Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No More Tears: Advocates For Missing Children and Rock to Cure Cancer/Joey Ramone Tribute

No More Tears: Advocates For Missing Children and Rock to Cure Cancer/Joey Ramone Tribute
Eric Clapton's Tears In Heaven a song he wrote for his little boy who died a tragic death.
If we dedicate a bit of effort
we can prevent the kind of sorrow you hear in Dad Eric's words, voice and guitar
by other Dads, Moms, Brothers, Sisters and Friends.
When kids go missing it's a nightmare for all involved!
Never had kids.
Can't imagine Eric's pain.
Eric's son has no more tears.
He's in Heaven.
Eric still has tears.
He must be strong.
And carry on.
Because he knows
He doesn't belong
Here in Heaven,
not yet.

Hailey has been missing for over 6 months now.
She's cute, huh?
Let's get her back.
Keep your eyes peeled.
If you think you have any information about a missing kid, you do.
Don't hesitate to call. Even if the lead seems stretched.
It might save her life or another kid's.
And prevent a Dad like Eric Clapton from having all those tears.

Shelby just went missing a week ago from Texas. Again call if you think you have ANY clue whatever.
Looks like a fun kid to me!
A friend is a relative and asked me to help in any way I could. So here we are.

My dear friend, 16 year old (17th coming up soon) Isabella Stone has created a new Facebook Page and a new website.!/pages/Advocates-For-Missing-Children/218952258146008. Her newest website is also dedicated to missing kids and is: Just click and you're there.

The mission statement she's outlined reads as follows:
To get the name and faces of missing children on the media and to bring them home to their loving families! Simple and direct. Nothing to complicate or confuse the matter. To reprioritize the media from showing endless loops of Casey Anthony dance tapes to focusing attention on kids and families in need of and desiring help! Thanks for pointing that out to me Bella!
A very peaceful scene selected to head the new missing kids website
so unlike the lack of peace suffered by families that just don't know where their loved one is!

I am so grateful to have a young woman of Bella's moral character and funloving personality in my life. I'm blessed with several young women, men and children in my life. If any of them went missing, I would be frantic. Never a parent, I can't imagine the horror of a missing child. I lost my best friend, my brother at a relatively young adult age to death and it was the worst time of my life. The WORST! But not even knowing? OMG! Please visit these pages, pay attention to Amber alerts, memorize the faces and CALL if you have the slightest clue. Call the authorities. Don't hesitate, please!

Another friend whom I've come to admire and respect has given herself the pseudonym Kimmi Ramone and is helping to raise money for Cancer awareness and for a cure with Rock to Cure Cancer, an annual tribute concert and fundraiser in memory of cancer victim Joey Ramone, front man for the Rockers "The Ramones" who died of cancer all too young in 2001.
It will be a great event, great music on a wholesale basis at fundraiser prices on Long Island
Friday Night July 22nd, 2011 with doors opening at 8pm and music till the not so wee hours!
Should be a blast, I plan on making the show! And looking forward to it indeed!
The Facebook link for this one is:

And the website is:


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Steve Alexander said...

My love and thanks to Kimmi Ramone and Isabella Stone. Two role models and paragons of care. Luvya both. Missya my brother Joe (Alexander), and Joey (Ramone). <3