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Jo Ann Brown's Real Business is Not Liberalism it's Making Money

Pink Floyd seems to be Jo Ann Brown's own personal financial adviser:
"Money! It's a gas.
Grab that cash with both hands
And make a stash!"
She's good at this!
This is the complete text of an absurd chat at 3pm initiated by Jo Ann Brown and myself:

Jo Ann Brown: Please provide the following information - State you live in, your Congressman's name, and District number.

Steve Alexander: And how are you? Lol. CT, Rosa DeLauro, 3rd.Who are you? CongressWOMAN, incidentally...

Jo Ann Brown: Trying to get my fb friends together by dist..

Steve Alexander: Jo Ann, we're on the same page politically, but I don't know you and barging in with a chat line as you just did is NOT the way to win friends and influence people. And it took you forever to reply and you still haven't answered MY question: And how are you? Lol Jo Ann, get some tact and skill, please - this is NOT helpful to our cause AT ALL.

Jo Ann Brown: Steve, I do apologize for not answering you faster. I'll be the first to admit that I need some help. People Power and trying to do 3 things at once is a bit much. Jo Ann Brown - ST Louis, MO - Lacy Clay - Dist 1.

Steve Alexander: Please post the apology on your wall below my comment, it will only help you. And then I can find it in my heart to accept it. Otherwise my inclination is more along the lines of simply deleting your account altogether. To be quite honest...
ONO! Jo Ann said GOOD BYE!
Jo Ann Brown: good bye.
Well, sigh....
I guess I could always read her books instead now.
But it just won't be the same. Aww. Poor Steve.
I don't have Jo Ann as my Facebook friend.
Steve Alexander: My advice is also not to do 3 things at once. You're hurting our cause. And your good bye is absurd. I will publish this whole thread if you continue with your lack of humility and your self-aggrandizing chat here. If you can apologize in private why not do so in public?

Jo Ann has not replied beyond her two words: "good bye" after admitting her error privately and apologizing privately and saying "I'LL BE THE FIRST TO SAY THAT I NEED SOME HELP!" I call upon you to be big enough to offer your private apology in public, to change your ways when you approach people about liberal Democratic politics and to do so with tact and even friendliness, or to abandon your efforts because they are COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TO THE CAUSE.
So I went ahead and posted the entire “Private” Facebook chat on Jo Ann Brown’s “Public” Facebook wall, and requested her public apology, suggesting to her that by so doing it would help her and the cause. She not only refused to do so she ignored my plea. Then I posted several articles( links to these articles are here: and for her of other so called “liberals” who have been widely read on the pages of Unabashed Left after abusing your intrepid commentator. Included among these were the following gems which also were based solely upon the direct text of comments made by abusive alleged ‘liberals.’ I prefer doing this to Tea Baggers, but what I find is that these ‘liberals’ are actually Tea Baggers in drag. I went to Jo Ann Brown’s profile and found the apparent reason for Jo Ann’s true interest in acquiring info on people, which is her finance business, called Money-Tutor, it turns out she is a financial adviser and the dividing line between recruiting for business and for politics is so blurred as to be non-existent. Turns out this liberal is a money-grubbing financial adviser using the Democratic Party to widen her customer base. Her efforts are so transparent as to be unreal. Her wall is clearly nothing these days but a mission to locate persons who are involved in party politics and to secure their locations, as such demographics would of course indicate a fairly educated population with considerable income, and generating names and locations would enable simple software to generate mailing lists, etc. which would enable her to solicit business unbeknownst to the Democratic or liberal activists she approaches for their identity, ‘congressman’ and district. What an obscene use of the Democratic and liberal principles. Friends of Jo Ann Brown beware and I recommend providing her with no information whatever!

Here is what the genuinely non-liberal Jo Ann Brown offers about herself in her own Facebook profile:

I don't know fer sure what Jo Ann Brown looks like but this image is the one I have in my head for
some unknown reason.
She sure is cute, but I wouldn't call this a poster child for liberalism. Lol ma'am!
Jo Ann Brown
Here's John Winston Ono Lennon along with George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Pete Best(no Richard Starkey, nay Ringo Starr yet) on drums in a rare version of their
studio demo of a different kind of 
"Money" than Pink Floyd sang about.
Jo Ann Brown is available. Worked at United States General Accounting Office (Auditor)Studied Business Administration at Lincoln U. MOLives in Saint Louis, MissouriSee Friendship You and Jo

Christine Mueller Leslie Chasse Marie Casey Michael Guinn Scott G LattaScott Nance Christina Zadorozny.208 Mutual Friends. Pink Floyd. The Rachel Maddow Show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Godfather. Create an Ad Sponsored

Employers United States General Accounting Office
And we finally arrive at the truth of the matter, Jo Ann Brown is no liberal looking for information
about people in order to advance liberalism at all. She's in the finance business, all about making
money and looking to expand her customer base! She loves her boss no doubt! :D
Auditor • Jan 1974 to Aug 1985. Self Employed (Business).

College Lincoln U. MO
Class of 1974 • Business Administration.

High School Hazelwood Central High
Class of 1971.

No Philosophy Jo Ann?
Not Liberal?
Not Conservative?
Not Democrat?
Not Republican?
Are you a Tea Bagger, Jo Ann Brown?
Are you???
Favorite Quotations "Yes We Can". Favorite Teams Official St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Cardinals.

Music Beyoncé Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, John Legend, Charlie Wilson.

Books The Audacity of Hope, Renegade, True Compass.

