medvedev of Russia and signed in the spring by Obama and Medvedev.

Sen. Kyl says the lame duck Congress doesn't have TIME to debate and vote.  The "Party of Hell No"[Speaker-to-be Boehner's words] is now led by active addicts/alcoholics Beck and Limbaugh who admit to having neither sponsors nor programs and are manic/depressives and Obsessive/Compulsives.  Even Kissinger and Baker know this is essential and the No Party wants to get this vote delayed at all cost till the next Congress when the numbers in both houses shift to their favor.


Our species now has the capacity to annihilate our own and others by two means now only, so far. Global warming and NUKES.  The United States of America has had the audacity ever since they carved up Europe along military defense lines immediately after WW II in backroom arm-twisting style talks with Josef Stalin, along with Russia[via their whole Soviet "Union" scam and the "communist" USSR of theirs that folded decades ago, now] to develop and deploy intercontinental NUKES and aim them at the rest of the world. And since then we've both yelled at and threatened anyone else having the audacity to do the same for any motive including self-defense! The nerve of us!

Even Baker and Kissinger can smell this coffee. Priority number one this week has to be pressuring the Republicans to vote on this bill in the Senate. If they can defer the vote, they know they'll never have to vote against it and have it held against them. IT'S PARLIAMENTARY AND PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION BULLSHIT AT THE DIRECT EXPENSE OF NATIONAL AND SPECIES SECURITY STRAIGHT UP! Let's get this one done people. Pressure every Republican in the Senate NOW! Support your President. Potentially the greatest leader of this century and even of the millennium if he can get this one through.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Unabashed Left woke up early this morning and began dismantling the Rupert Murdoch media conglomerate, that includes Fox News, The NY Post among others.  As well as challenging the ties at NBC that attempted to suspend Keith Olbermann last week and wound up huddled in their boardroom at 30 Rock in Manhattan announcing on Sunday, approximately one business hour later, that Keith had been "punished" enough following and outpouring of love from hundreds of thousands of fans, bloggers, and just plain advocates for the U.S. Constitution, especially that great First Amendment!

Please take a gander at to see Unabashed commentary and some greetings for Rupert and the folks in the boardroom at NBC. :)  Remember, for all your political, military affairs and comedic needs its   Have a nice day Rupert. 46.2 degrees, 46.2 dew point, no wind at all in Wallingford, CT this blessed day.  Augie the Doggie, Bluebelle, Meow and Momcat all say hi. And goodbye. With affection, Steve....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Political Pearls: Mohammed The Pizza Slinger and Republican and Democratic Headquarters

This is a true story about American demoocracy(little "d") in action just two weeks ago or so. Unabashed Left decided to campaign for the Democratic(big "D") party late in this year's campaign. Wallingford, CT[sometimes affectionately and sometimes not-so-affectionately referred to as "Wallyworld"] has a "center"[small "c"] of town. One of the main drags in the center[small "c"] of Wallyworld is ingeniously entitled Center[big "C"] Street. In the center of town on Center street in late October democracy was in gear at Democratic Party headquarters at the bottom end of Center Street; not so much so at the Republican Party headquarters in the middle of Center Street, and even more so at the pizza joint just above [the also ingeniously named]"Main Street" on Center Street owned by an Arab pizza slinger named Mohammed. :)  Melting pot. <3 - democracy(little "d"). Warm fuzzy feeling. :)

Anyhow, in the middle of a busy campaign day 8 days before the election, I was hungry.  I stopped off at a take-out pizza joint to grab a couple of quick slices[being new to Wallyworld, this was a bit risky, not knowing the quality of the take out pie slices <) I was about to receive]. Feeling hungry but not greedy[I am most definitely a Democrat] after hopping out of my 1996 Ford Windstar Minivan with the dents, scratches, stickers and magnets(stickers and magnets featuring Congresswoman Rosa Delauro, Pink Ribbons, a Chiropractic magnet, 12 step logos, and more--all layered in thick dust--joyously festoon the back of my hurricane-chasing minivan, a definite Democrat-mobile] it's already well-known for around Wallyworld, I parked across the street and walked in to a previously unvisited pizza <) take-out store front. Through the door to the kitchen I saw a cook slinging pizza <) dough into a round flat object which would eventually be the crust of a crispy/tender pizza. The cook stopped what he was doing and came out. I was not certain, but he appeared to be other than Italian in ethnic or national origin.

