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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Bette Midler Sings About A Hero Who Flies Higher Than An Eagle
To Be Honest?
This Morning Ray Gallant Is NOT 'My Hero' NOR Is He
'Everything I Would Like To Be!'
In Fact, Quite The Opposite.

Not-So-Gallant Ray Gallant From who chooses to assassinate the character
of others on other peoples' Facebook walls, turn down friend requests so that a more
civil and maybe even a friendly dialogue might happen on his own or his debate
partner's wall instead. He also sends mean and vicious "Private" messages
and then gets mad, in this case, because I posted another person's "Private" messages which
were neither mean nor vicious, just posted to make a point about a separate issue.
He continues to ignore my Facebook friend request. He called me arrogant and worse
electronically. On his own profile, his hometown, state and contact info such
as email are not too surprisingly NOT available. Mine is. :)
Be my friend Ray. I just checked, and he's blocked yours truly,
Unabashed Left.

On a Facebook friend's wall, not Mr. Gallant's nor my own, Ray Gallant called me arrogant and worse in an irrelevant tyrade and then proceeded with these attempts at intimidating and bullying "Private" messages in a manner most cowardly and very sad in the extreme. He claims to be a liberal. Our "Private" messages as they happened in their entirety, unabridged:

Ray Gallant 10:03am: Bring It Left ~

Unabashed Left July 24 at 10:05am: Not till you accept my friend request. .
Unabashed Left July 24 at 10:08am: You neither know me, know the situation here, and I suspect would NOT assassinate my character in person, only electronically. Such behavior in person would result in frequent arrests, bodily injury and what-not. One thing's for certain. Calling a stranger arrogant when you don't even know their name, is not Gallantry at all, mere cowardice my friend. So I await your positive response to my friend request prior to continuing our discussion of exactly what 'arrogance' is and I'd like to add 'cowardice' to the agenda, if I might be so bold. :) Happy day, sir..

Nice Bike, Huh? Only Pics of Ray are with his hog! Lol.
Ray Gallant July 24 at 10:13am: Thar Is some more arrogance ~ I saw what U R trying to do to Christine on your Page ~ That Is NOt Christian at All ~ Do U have a attention seeking dis-order ~ We ALL have the Right to Delete or un-friend or Block anyone 4 any reason we have on FB ~ from all I see she said she was concerned about either family or friends reading the postings ~ So what we IMHO mostly have all done that 4 whatever reasons ~ We have Rights or have U 4gotten that !!
Yes, not-so-gallant Ray Gallant attempts to pretend that he's a liberal.
And yet has this type of behavior online and in his own personal interactions.
Arlo Guthrie said of peace [not really a direct quote I'm taking liberties here, lol]:
 "Ifya can't do it fer yerself first, then ya can't get it fer
communities, counties, countries, continents, planets and worlds either."
Arlo's pal and musical partner Pete Seeger said, saying he learned this from Arlo's old man
Woody Guthrie:
"Plagiarism is a tradition in folk music. He stole it from him. I stole it from him.
We steal from everybody."
So Arlo:
Sorry if I didn't get your quote dead on dude! :)

Here's Woody Guthrie doing his kinda angry but beautiful answer to "God Bless America"
the most non-nationalistic patriotic song I ever heard:
This Land Is Your Land!
How 'bout this one for National Anthem instead of the one we have now that pumps up
"Bombs burstin' in air!"
American Militarism outa control!
We need people like Woody and Arlo
and I'm trying for an interview with Arlo! :)

Ray Gallant continued his verbal assault at 10:13am July 24th thusly: Thar U go with the Bully Tude !!! Only a Bully would not see the concern one has 4 a good friend that Is obviously being attacked by U Mr Not so good Guy ~ Showing private conversations on your Page ~ Not honorable and disgusting at best ~ So I really don`t see how we could ever be Friends ~ But thar Is A Great Song I Like ~ SOME PEOPLE CHANGE ~ As U have demonstrated with your open posting of a private conversation U have No Honor !!! Do it to me and I`ll have U reported repeatedly by many many Friends !!!

Unabashed Left July 24 at 10:43am: U fool. There are no copyrights and NO such thing as 'private' messages. Congrats. Yours now will be published on 6 continents this last one's so funny. Congratulations. You, gallant Ray Gallant, are now a published author. Lol dude! Thanks, this one'll surely get hits galore. Peace man and have a nice Sunday! Wow! ♥

After receiving this notice at 10:43 that his attempts at intimidation, character attacks, and comments such as 'Bully Tude' and questions such as "Do U have a attention seeking dis-order?" Mr. Gallant blocked my Unabashed Left friend page on Facebook as all trolls do once I inform them of the pending publication, verbatim, of their own comments as well as my own. This is the complete text of our "private" messages this morning, following his decision to call me arrogant on another's wall, and that wall owner has since deleted those comments and, are unfortunately unavailable at present. :(

Read all about the Lennon Peace Prize in memory of John Winston Ono Lennon here:

1 comment:

Steve Alexander aka Unabashed Left said...

BTW my Unabashed friends... Chuck said "I saw what U R trying to do to Christine on your page." Firstly: Isn't that a fascinating admixture of past and present tense in one 'sentence' if I may be so 'arrogant' as to call him on verb tenses, sentence structure, literacy and vocabulary. Secondly, since the issue at hand was my pending friend request with him and was the whole point of these messages and my objection to his abuses of me on "Christine's" wall earlier rather than mine or his, and since his attacks were only Facebook possible on the post at Christine's, one might 'arrogantly' think that Mr. Reed has great difficulty keeping track of his senses and that quite possibly at an early hour on a summer Sunday that, as Bette Midler sings so passionately, Chuck Reed was, in fact, "Higher Than An Eagle!" Congrats once again Mr. Liberal, and go easy on the libation. It's hot in most of the country still. <3 :)