Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi everybody, it's me again! Lisa!
If I was at the town hall debate tonite this is what I'd ask that mean ol' one term Governor Romney. I'd ask him this:

Candy Crowley: Ok, we have a question from Lisa.

Me:  MISTER Mittens, you put your doggie on top of your car and drove all the way to Canada with your kids watching inside the car and your wife did nothing either. When your doggie had diarrhea he was so scared, you just pulled over and wiped the poop off the car and kept driving! You wanna stop women from being able to have contraceptives because you'll pass a law making any combination of sperm and egg an official human being! You wanna stop women from having safe abortions and forcing them to do it illegally even though you say you want small government!

You say you would increase our weapons in the military even more than the military wants, and say mean things about Iran, and everybody knows you will probably do what your party people did in Dubya's term which is to launch an illegal and unnecessary war! Except this time it'll be against a country with a real army, navy and air force with missiles! You think that our troops and their families haven't been through enough yet!

You say when you're not in public that 47 PERCENT of all Americans are lazy bums and that you don't care about us! You're part of the 1% of the richest people, and you have hidden money in the Cayman Islands and all over! You "like firing people" you said, and did it and continue to do it with your con-job Bain Capital company!

You won't release your tax returns, and I think you're hiding criminal tax fraud and worse, otherwise you'd be proud of 'em and wanna release them.

18 out of 23 of your foreign policy advisers are the same ones as DICK Cheney and Dubya had that led us into one unnecessary war and stalemated two third world countries for 7 years and COULDN'T EVEN GET OSAMA BIN LADEN! Your economic people are all the same people who brought us the "GREAT RECESSION," the Wall Street scandal and Bernie Madoff, the foreclosures on peoples' houses, 30 straight months of people losing their jobs, and the near death of our auto industry which President Barack saved.

Speaking of President Barack, he ended the "GREAT RECESSION," passed the Frank-Dodd bill preventing the banks from being mean anymore, foreclosures are way down, we've had nothing but job increases month after month thanks to him and under Barack no Bernie Madoff will happen again! And, by the way, MISTER MITTENS, Barack GOT OSAMA BIN LADEN AND MUAMAR QADAFI WITHOUT ANY AMERICAN SOLDIER DYING! Barack never worked to make money by throwing people out of work! Barack also loves everybody including poor people! And instead of starting wars, President Barack is ENDING 'EM!

So, MISTER MITTENS, my question is why don't you just climb under a rock or go to the Cayman Islands with all your money and leave America alone???!!!!

Mitt Romney: Security! Security! Come arrest this girl! Hey, where IS the Secret Service??? Candy? Why is this happening to me???


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