I am from the New Haven area where a district known as "Wooster Square" features the best pizza and the best Italian cuisine restaurants on the planet, that are not in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius or the Coliseum in Rome, for example. IE: A pie at Pepe's restaurant on Wooster Street is a near orgasmic experience. Therefor, the ethnic or national origin of the man slinging pie crusts in Wallyworld center[little "c"] that day was pertinent to me. So I introduced myself as Steve, and he introduced himself at the owner, Mohammed.

I thought for a second. Acting on my own behalf, not as a Democratic[big "D"] party representative, I inquired of Mohammed's ethnicity. Arab, was his reply. I decided to order slices of pizza. <)  But I purchased the drinks \-/ elsewhere at a bargain. I cut a deal with Mohammed. People back at Democratic Headquarters might be hungry as well, so eating slices <3 on my own, in front of others, did not appeal to me. So I purchased his entire slice pie and had him heat it up. He gave me a discount for buying so many slices. I told him that I was a Democrat, not representing the Democratic Party, only myself at the moment, but that Republican Headquarters was also on Center Street.

I asked Mohamed for some extra menus and informed him that I'd bring them to Democratic Headquarters at the bottom of Center Street and place them conspicuously in the store front and do the same at the Republican Headquarters in the middle of Center Street if they were agreeable to doing so.  I told him I'd order another whole pie <) later in the day and more during the week. He gave me a discount on my next order of pizza <). I was happy. Mohamed the pizza slinger was happy. Democracy[little "d"] in action. Warm and fuzzy feeling. <3 Melting pot. American flag.

I joyously trotted in to Democratic Headquarters and deposited the hot pizza <) conspicuously on a table at a little beehive of activity at the bottom of Center Street and deposited Mohammed's menus there for all to see and from which they might order more pies. I grabbed a small stack of Mohammed's menus and walked happily to the middle of Center Street in the center of town to Republican Party Headquarters. It was anything but a beehive of activity. The woman on the phone just waved me off-signing for me to wait. That was it. Just the one semi-rude young woman. In the middle of Center Street in the Center of Wallyworld where a Republican Mayor named Dickinson has been mayor way too long, and the Town Council is dominated by way too many Republicans[7 to 3 is the current count on Town Council].

When she finally finished her conversation as I stood waiting with Mohammed's bright green and happy menus she asked "What do you want?" I told her the story of Mohammed's pizza <) joint just a walk away. She was unaware of Mohammed's pizza <) joint. I shook her hand and gave her my Unabashed business card and the stack of menus and suggested that they order good pizza <) [as it turned out, the slices that afternoon were excellent as take-out goes] from Mohammed and support local small business and feed the army of volunteers at Republican Headquarters that wasn't there at the Headquarters on Center Street in the center of Wallyworld which was NOT a beehive of activity. Republican Party Headquarters in the middle of Center Street.

I happily trotted back to Democratic Headquarters, once again a volunteer for the Democratic Party. I told my friends the story. They laughed and laughed. In fact they L'ed OL. :D  We went about our campaign and Tuesday November 2nd finally arrived. THE BIG DAY. :) Democracy[little "d"]. Warm fuzzies. Melting pot. American flag.

In the middle of the day I was briefly at the bottom of Center St. at the Dem Headquarters and decided to take a walk to the middle of Center St. to GOP Headquarters and offer an olive branch. Peace. Warm fuzzy feeling. Melting pot. Democracy[little "d"] in action. Pink hearts. American flag. <3 Arab-American pizza. <)

Once again, in the middle of this busy election day, Republican Headquarters wasn't all that busy. A different woman was out front on the phone just waving me away semi-rudely and several well-dressed businessmen and women-looking people were mingling behind her. Mohammed's menus were still on the desk unmoved from over a week ago. My Unabashed business card was not. No food was evident at all. When I approached the business types they wanted me to go, they were in a hurry, that was clear. But I was prepared. I had several Unabashed business cards at the ready to hand out, shook some hands and offered my own personal olive branch. Feeling unwelcomed, I left with their permission.

Back out in the bright midday sun I once again cheerily trotted back to the beehive of activity that was the Democratic Party headquarters on the bottom of Center St., convinced now more than ever that the Dickinson administration in Wallyworld must go and the numbers at least reversed on the Town Council in November a year from now--and Wallyworld returned to it's honorable Wallingford, CT Revolutionary War/Colonial roots, INDEED.

