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Wallingford Walmart: Health Director Responds, Forbes Mag Now Unabashed!!!

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Rob Walton
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And now, if you would please maestro:

This is the latest installment in our series on sanitary conditions at Wallingford Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart, as well as corporate greed in general. Elsewhere at are articles relevant to this particular discount retail outlet where photos and reports of grossly and routinely unsanitary conditions in the Men’s rooms and the bottle redemption area have been reported upon as well as documented with photos and reported to the Wallingford Health Department, located at City Hall on Main Street in downtown Wallingford.

One of those articles was recently linked to Forbes list of the 100 richest billionaires in the world, their S. Robson Walton biography. That link is

S. Robson Walton.
Happy Unabashed Saturday Rob!

S. Robson Walton is currently (March 2011) worth $21 billion and the 22nd wealthiest individual worldwide according to Forbes’ list. His father, Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton died on April 5th, 1992 and before funeral arrangements were complete, “Rob” Walton moved in as CEO and board Chairman of Wal-Mart on April 7th, 1992, just two days following his far more moral father’s death. Rob’s brother, James Carr Walton resides solidly at number 20 on that same Forbes list with a net worth of $21.3 billion, interesting given that James is on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors, but not in the capacity that his brother is, who remains Chairman of that Board more than 17 years following his takeover immediately after his Dad’s demise.

Wal-Mart Board Member and Rob Walton's brother is
Jim Walton.
Not even CEO, but wealthier than his CEO and Chairman brother Rob.
How exactly does that work, Jim? :-)

The unsanitary conditions were also documented in two articles elswhere here on

Palm Sunday as celebrated at Wal-Mart!
Makesya wanna celebrate doesn't it!

Two day after Palm Sunday. Yes, it's fecal matter.
The next day the toilet was overflowing with feces and more.

When we visited the Wallingford City Hall following a second day in a row of filth observed at the Wal-Mart facility (we went again a third day that week to see the bottle and can bins full and unsanitary again, and a toilet overflowed and disgusting in the extreme) on April 17, a sanitarian was to be dispatched and a follow-up report given. No such follow-up report was given, and the sanitarian sent to investigate reported in a personal visit that when she visited she found nothing objectionable. Having a past career with ServiceMaster as a housecleaner and as a janitor for Premier Maintenance Services I discussed with the Sanitarian (Wallingford has been ruled by Republican Mayor William Dickinson for more than 16 years despite a 7200 to 5000 edge in Democratic voter registrants over Republicans who has run the municipal departments with an iron fist) the nature of filth in facilities. She said that she observed no problems.

I pointed out to her that if, for example there just happened to be no overflow in the toilets, the trash cans or fecal matter strewn about at the time of her inspection, accumulated crud in corners and along the base of fixtures was evident to me. She took great offense and became argumentative and abusive, in fact. Among the other things she said was the clear report that she “likes” Wal-Mart store manager Doug Yeakey, has had other “dealings” with him and finds him affable and a “friend.” When I returned to Wal-Mart later that week, the accumulated crud of which I had spoken was still there. As well as the overflowing toilet riddled with fecal matter, the trash can overflowing again and the floor again littered with filthy papers replete with all forms of bodily wastes. Store staffing cutbacks have caused the sanitary health hazard to the community that is Wallingford Wal-Mart at present, despite denials from Mr. Yeakey. Doug Yeakey's own former managers and managers as well as staffers, who must speak off the record for obvious reasons, confirm these facts.

I returned to the Wallingford Health Department that same week, April 23rd and filed yet another complaint regarding the front and back men’s rooms as well as the bottle/can redemption area, this time requesting that a different Sanitarian, one without the “friendship” with Store Manager Yeakey doing the inspections, and filed photos, articles, dates, times and names of managers with whom complaints were filed and was assured that the Health Department Director would call me back either by the end of the business day or the next. That return call did not occur.

I'll admit, this gal's kinda cute, but greed most definitely is NOT as cute as she is
Rob and Jim!
Not at ALL!

Yesterday I visited Wallingford City Hall yet again and stopped by the Health Department. I once again introduced myself to a woman at the desk, and a different woman came out of her office and started to ask me questions and defend their Wal-Mart inspections. I interrupted her to say: “Hi, my name is Steve. And yours is?” She informed me of her name and continued with her diatribe. I interrupted once again to ask, “And your title is?” And she said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m the Director.” I said, “You might want to be sorry. That was rather rude, I had no knowledge of who you are and I want to inform you that at this point I am not happy with your office, this City Administration or the culture in this City Hall. Nice weather today, huh? I’m here to buy a fishing license actually and just following up. I accept your apology.”

Be good Wallingford Municipal officials.
Greed could be your downfall!

She informed me that, despite having been informed at my last visit to the Health Department, that other Sanitarians were on staff and available, that no others were presently on staff and available. One is on FMLA, and the other retired. I pressed her as to when she had received the retirement information, but she would only say that the retirement ‘took effect’ last week, and wouldn’t say when she knew—pertinent since her staff was unaware that no other Sanitarians were available when I was promised that another was available to inspect. I discussed with her the importance of having at least two Sanitarians available since conflicts of interest such as in this case, wherein her Sanitarian is friendly with the individual being inspected (Wal-Mart Manager Yeakey) are always likely to occur and having a second reduces the chances that a taxpayer will have unfair treatment as this Examiner has had in this case. She assured me that she was doing her utmost to fill one position a.s.a.p. Early in our discussion I spoke of accumulated chronic crud and filth and evidence of it, vs. acute situations as I’ve documented and filed with her office.

I told her of my own ServiceMaster experience and pointed out the corners of her carpet, which were spotless and without dirt nor fuzz, and said to her that she could plainly see by such types of observations whether maintenance was happening on a routine basis. I assured her this was not the case at Wallingford Wal-Mart and that I suspected her home bathroom was much more sanitary as was mine, and that this evidence of basic sanitary maintenance is what her Sanitarian with the admitted conflict of interest had failed to document. The Director at the beginning of our discussion failed to pick up on our requests that, especially since she has no other inspectors at present, that she, herself, go and visit Wal-Mart to inspect the facility. By the end of the conversation she had committed to doing so, doing so unannounced and reporting back to us next week. We will hold her to this. Be assured.

Let's consider Peace and Love,
Love of the Unconditional variety
as the criterion for all our decisions.
Hear that Steve?
Hear that Robson?
Hear that James?
Hear that Wal-Mart?
Hear that BP?
Hear that Exxon, TD, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch....?
Especially you, Steve?
Unconditional Love.
Not selfish greed.
Way to go!
Get back on track guys, especially me.
In Jesus' precious name I pray.

She also apologized for her failure to call back as her staff had promised, saying “I’m sorry you fell between the cracks.” Unfortunately under Mayor William Dickinson’s reign the “cracks” are more like the Grand Canyon and the victims are all of the residents of Wallingford who get tossed into those cracks if we seek redress of our grievances and the exercise of our rights. Too many of his Administrative staff, especially at the top levels are way beyond entitled and are not only unresponsive to the needs of the community, there are serious questions regarding their relationships with the firms they are supposed to regulate and with the companies from which they are accepting uncompetitive bids.

Still doing awesome work following the BP Oil Spill of catastrophic proportions is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Louisiana, so get out those credit/debit cards and donate today to:

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