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Unabashed Medical Update: Surgery, Tumors - Thank God for FDR! (My medical situation on Oct 21, 2011)

Unabashed Leftist Fanatic Steve Alexander, photographed by my local daily newspaper,
The Meriden Record-Journal
as I was interviewed about my pending Obamaque over the summer
to celebrate the President's 50th birthday. I remember being in almost
as just as good shape as our awesome incumbent when I was 50.
Just 4 years ago.
I hope to lift weights, run, swim laps and hike again soon.
But I'll never be able to make a jump shot like Barack.
No way, no how.
McCartney gets 50% credit contractually, but as usual John Winston Ono Lennon
was ahead of the pop music curve when he wrote this tune lampooning psychiatry:
Doctor Robert


by Unabashed Left on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 5:12pm.MY LATEST MEDICAL UPDATE

Those who have been along for my ride for a while know that I’ve had repeated medical concerns for a few years now, which ultimately placed me on Social Security Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Housing and Food Stamps, for all of which I am eternally grateful and working my butt off to return to independence with considerable success (I am a full time Grad Student now at Hartford Seminary, working there and working for myself as a writer/journalist—with all my friends’ support of my Unabashed project). I had radiation last year for an endocrine illness, had pneumonia, with underlying 200/100 BP, and a 102 temp. I’ve had symptoms galore, and recently pain in an extreme manner.

I’m pleased to report that Dr. Surani Fernando of Endocrine Associates oversaw the successful radiation treatment which has concluded. I’ve been to other specialists and have had some relatively minor treatments, successful for the most part, for smaller issues.
I wound up adoring my chiropractor and her practice, and it works for oodles of folks,
but not on the case of my particular spinal malfeasance. :(

Late last month I started having an exacerbation of a 15 year chronic problem with spine pain, and more recently y spasmodic attacks which were threatening to compromise my ability to perform my work and class assignments. The folks at the Seminary, including my new boss, Director of Administration Rose Lezak, my professors and my new friends there have been extraordinary in their concern and support for me through this recent difficulty.

I went to a physiatrist who ordered x-rays and a spine MRI. The Radiology detected stenosis, nerve damage, soft tissue damage and a bone spur on my lower spine. But the headline of this spinal MRI was a peripheral view of my left kidney, and the radiologist and the physiatrist as well as my new primary care were concerned to find a multitude of tumors on that kidney, including one considerably larger and potentially threatening one. I have a history of 50% loss of functioning in my kidneys bilaterally (50% loss in both the left and in the right). I have a nephrology (kidney) appointment scheduled and a CAT scan will be the most likely first step, followed by a biopsy if called for.

I wouldn't wish my spine as it is currently constituted upon anyone.
Well, let me get honest.
Anyone who doesn't belong to a political party that begins with a
ends with an
and has an
in the middle.
The late Robert Palmer loved his doctor. To tellya the truth I'm kinda tired of 'em.
He sings:
Doctor Doctor
Meanwhile, I visited a spine surgeon at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford yesterday, and I will be having surgery during the holiday break in December on my spine to fuse my 4th and 5th vertebrae. I will likely be hospitalized for a night or two, and the likelihood is that I should be fit to return to school and work in January without missing a class. A friend is actually undergoing similar surgery tomorrow with the very same surgeon, so I will find out how she does, but she’s spoken glowingly of this surgeon, and my research and experience yesterday bears this out.
I admit to concern about my kidney situation, but am reserving any serious concern until a diagnosis and/or course of treatment is established. My concern is that with 50% loss of functioning in the right kidney already in place, any further loss in the left could cause a need for dialysis (which is usually only necessary in cases where the kidneys’ total functioning loss is at 80% or so).

I am most grateful that friends here in CT have already stepped up to offer support when I may need it, and for the GOVERNMENT MEDICAL INSURANCE (NOT OPTION, GOVERNMENT MEDICINE) which is the only reason I’m able to begin the end of my disability at all, and get my medical needs met. And I am grateful to my God for giving me the opportunity to generate income and support by studying Him, advancing what I perceive to be important principles he espoused, and for His sacrifice on the Cross. Just my humble feelings, I appreciate, admire, respect, and love those of other faiths, of my agnostic friends and my atheist gallery of amigos/as. Prayers, {{{hugs}}},

No worries, nobody's got it better 'n me. Some points to ponder. I couldn't work full time and take care of myself without taking advantage of the Social Security that was set up under Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt when I was declared 100% disabled by my own physicians and by the government medical people as well in January 2007. 6 months later I was eligible for Medicare, also sponsored by a Democratic President. I tried working part time, but wound up sicker and had to leave that position. So now I was without any income except my SS Disability and officially in poverty according to federal and state guidelines. So I now qualified for Food Stamps and Medicaid also signed into law by Democratic Presidents. Recognizing that my disability would be very long term, and having a change in marital status, my poverty status now qualified me for the public housing for the elderly and disabled in my home town, subsidized by grants written into law by a Democratic President, and basic essential improvements required for keeping the buildings open (removal of asbestos, etc) with TARP money paid to local contractors and Housing employees, signed into law by Barack Obama. 

I started my writing project last year when I realized that it made me feel better, and then realized I could make some money at it. sitting down. I made some major changes in my life plans to accommodate my handicaps, and applied to Hartford Seminary where financial aid, signed into law by both Democrat and Republican Presidents has enabled me to attend and to begin working there under a work study program signed into law by a Democratic President. I have 100% GOVERNMENT INSURANCE, AND NEARLY 100% COVERAGE FOR ALL MY MEDICAL NEEDS AT PRESENT, NOT GOVERNMENT OPTION NOR PRIVATE SECTOR WALL STREET MEDICAL INSURANCE. With the help of a social safety net we've built over time as a nation I WILL get better and WILL no longer require public assistance soon. Of that I am certain. The myth that those of us who require the help of these programs are lazy and just want to 'hang out' IS a myth, and I take exception to any right winger who suggests otherwise. I've spent most of my life in a career dedicated to working with disabled public beneficiaries who, much like everyone else, strive for the most part for maximum independence, freedom and individual as well as community accomplishments. I've been working my a$$ off since going on disability to accommodate my new disabilities in life so that I can pursue a different and even more exciting and productive line of work and lifestyle. And I appreciate my legions of liberal friends who work tirelessly daily in order to ensure that myself, and all of us have these opportunities. Shut up Tea Party. Be quiet Wall Street Greedsters. Pay YOUR fair share millionaires and billionaires. Guess what? We're setting up in eyeshot ofya. We're occupying your area until you realize that "There But For The Grace Of God, Go I!" 

So don't worry about me! I'm hooked up. I have my Medicare and Medicaid, and friends & friends who are family who are with me every step of the way. My love to all who have given help and support, who have offered to as this surgery approaches and the other pending medical matters, to God and to the elected officials who have the willingness to stand up to greed. Especially, thank YOU Mr. President Obama. Let's re-elect this dude, otherwise you WILL find yourself up the creek without a safety net sooner or later. ;o) ♥ Peace please....

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