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Melanie Safka Singing About Her Decision Regarding Why "I Don't Eat Animals"

      Obviously healthy Vegan and Well-known Vegan Advocate Eriyah Flynn-An Unabashed Advisor

I have been very fortunate in being successful in recruiting a contingent of advisers for my Vegan transition.  My main Vegan source of information and inspiration is Eriyah Flynn, an extraordinary Vegan herself, a well-known Vegan advocate, and educator.  She's a Business Administration undergrad, and beautiful in the extreme.  She is obviously in the peak of health, looking much younger than her chronological years and living proof that animal-based nutrition is NOT necessary at all under most circumstances to human survival.  She has been accessible online and we are exchanging numbers to text and develop contacts at a closer level, and I am excited by this development.  Today I awarded Eriyah my Facebook "Friend of the Day" honors, which is an understatement, indeed.  She inspires and educates many, many people.

Eriyah Getting The Job Done For Critters Like Me, Augie, Meow, MomCat and Bluebelle

Photos of Eriyah in action educating people about the Vegan cause, "For the animals, people and planet, wielding a microphone are just powerful!  Her evident moral and ethical values, her solid emotional foundation and her physical well-being ARE exactly among those things I most seek to improve in me.  If I want what she has, I must do what she does!

Eriyah Often Wears This Trademark T-shirt For The Cause, Which I Will Order Soon!

Young people sporting the trademark T-shirt for the cause are available at

Another Impressive Looking And Generally Impressive Nutrition/Exercise Advisor, Dr. Ashley Mayer

Doctor Mayer is an Arizona NMD, a naturopathic sort of Doctor of Medicine who has been approachable, and who has set up the most fun diet and nutrition blog online, She is approachable, has volunteered education materials and expressed her willingness to communicate with me directly on my own case specifically given my unique medical situation at present.  Briefly, that situation may be summarized as follows. 

I've been easily fatigued, suffered aches and pains of a muscular sort, and back pain extensively this year. I see a chiropractor, Dr. Dawn Tobin of the Tobin Chiropractic Center[] three times per week.  I had a diagnosis of pneumonia with a blood pressure of 200/100 in May with a temp of 102. I now take two blood pressure pills.  Fatigue and shortness of breath and other symptoms persisted over the summer, and by July I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease.  In early August I received Iodine Radiation for the thyroid, but the effects of the radiation won't be complete until February when I will see my Endocrinologist Surani Fernando, MD of Endocrine Associates in New Haven again. In October I began to notice constipation, dark stool, some bleeding, and rapid weight loss--approximately 25 pounds in a 5 week period, from 180 or so to 155. 

I have an endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled with Milford, CT, Hospital December 27th.  I am taking fiber laxatives in the mean time, and have a bland diet and have to take a gallon or so of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Chloride for Oral Solution the 26th and the 27th.  Yummy.  Better 'n Gramma's fruitcake, probably though. Meanwhile I've just been trying to pack in the carbs and calories however I can and it seems to be working.  Dr. Edward Rippell, my Primary Care MD made the referral to the Gastroenterologist MD, and chest x-rays and bloodwork ruled out other causes for continuing symptomology.  I am also under the care of a psychiatric MD at present who has prescribed a single 'mood stabilizer' given the medical stresses and other unrelated personal stresses I'm undergoing at present. I also see a chiropractor, Dr. Dawn Tobin of the awesome Tobin Chiropractic Center,, three times each week along with her awesome assistant Anna Gagliardi.


The Beautiful Doctor Has Set Up A Blog Of Her Own Recently Called "Ask Doctor Ashley"

I am currently just eating oodles of carbs and calories to stem potential weight loss and it's working.  I won't really go vegetarian until after my next Endocrine appointment in February, most likely, but will seek advice from all involved obviously. 

                                    A Random Woman Wearing Her Foo-Foo Pup In A Fanny Pack

I have oodles of leather and suede jackets, all but one of which I recycled by purchasing used at Goodwills or Salvation Army stores. I want to keep wearing them becuz some animals gave their all for those coats, I like the styles and want to use it as a chance to educate others about recycling items and helping causes as well as educating my impoverished friends about how to dress for success on the cheap. I have suede and leather shoes I haven't yet decided whether to wear them until their used up or to just abandon them.

A Cute Puppy/How Dare You BP: Donate Today To

A Doctored-Up Computer Pic Of A Dog Made With Human Facial Features

Bluebelle The Wonder Cat--Not Edible At All As Far As I'm Concerned, I Love Bluebelle
Way Too Much To Eat Her Or Her Friends--Cooked Or Not

Doctor Ashley Again, Doesn't She Look Nice

So there you have it, my cabinet for MomCat's Vegan Project at present and the complete status update.  Not bad, huh?

Yes, This, Too, Is The Good Doctor Ashley And If I Want What Others Have,
Why Wouldn't I Try Being Humble Enough To Do What They Do?
Ashley Isn't A Vegan, Nor Planning To Go That Route,
But She Believes Your Goals And Needs Should Determine
Your Diet And Exercise Regime.

Alfred Joseph Alexander and Wilda Ruth Cudd Alexander apparently raised no fool.  If a weakened 54 year old guy is to have a writing project and seek to work for no one but himself and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, if he chooses a theme for a series of articles involving going Vegan which includes advisers who look like Dr. Ashley, Eriyah, Dr. Dawn Tobin, Chiropractic Assistant Anna Gagliardi, and Terri Sue Bukowski--then I do believe that Dad has been done proud in particular and that brother Joseph Gene is LOL'ing a bit today as well.
Peace on Earth
Good Will Toward Humanity
(please remember that both are inside jobs first,
you can't do for others whatchya can't do
for yourself first--right Steve?)
and Happy Christmas, Merry New Year
Delightful Solstice and all that
good stuff.
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