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Ever-Lovely Melanie Safka Sings For MomCat:
I Don't Eat Animals
Cuz they don't eat me.
Elsewhere on these unabashedleft.blogspot.com pages please see a series entitled
Momcat's Vegan Project
Momcat's project was and continues to be to guide ME (not herself, Momcat requires meat) towards a
Luv Momcat!
Survivor, Hero. Life-Saver, Partner-For-Life, Friend Extraordinaire, Formerly Feral
What follows is a Facebook posting I placed on the wall of a tongue-in-cheek fan club page for Pookie the Lion (from the old Soupy Sales TV show back in the 1960’s) created by my beloved friend from all the way back to a different millennium, as far back as 1971, in fact, if you are counting. Debbie Mut Erickson, Doctor of Divinity, now spends hours on end helping pets and wildlife who need rescuing or aid of whatever sort, from dogs and cats, to her latest project, rescuing bats. Yes, I said bats! That’s Dr. Mut (her maiden name and the one by which I knew her in High School, and what a great name for a person whose prime mission is to place and protect K9’s—OMG!). Deb has been an inspiration to me in so many ways in the past year and a half especially, that I can credit her and a handful of others with helping to motivate my writing projects, unabashedleft.blogspot.com , this Hartford Government Examiner project, and my current work and studies at Hartford Seminary.
Momcat's Partner-For-Life,
PAUSE (OR PAWS, IFYA PREFER) FOR THE CAUSE: I am grateful for all the people and furbabies in my life. A feral I’d fostered for 2 years, Momcat, went missing about 2 weeks ago. My brother Gary rescues ferals, has them fixed and releases them. But when he found Momcat and her partner for life, Meow, she had just had a litter of kittens in a back yard ornamental wishing well. I received a call on Sunday after being installed in my new church quite ceremoniously. :) Gary's girlfriend had spotted Momcat and had her eyes on her a few blocks from where she had gone missing in a wooded area. I packed a coupla cans of tuna and a can opener (Momcat loves the sound of cans opening and tuna) a bag of dry food, a coupla bowls, a package of her favorite treats (she also responds to the sound of treat bags rustling), and drove over. Gary was nervously waiting, and the two of us entered into the woods. He pointed out where she sat in a brushy area, camouflaged well. One eye was swollen shut, and she walked rather than ran. I rustled bags, appealed to her in my affectionate special Momcat voice, trying to lure her with her favorite line, "Hey Momcat. It's tunatime. You love tunatime. Huh? Momcat...." To no avail. She was scared. I rustled treat bags. She clearly thought about coming to her beloved Steve (only Gary and I are still allowed close to Momcat, her affections MUST be EARNED big-time; I’ll never forget the day she first honored me with allowing me to touch her--and she finally wound up getting to the point where she'd sleep on me, cuddle and just loved for me to scratch her neck, while she'd nibble my wrist gently, one nickname I have for her is nibbler-lol). I carried a heavy towel to try and capture her with if need be, she's clawed and spent all but the last 4 years of her life born in the wild and never was domesticated from birth, Meow as well (now an affectionate and friendly Tom--and both are the parents of my own product of that wishing well, the kitten I now call Bluebelle the Wonder Cat--who is now about 3 1/2 years old ) was born into the wild. Since luring Momcat in the woods only caused her to walk into a thicker portion of woods, we tried a different strategy. Gary walked behind her and she wound up going past a big tree trunk which abutted a fence. I rounded the tree and went considerably past it and walked towards her along the fence. I could see that she had the one eye swollen shut, but didn't limp, nor did she appear evidently injured in any other manner. She was just slow in her movements. I approached her in such a way as to compel her to walk between the tree and the fence where Gary was waiting on the other side. I alerted Gary that Momcat was coming through (the woods were extremely thick there, and Momcat's coat camouflaged her perfectly). I heard rustling, Gary hollered and then he emerged with Momcat in his arms, and some scrapes on his hands, where the frightened Momcat had bitten his rescuer. I opened his girlfriend's car door which was nearby, and Gary, still clutching Momcat, sat in the car as i went to get a cat carrier out of my car. I returned, stroked Momcat, and we put her into the carrier. Being a Sunday, we both deemed that her condition was well enough to await Monday morning to get her to a vet. Gary and Leslie took Momcat home. Yesterday afternoon Gary called with rare glee in his voice. We both thought Momcat might have lost her eye. Instead the swelling was gone, and her eye is fine. She's beginning to eat, and regain strength. She's lost a bit of weight, but MOMCAT IS ALIVE, WELL, RESCUED ONCE AGAIN, AND BACK IN GARY'S LOVING CARE! I AM THANKFUL FOR MOMCAT, MEOW, BLUEBELLE, GARY AND LESLIE ESPECIALLY THIS THANKSGIVING. PRAISE BE. Happy Thanksgiving Pookie, Deborah Mut Erickson, all Pookie fans, and to He who gave me all of you. Amen. Peace to all....