Movies ...And Justice for All, The Godfather. Television The Rachel Maddow Show Hardball with Chris Matthews CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. More.
Not too surprisingly, The Godfather is on Jo Ann Brown's list of must-see top 3 movies.
Perhaps it's because she shares Don Corleone's set of moral values?
Activities and Interests

Activities: Voter suppression St. Louis Rams. More.
I don't make this stuff up, folks.
Jo Ann Brown actually lists Voter Suppression as her #1 favorite activity. With the
St. Louis Rams a close second. OMG! Precious!

Basic Information

About Jo I'm an online activist. Networking is my thing. Like-minded individuals needed. Do you live in MO and want to help get the President re-elected? Do you want to help turn MO from Red to Blue? Friend me and let’s get started on our statewide politics. I believe that people will do more, it they know how. Always willing to share and post - petitions, protests/marches, and legislation. Faith without work is dead!

Contact Information

Phone 1 314.496.6625 Mobile

Screen Name moneytutor(AIM) Website

*Interestingly, if you'll note, Jo Ann chose not to list any Philosophy even though Philosophy was selected as an item for her profile. :D

I followed up by sending the following private messages after Jo Ann Brown unfriended me at 3:45pm. She also removed my links to several articles from Unabashed Left. : (

Unabashed Left: Caught out Jo Ann, I'll be publishing you later today. Congratulations, you will be read on all 6 populated continents, including this from your own money-making website, which I can see is actually what you're all about! OMG you are way too transparent, and I shall be doing a much more thorough investigation into your finances. Lol my former friend!

And I then quoted her own mission statement from her NOT SO LIBERAL website:
Objective I help people realize that personal finance means more than living within their means and knowing how to balance a checkbook.

Personal finance is not taught in the schools. Yet, people today are responsible for their retirement planning and are forced to make investment decisions that they have not been trained for. The two are like vinegar and oil - they don't mix.

I have 3 objectives:

1. To help people overcome their fear of finance and become better prepared to make the investment choices required in their company's 401(k) plan and retirement future.

I then concluded my private message with:
I'll be sure you get a copy of my article. And thanks for the material! VERY interesting marketing technique and means of acquiring a customer base. Hmmm. Funnier than heck! :D

By merely following links from her so-called political facebook page to her business/finance and publishing money-grubbing endeavors I found a bunch of books, seminars and articles for sale by Jo Ann Brown including this endorsement of a so-called non-materialistic liberal by a dude calling himself Keith Machisen:
Yaknow Keith Machisen, I don't like prejudging things, and I admit I ain't read very much of Jo Ann's product,
and really don't plan on it,
but I'd be willing to bet that the Mona Lisa this tome is NOT, dude.
Perhaps 'masterpiece' is a stretch. Didja make any cash yerself
for calling her book that, dude? Didja? Lol!
“Jo Ann Brown has made a masterpiece. Reading on a subject that everyone needs to know... How to make money!!!”


And I added one last message to invite her back to the fold:

Unabashed Left: BTW, I still accept apologies publicly 24/7 for those who behave badly in what they imagine to be 'private.' AND I'd be glad to accept your friend request back, I'm so sorry you chose to unfriend me. Foolish stuff!

To all my friends on Facebook: Beware of Jo Ann Brown and do NOT provide any personal information she requests, is my very strong suggestion! And to Jo Ann Brown; You are welcomed to come back to my friend list and I still invite your apology in public, I will NOT accept private apologies for misbehavior from anyone who imagines that abusing others online is acceptable for any reason, and be warned that if you choose to do so, you just might be published here and elsewhere! :D
Don Henley and his Eagles told us about Jo Ann Brown:
She kept comin' back for more, she
took it to the limit one more time,
so I put her on the highway.
She is now

Joanne apparently liked being published so much that more than a month later, she sent me this "Private" abusive message on Facebook:

Jo Ann Brown: You are an idiot. You've gone all out of your way to discredit me as a liberal democrat because you think I'm making money. That's funny! All of my work is volunteer based. I help people with the knowledge that I have. It's all free. People like you can't imagine people helping others. You can be a money making liberal Democrat. But, that's not what I do.

Steve Alexander: Goodbye. Blocked, reported AND deleted. Have a better and more moral life from here on out. :) All I've done is quote YOU and publish YOUR OWN comments (and mine) and self-descriptions and website information. I shall, of course add this final gem to the article and repost it today with today's date. Thanks for the added editorial comment, and for your concern for others. I strongly recommend NOT accosting people in this manner - with this very message, and with the chat 'request' you made for my confidential info. I do NOT trust you, I do NOT believe you, especially since each time you've approached me it’s been in a manner most rude and intimidating. The first time you approached me was blindsiding me with this via a FB chat: "Jo Ann Brown: Please provide the following information - State you live in, your Congressman's name, and District number." No hello's, how rya's or nuthins. The second time you approach me is with: “You are an idiot."

Why would I trust anything you say, or believe anything you write? You are anything BUT liberal or concerned for others. Each time you’ve approached this stranger you've been abusive, unapologetic and mean-spirited. YOU, m'dear qualify as a Tea Bagger, a John Bircher, a Republithief, or perhaps worse. But liberal? Nah. Congratulations. You're published once again. But now for the last time. Because you ARE: Blocked, reported, and deleted. I recommend 4 books: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. THEY document the life of a true liberal. And I recommend that you look at others a bit less when it comes to critiquing. Was it Socrates? "The self-examined life is NOT worth living." Seeya!

Lisa: Thanks Unk for that good advice. You always give good advice. Well... umm... well... almost always!
Unabashed Left: What do you mean "Almost always?"
Lisa: How 'bout a hug Unk?
And me and Uncle UL, we hugged, hugged, and hugged.
The end.
For now! <3    :D
And don't ferget everbody, instead of going to Jo Ann's silly website, let's re-elect President Obama and go to his website:

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