We Democrats were busy, busy, busy all day till polls closed at 8pm. In one city in CT the polls closed at 10 due to irregularities, so the numbers coming in to the Congresswoman Rosa Delauro victory party in New Haven that my lovely wife, Sally, and I attended were slow and one race was tight. But in the end: Democratic Governor-Elect apparent Dan Malloy, U.S. Senator-elect Dick Blumenthal and the entire Democratic state ticket had won; all 5  Congressional seats had been retaken(the number had been 4 Dems and one Republican previously); every Democrat in Wallingford who ran won, minus one state rep candidate. IT WAS A CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE DEMOCRATS IN WALLINFORD CONNECTICUT PRETTY MUCH--WHAT'S KNOWN IN POLITICS AS A LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

We are organizing now to retake Wallingford for the Democrats next year from the Wallyworld Republican Party and finally end the endless and solidly mediocre-to-downright poor Dickinson administration. Those Republican "Dicks" get us every time. "Dick" Nixon. "Dick" Cheney. Mayor "Dick"inson's administration will end in approximately 14 months following the election the first Tuesday in November, 2011 in Wallyworld which will once again be transformed into respected, loved and admired Wallingford, CT. Thanks for the pizza <) , Mohammed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Political Pearls: Saturday Night Tea Party--Tea Partier Can't Keep Protest Sign at Obama Rally From Blowing Away And Other Stupid Tea Party Tricks

A Picture of 14 Year Old Pound Pup Augie Doggie, Just Because It
                           Makes Me "Feel Good."
On a windy Saturday outside the Arena at HARBOR Yard in Bridgeport the weekend before election day(October 30, 2010) a 60ish white male Tea Partier came inside the yellow police taped in area and the long, massive lines of supporters that had arrived to see President Barack Obama support now Governor-Elect apparent Dan Malloy and others.  He had a huge white pad of paper of the sort used at trainings and what-not.  On the pad was written: "Pelosi, Reid, Obama: The Three Stooges."  This silly Tea Partier was about to launch a solo protest.  He was the only protester present.

Within 45 seconds the wind started to blow his sign and all the paper got out of control.  He had no clothespins, tape or any device to keep his paper in line.  His protest was already pretty much over.  I glanced over, and even the Secret Service appeared to snicker. They appeared to be lol-ing. He grew increasingly frustrated as the winds off Bridgeport Harbor frustrated every one of his efforts to straighten out his sign.  The paper wrinkled and crumpled. It ripped and his face was turning red.  This particular Tea Partier was unprepared. Indeed.  He muttered obscenities under his breath.

Unabashed Left approached the protester.  I interviewed him as he struggled with his sign.  "Do you believe that referring to the President, the Speaker and the Majority Leader as Stooges raises the level of political discourse within the nation?"  "The Tea Partier said "Well they started it."  I asked, "When, and can you quote them and give me sources to document your claims?"  "I don't have the precise times and dates but they started it!" The angered Tea Partier shouted.  The paper flying up over his head. 

"If they said bad things first, then in what way will calling them 'Stooges' elevate the level of political discourse in the nation?" I inquired.  He asked "Why don't you get out of here?" I said "About my question, how does calling people 'stooges' raise the level of political discourse in the nation?"
He used an expletive.  The paper was still out of control, but the Tea Partier persisted trying to manage his one man protest pad of paper and the sign against the persistent and gusting winds off the water.  I asked, "Really, what's the reason you're here? Why?"  "Because they started it," he shouted against me and the wind. "No, seriously, why are you really here?" I persisted. "BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!" was the Tea Partier's only honest answer of the day.

                          Facebook Stupid Tea Party Tricks                     
I've posted on facebook frequently on local, state and national issues.  Often Tea Partiers take advantage of me and others by posting scumbag sort of comments on others' walls, and I put in facebook friend requests to them and inform them of my friend request on the walls they've offended.  Often they message me privately after I eagerly plead with them to comment on this blog or even guest blog.  Their private messages are always more pathetic than anything they'd post publicly.  They try to take advantage of me in that way.  They imagine that somehow I wouldn't take these comments and publish them for my readers' comedic enjoyment.  So here they are!

Jerry Shafer on facebook "likes" Sarah Palin and has a picture of President Barack Obama in "whiteface" as a clown up on his profile and likes a band called "Chickenfoot."  I sent him the following messages:

"Blog for me please! Be my friend? Pleeeze!! Interesting photo of the President in whiteface you have on your wall. I want to debate it publicly. Pleeeeze! Be my friend. :)  Here's the link again. "

I followed this one with:

"Wanna debate? Please comment or do a guest blog for me, I'll be glad to authorize you in a heartbeat my friend on my website.  Here's the link and my email is   HURRY PLEASE!

Tea Partier/Republican Jerry Shafer replied:

"I'd rather be Waterboarding..."