My very own feline sister, and sister of feline Angel Orange and daughter of:
Melanie again, because one Melanie tune just ain't enuff!
Animal Crackers
In my capacity as Hartford Government Examiner, I’ve followed the bizarre case of Alexander P. Bernard, guilty of stabbing his own lovely Staffordshire Terrier mix 29 times in his neighbor’s driveway in Hamden back in May 2011. Charged absurdly with a single misdemeanor count of animal cruelty, released without bail but having an ankle bracelet attached and certain very generous restrictions, Bernard clipped the electronic monitoring anklet off and had to be jailed at Whalley Avenue Correction Center and a $10,000 bail imposed in June.
Princess the Staffordshire Terrier, stabbed 29 times by her own owner.
In July recuperating at the loving and skilled hands of the staff of
North Haven Animal Hospital.
Now in a new home with a loving family.
 I started attending Bernard’s appearances in July, and he manipulated the Meriden courthouse like an expert. At the first appearance I attended he wouldn’t allow his public defender, Thomas Conroy, to speak, and told the Judge (Meriden Superior Court Judge Philip Scarpellino) that he was looking for another lawyer. Scarpellino said publicly from the bench that Bernard had refused an offer by the prosecutor (lead Meriden prosecutor James Turcotte) of a ridiculously short sentence of a year, suspended after 60 days served (he had already served at least 40 of those days at that point) along with the misdemeanor conviction. Bernard insisted that he rejected the offer and demanded a continuation, which Scarpellino granted to him.
 At the next appearance at the end of July, NO mention was made of the purpose for the continuance; which was Bernard’s desire to scrap attorney Thomas Conroy, and Conroy did all the talking (which wasn’t much compared to “Judge” Scarpellino’s 15 minute tirade). At that appearance Scarpellino revealed the existence of a letter he had received written by the office of State Representative Diane Urban (D-Stonington) and signed by almost 2 dozen other legislators, both Democrat and Republican, calling for justice for Princess, the stabbing victim. He had received the letter in June, kept it from public knowledge, and in fact said from the bench that he revealed it to ‘the lawyers’ that late July day instead, and then expounded upon his own ‘transparency,’ and politicked from the bench railing against the legislators’ nerve in writing, against recent laws passed by the state’s General Assembly, and then proceeded to order a second competency determination for Bernard, when Scarpellino in the very same courtroom had signed off on a determination of competency on July 1st   (just 21 days earlier) after a determination had been ordered.
Convicted 8 month old puppy stabber
Alexander P. Bernard
when released finally this month allowed his own family to go out the front door of
Meriden Court House
and face protesters while he cowardly snuck out the
back door.
Not very surprisingly at all (do you thin a fix might have been in?), Bernard was deemed incompetent to stand trial or aid in his defense the second time around in a three week period, and had the privilege now of being transferred from jail to the psychiatric Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown, instead. His next appearance was scheduled for November 1st.
