Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Trayvon Martin

Black and White
"The child is black,
the child is white,
the whole world
looks upon
the beautiful sight."
Here performed by Three Dog Night,
originally written in 1954 in response to
the US Supreme Court
Brown v. Board of Education

So George Zimmerman, after having the benefit of a delay of 6 weeks following his admitted handgun killing of unarmed seventeen year old Trayvon Martin last February before being arrested and only following Trayvon’s family’s public pleas, state and national uproar and even comments from the President saying that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon, seeks a delay in his trial after absurdly being free on $1 million bail for nearly a year. THAT bail was allowed by the Florida courts after his $150,000 bail was upped when it came to light that he had hidden a successful fundraising campaign which had by then netted him an additional $150,000 in personal cash which he kept secret from authorities along with a secret SECOND passport. He was clearly not only a flight risk, but had and continues to have contingency plans to escape.

The genuine articles:
In Trayvon Martin's possession when he was
undeniably gunned down
by George Zimmerman.
The bag os Skittles and can of Arizona Iced Tea
he had bought at the store.

No wonder he wants more time before going to trial, the guy killed a kid in possession of no more than a bag of candy and a can of iced tea. His defense that this relatively small young kid with his bare hands was a threat justifying deadly force with a handgun after tape recordings of a 911 operator ordering Zimmerman to stand down that Zimmerman ignored is absurd, even in this fanatically right wing state with its fanatical right wing laws like it’s fanatical ‘stand your ground’ law. The injuries suffered  by Zimmerman, if they WERE due to an altercation at all (and nobody’s seen THAT evidence yet) are so minor that killing his high school victim was tantamount to using nuclear ICBMs against Jamaica should it post a higher tariff than the USA would like.
The full extent of Zimmerman's injuries
in a scuffle that nobody else witnessed.
Zimmerman was not only a big full-grown dude,
he was a professional bouncer/security guard.
In hand-to-hand, he could have made
mincemeat out of poor Trayvon.

It has come to light that Zimmerman’s ‘defense’ is going to amount to an attack on the character of the deceased kid who was talking to his high school sweetheart when Zimmerman clearly profiled him as a ‘danger’ simply because of his skin coloration, his age and his wardrobe. When I was Trayvon Martin’s age, I was a regular marijuana smoker and had dabbled in attempts at growing the weed and photos from the teen’s cell phone show such evidence. There are also photos of a gun and magazine in the cell phone, and in this country today, unfortunately too many people including teens are in possession of these, but on the night of Zimmerman’s slaughter of this kid he was NOT in possession of this weapon and had never been charged with anything pertaining to gun violence or drug charges.
Zimmerman’s background is different. In July 2005 George Zimmerman was charged with shoving a police officer after an out of control drinking raid.
Zimmerman has a history of documented rage,
including a court-ordered restraining order
imposed by the court on behalf of his battered fiance,
and an arrest for shoving a cop.
Jekyll and Hyde is what his co-workers call him.

That same summer of 2005 Zimmerman’s fiancĂ© had to get a restraining order against him because he had allegedly hit her. Zimmerman worked that year as a bouncer at illegal parties and had to be let go from that position due to his rage problem. A co-worker described him as a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality type to the NY Daily News. And as too his defenses that he is not racist in nature, his own MySpace account name denounces that myth: DatNiggyTB.

Trayvon with his brother before his killing by George Zimmerman.

The “Stand your ground” law is absurd and potentially extremely dangerous in this gun-crazy society, but when mixed with racism and Florida’s successful attempt to steal the Presidential election of 2000 when Jeb Bush was governor; and their attempts last year to steal the election again when Governor Rick Scott compelled the poor and black to wait in such long lines that he hoped it would deter them from voting (it didn’t, and Barack Obama won Florida and won the nation by such a large margin that the FL results wouldn’t have mattered); and when Zimmerman’s defense doesn’t even stand the test of the “Stand your ground”—[exactly whose ground was Zimmerman standing anyway???]—doesn’t hold water; anything but a first degree murder verdict will and should shake the very foundations of the state and of the nation. “Justice” is already a joke in this nation, but let’s not make it open season based on race once again and set the clock back to 1859 please. Peace…

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