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Hell (Wallingford, CT) Is For Children

I went for a walk tonight and got really bummed out by some things that I saw and heard. I walked to downtown Wallingford, CT (not my favorite place on earth, but where I’m living at present) and saw the sad scene of young folks stuck in central Connecticut trying to imagine that they are living real lives in run-of-the-mill bars, and boys chasing after girls in their tweens and threens—and sadly imagining that they are yuppies and that this is something to be when all they are, are simply John Lennon’s ‘Working Class Heroes,’ “still fucking peasants as far as I can see.” Even sadder than that was the sound of a horribly incapable cover band with an even more horrible sounding woman vocalist ‘singing’ “Hell is for children” as if Pat Benatar’s rabble-rousing gut-ripping American culture tear-down was a Christmas carol. Yup. Those folks in downtown Wallyworld tonight (they’ve all turned back into pumpkins or whatever, since CT closes at 2pm, even on weekends) are definitely ‘still fucking peasants.’

The silly monuments to CERTAIN wars on the 'green' in
Wallyworld, CT

So I meandered a bit further, and saw the town ‘green.’ All New England towns have ‘em, but Wallingford’s is a pathetic little postage stamp. Really the green is just the front yard of one church and the pathetic 50’s style architecture yellow brick city hall. That’s it. They have the nerve to actually call it a parade ground. Any parade you tried to have on this ‘green’ would have to include less than a dozen people and maybe one bicycle. Or 6 folks and 3 bicycles, or some combination therein, but you get my point. It’s small, in other words. Pathetically small is what it is, as greens go. Wallingford is pathetic, so the green is very much in keeping with what those of us who are part of the club that’s here and doesn’t want to be not so fondly refer to as “Wallyworld.” It sure as Hell ain’t no amusement ride this Wallingford place.
Anyway, it’s around midnight and I’m walking past the ugly yellow City Hall and I notice the ‘war memorials.’ Having been in New Hampshire for R & R last week, and having seen some memorials up there, I decided to shoot this one. But instead of a gun, like the heroes memorialized with these monuments, I decided to use my cell phone camera instead. Smooth move since the Police Department is within eyeshot of the statues. Also, since I’m a pacifist. It just wouldn’t do to go shooting up the town war memorials with artillery, handguns or rifles and still claim to be a pacifist. And since the cell phone camera was at my disposal I figured it was fate.

If ya really lose big-time and come back from one of
the wars selected for monuments in Wallingford in a body bag,
then they just put an asterisk next to your name
along with all the others who came back still breathing.
They did somethin' different for the Korean War folks,
they listed the dead guys at the top of the monument
saying "All gave some, Some gave all."
Yah! Dontcha think???

I took my first shot, seen here. There’s three memorials, really altogether. But what really bummed me, was that the City of Wallingford just stopped erecting monuments to war dead, it seems after our aggression in Korea in the 1950s. There is a WW I monument. There’s a WW II monument. Then there’s that Korea monument. And that’s it. All the dudes and dudettes who served, and survived or not, are listed on the town green in front of that drab ugly yellow City Hall since 1917. But if you served during conflict since then…. Well… you’re just shit outa luck in Wallyworld. Nothing for those who served in the losing ventures in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Not word one about both Iraq wars or Afghanistan. Dead silence about those supposed heroes. Hmmmm.
That absurd Betsy Ross product,
the bloodlust glorifying "American Flag"
got itself all twisted up somehow.
I don't even like the 'Star Spangled Banner"
or national anthems at all.
They suck and glorify
"bombs bursting in air"
and perpetuate the glorification of uniformed bloodlust! 

I walked up to investigate closer. Each of the three monuments lists all who wore the uniform of the US government military in each conflict, including some that were added who apparently had been forgotten the first time around. On the WW I and II monuments there are special asterisks next to those poor souls who came back in body bags instead of troop carriers. On the Korean monument that’s handled differently, the folks who came back feet first are given special mention at the top of the huge list of folks from Wallyworld who took a tour of northeast Asia on the taxpayers’ dime in the 1950s. No asterisks for them. I’m pretty glad my name isn’t up on the green with an asterisk next to it. Just sayin’.