I replied:

"How about Monday night, live on network TV. Name your time. I'll bring a camera. It's not torture, is it?"

And my concluding message to Jerry:

"By the way, you've gone public anyway. All these quotes have been published at Congratulations, you are a published author. ;)  "

Jerry has not yet accepted my friend request.

                   A Final Stupid Tea Partier Trick

Right-winger Ben Blue took offense to some comments I made to the half-governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  Ben also refers to himself and signs one of his scumbag private messages to me as "Drunken Ben."  His facebook profile contains no information identifying him in any meaningful way except the following quote from "Drunken Ben" Blue:
"Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

So Ben Blue took offense to my remarks on the half-governor's wall by remarking to me where no one could see:

"Palin was closer to serving 3 years than only 2 years. A little over 2.5 years.  Fact: She was heading into a "lame duck" reelection year with frivolous lawsuits that since have all been either dismissed or found in favor of Gov Palin. Fact: She wasn't rich like the Obamas or Kerrys so she had to deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees just to fight of these frivolous democratic attacks. Instead she handed over the last year of her term to Sean Parnell who was on board with her agenda....
If you are going to be fair, how about asking Obama why he quit on his people in Illinois?...At least Palin had the decency to not pretend to be one thing, yet do another...If you are going to hammer Palin about her resignation, you should also hammer Obama and countless other MEN who ... Your attack on Palin is getting really old and frankly at this stage in the game, most of us are laughing at you. Have a nice day."

I replied: "Not in CT--clean sweep here my friend! Just like it will be in 2012. Differences: Sarah was an executive and an administrator, not a legislator--quitting when she got famous and ruined any chance McCain might have had at winning because of her incompetence and by coming down to the lower 48 and signing TV contracts for millions and positioning herself to run in 2012 was self-centered and self-serving.  I'm not worried about being fair to pols. If a governor(such as Palin) or President(such as Nixon) quits before their term is up, they leave a cabinet and administration to run. Legislators do not! Your meager "analysis" is typical of drunks like Beck, Limbaugh and problem people with evident tanning problems and other personal problems like Boehner and McConnell. Besides Obama...won... by an unexpected margin. Sarah just managed to bring McCain's poll results DOWN! Why did you even mention men, let alone capitalize MEN?  Are we confusing eroticism with our politics now? Or are you a misogynist? RU supporting her because you find her sexy? Just think about it. I'm a married guy. Sarah's attractive, cute and sexy. Ben. God bless you. A link to my blog is attached, please comment, and I'll invite you to guest blog if you'd like. Steve "

Ben replies: "We are all laughing at you because you claim to be intelligent, yet you continue to run our country into economic oblivion. 2012 will be interesting, and I hope that you still are launching your sexist attacks and the old quitter montage against Palin while she is clobbering you with QE2, energy policy and zero-based budgeting.  You have fun down there in the pit of personal attacks now, OK?  :) *grin*

Drunken Ben Blue couldn't stop there he followed his own message with the message: OMG look at the money she made here, or OMG look at what her daughter did there.. or OMG she asked for bendy straws at a speech...For once I would love a debate about why you don't like Sarah Palin that doesn't mention the following: HER MONEY, HAVING AN IVY LEAGUE EDUCATION(NEITHER DID ABE LINCOLN AND IT CERTAINLY HASN'T HELPED THE BUSHES OR OBAMA), HER SAYING "I CAN SEE ALASKA FROM MY HOUSE'(BTW SHE NEVER SAID THOSE WORDS, YOU ARE QUOTING TINA FEY), HER KIDS, HER HOUSE, ETC...ETC...  God Bless and Have a Nice Day
Drunken Ben

I replied one last time:  "IC. You're assuming things, and are confused Drunken Ben. When did I ever make claims to be "intelligent?" Date, time and source, please for these claims of mine. When did I make comments about her daughter? Date, time and source for these comments of mine? Did she ask for "bendy" straws at a speech? I was unaware of that.  You still haven't answered my question.  On sexism: The only reason I mentioned her gender at all was because you referred to MEN in caps, sir.  Why did you mention men and why did you capitalize MEN? ..."

I then offered a list of Obama issues and accomplishments including reversing the unemployment decline from the "Great Recession," the pending Peace Agreement in Afghanistan, passage of the TARP legislation, Wall Street and Health Care reform, 100,000 troops out of Iraq and the rest gone next year, Barack's Nobel Peace Prize and his only 22 months thus far in office.  Drunken Ben has not accepted my friend request and would only slander me privately and would not go public--at least the rightie thought he could get away with sneaking. :D lololololol