Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Keith Olbermann at White House Press Dinner

Before Barack Obama bailed out a boring night, Jimmy Kimmel left the audience at 
The White House Corresppondents' Dinner 
asking "Where are the Clowns?"

Jimmy Kimmel took a shot at humor once again last evening at the White House correspondents' dinner by kicking a guy when he's down. Keith Olbermann, once in Dutch with ESPN and having left their employment on bad terms, moving on to political commentary and doing awesome work and making MSNBC profitable with his primetime Countdown show there, but getting into dutch with management there (for political reasons) and leaving on bad terms, and making the mistake of moving Countdown lock, stock and barrel to Al Gore's (remember him, he used to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner and former VP before entering into obscurity by trying to run a TV network called Current TV) where he got into dutch with management and left on bad terms just a few weeks ago. Kimmel suggested that the audience look under their seats where they'd find KO's resume. Hysterical. He ripped KO apart for losing one job or other. Unfortunately Kimmel's performance last night was about as slow as KO's former competition--O'Reilley, Hannity and Beck--combined. The consummate politician, President Obama no doubt selected Kimmel knowing how easy an act he would be to follow, thereby resulting in talking heads on the Sunday morning news circuit inevitably saying how good Barack's comedy timing is (by comparison with Kimmel).

He'll come out of all this ok. I hope. He certainly deserves better, and Kimmel most definitely is NOT even close to as funny as KO on a good night. ;0) Kimmel is about as funny as a date with the Activia lady. Or with the 'diarrhea, gas and bloating" lady. Or worse a 3sum with the 2 of them. ;0) Not funny, scary. Biden should have hosted, but he wouldn't have been able to avoid the F-bomb as well as Kimmel did. But he would've been funnier than Kimmel. I'd rather sit on a tack nude, than have to sit through a stand-up by Kimmel. ;0) Maybe I'll send these Kimmel jokes to KO, it might brighten his evening. Jimmy Kimmel single-handedly brought back the laugh-track to TV. But in live performances it’s just embarrassing to see the audience looking like they're watching a lecture about the history of the light bulb while the sound around them in Sensurround is of uproarious laughter. If I was sentenced to watching a series of Kimmel shows, I guarantee I would have promised to stop drinking, drugging and sinning altogether long before I did any of that, at least I would have promised the judge the moon, the stars and the sun and tried to deliver! But one thing he's right about is that Current TV has been Al Gore's albatross. Current is about as successful as 8-tracks and as popular as heart attacks. You'll note that Gore has not won ONE single Peace Prize since founding Current TV. Naming former Guv and John #347 Elliot Spitzer to replace KO is not likely to enhance Gore’s chances for a nomination. ;0)

Poor Jimmy Kimmel. We can only hope that he smells the coffee soon and makes a career change. I understand the fine folks at Phillips are considering a male partner for Miss Diarrhea, Gas and Bloating. 


John Steiner said...

Kimmel's show was flagging and failing when he booked Obama, and Obama is using Kimmell to attack the real left.

Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding me why I won't waste my vote on you a second time.

Unabashed Left said...

Mr. Steiner is a faux liberal who threatened to 'bat me around like a cat with a mouse" on facebook, resulting in the necessity to report his page, block him from further fb contacts, and to ban him from the UL fanpage, due to his incessant rants. Such is the frustration of a faux liberal who is obviously prone to threats of violence, no libearal at all and working to oust President Obama. Peace please...