War Sux. Period.
No matter how many statues ya build
and how hard ya try to glorify it.
Ask the rape victims.
The burnt kids.
The tortured civilians.
The homeless suffering cats and dogs.
The dismembered.

I’m pissed that this stupid town hasn’t erected a monument to the folks of the Vietnam era. Admittedly, the first and second Iraq wars and Afghanistan are recent, but if you’re gonna erect monuments to folks, HOW DAREYA EXCLUDE CERTAIN OF THEM. THE FOLKS WHO SERVED DURING VIETNAM DESERVE A MEMORIAL, OR ALL THE MEMORIALS JUST SHOULD BE TORN DOWN. We have a mayor here in town, a Republicon who has been in way too long named DICKinson. Those Repubicon DICKS’ll getcha every time! The Dems in town aren’t real Dems, they’re kowtowing to DICKinson, and squabbling with each other so much, that they actually cross endorsed this fool a coupla years ago and might just as well roll over and play dead.
When I took that closer look at these monuments I noticed a few things. The WW I memorial depicts some soldiers, sailors and what-not. Those guys (and they are all male) all look stiff-jawed and courageous marching off to battle. Two of the 5 dudes in the monument have rifles, but 3 in the middle are carting American flags. DUMB! If you’re in Europe in WW I and carting around American flags like that, yer guaranteed to get an asterisk next to yer name, I promise ya! The Milford, CT green is bigger and nicer and has a better statue of both a Vietnam soldier and a Korean soldier on it. Both of them look real young and REAL scared, like they probably really were. I know I woulda been. And if yer REAL scared and not carting around that Betsy Ross product advertising where you’re from and the fact that you’re out to occupy their country and kill their countrymen, then you have a far better chance of avoiding your name winding up on the town green with an asterisk next to it.
Each of the three monuments had eagles on top of them. All three eagles looked different but they all looked REAL aggressive. I’ve seen eagles on Connecticut River Eagle watches. They look cool, but nothing like the monsters depicted in these three eagle statues. They look awesome. And even though they’re called “American Bald Eagles” I know of no single eagle nor do I believe the species has taken a stand as a whole, either pro or anti-America. I think they’re pretty much neutral, but I also think they want us to clean up our act so their habitat sticks around awhile, and I also think they want us to pretty much make sure eagle hunting and poaching can’t happen.
On the street in front of the drab, ugly yellow city hall and the monuments was an American flag looking pretty shabby. No wind, it was pretty much pooped out. That’s America! The next flag was all twisted up, looking all messed up! That, too, is America! Even my liberal friends get all pissed off when I tell them I don’t like the American flag at all. I call it ‘that Betsy Ross product’ and fly it upside down on Facebook, and that really pisses people off. I can’t stand that the red stripes glorify blood and I believe nationalism is the worst ‘ism’ of all and that nationalism has caused more wars and death than Nazism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism and Maoism combined. And I think American nationalism is more deadly than any other form and has resulted in the most absurd and costly killing machine in living history, the American Department of Defense, which is the most powerful independent institution ever contrived. It has more power than all the three supposed branches of government which try and rule over it. We’ve lost control over American nationalism and need to regain that control. We need to stop glorifying the bloodlust of organized gangs of thugs called Armies, Navies, Air Forces, Marines, etc. We really SHOULD stop building monuments to war dead and service people.

A parade?
A PARADE????!!!! 
To comemmorate war DEAD???!!!
Are you NUTS??!!!
That's the United States of America
Imagining that bullying the world is somehow
It just makes for dead folks.
misery and suffering.
Peace Pleeeeeeze......

I looked up at the ugly city hall and saw a sign of what folks are fighting for. The right wing Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Rascals later this year in Wallyworld, come join the Rascals and celebrate your rights? Huh?
Then I looked up and saw that Wallyworld was having its annual parade this month for Memorial Day. How sick is that? A day set aside to commemorate those slaughtered via organized violence in war, should NOT be ‘celebrated’ with parades, marching bands and what-not. Silence, reflection, candle-light vigils, religious services would be far more appropriate. I’m going to have my own personal boycott of Wallyworld’s Memorial Day parade.  And how obscene is it that Memorial Day has become a three day weekend and a reason for barbecues instead of that calm and sedate reflection. I’m sorry Wallyworld, but you are a sick puppy.

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