 While covering the case this past summer, my Mom-in-Law passed away. I had attempted to reach the Assistant State’s Attorney, the lead prosecutor for Meriden’s GA 7 District Courthouse, but with no success. I was meeting with an elderly church deacon for lunch and counsel at the Half Moon restaurant in Wallingford’s center and I received a cell phone call (the phone was on for family emergencies). It was a clearly harassing call from prosecutor James Turcotte. I said “Hello?” He replied only (and we’ve never met before and I’d only observed him in the courtroom, and only knew his name as written on official documents as James Turcotte) and very gruffly, loudly and in an intimidating manner “This is Jim!” I responded “Excuse me, Jim who?” He said again gruffly, and simply “Jim!” I replied “I’m sorry I don’t know who this is. Who is this?” He barked “It’s Jim! From the courthouse!” I had to think for a minute, and put two plus two together, asking “Do you mean James Turcotte? Is this James Turcotte from Meriden Court?” His one word reply was “Yes!” I said to him, “I’m sorry, I’ve had a death in the family and I’m in a meeting, can I call you back tomorrow?” Prosecutor Turcotte’s reply was “How does it feel to be busy and not available to talk. NO you can’t talk to me tomorrow!” And Mr. Turcotte hung up the phone on this bizarre call he initiated. The deacon heard his every word, he was so loud, and was shocked to learn of who he was and what had actually transpired.
2007-October 31, 2011
A Hero, A Life-Saver
  A dear friend, the weekend following the pre-Halloween  snowstorm which created such chaos in this sector of the state, is hospital bed bound in the neighboring apartment, and over that weekend before Bernard’s scheduled appearance on Tuesday, November 1st,  had a lovely and favored furbaby named Chloe-a darling long-haired Chihuahua, one she adored and I loved, too. Jenn was very dependent on Chloe, only about 40 and a former Kindergarten teacher; she is chronically and severely ill and disabled. Chloe was so sick that Friday I took her to the vet. Saturday morning I got a call saying she had complete kidney failure, and euthanasia was recommended. I had to break this news to Jenn. I spent much of the remainder of the weekend with Jenn and Chloe. Monday morning, the awesome Veterinarian, James Wells of North Haven and North Colony Animal Hospital, who had cared for Princess after her stabbing, and whom I had the privilege of meeting when I and some animal rights friends went to visit Princess at North Haven Animal Hospital, and spoke with on the phone about the case as well, lovingly euthanized Chloe while I cradled her.
 I was not able emotionally to be at Bernard’s scheduled appearance the next day. He was, as I had predicted, let off with his time served, 4 months, and given the misdemeanor conviction which can be easily expunged.
My hero, my pal, my life-saver.
15 years old, his legs are getting tired, he's mostly deaf, still happy and not in pain.
Not many days left, but he's dedicated most of them to me
and especially when I needed him the most!
He is aka
Doc Magic.
The Augman.
Mr. Aag.
Mr. Happy.
among many other terms of endearment.
Luvya Augiedog!
You are Doc Magic,
the Doctor of Love!
  Last week I had other business at the Meriden courthouse. I saw Mr. Turcotte and approached him. I confronted him about his phone call. He didn’t deny making the call, and actually began trembling as I told him my feelings about the matter and of my intent to complain to the Chief State’s Attorney in New Haven when my current medical issues allow me to do so. I actually said to this prosecutor at one point, “You’re shaking, Jim. That’s not good.” I told him that I do accept apologies, but not in private, in public. He didn’t do so; therefore I concluded our discussion by saying that I would be pursuing my complaint as soon as I could.
 A strange twist to the day is that, since I am presently incapacitated, I required a Clerk to address my needs on the other legal matter where I could sit, rather than stand. The Chief Clerk of the Meriden Court, an attorney himself, was angered that he had to come out and take the time, gestured, yelled, and became inappropriately threatening and uniformed Court Security came and witnessed his behavior. I spoke with a great officer whom I won’t identify here, and asked her “What’s wrong with this office and this court?” She rolled her eyes, and informally confirmed the insanity of the Clerk’s office and the Meriden Court. She gave me the identity of her colleague who also witnessed this absurd Clerk’s behavior, and I will soon be filing a formal complaint with Chief State Administrative Judge Quinn in Hartford over this matter.
   “Judge” Phillip Scarpellino should be hauled before the General Assembly, especially the Judiciary Committee, in particular for his comments from the bench that he’s “not afraid of the Legislature since he had been” reconfirmed last year and had “8 years before he’s up for review.”  It’s obvious that the strange case of Alexander P. Bernard was mishandled and possible illegalities committed by Scarpellino, Turcotte, and even the Public Defender Thomas Conroy. And, while Princess has recovered thanks to Dr. Wells and the loving staff of North Haven Animal Hospital and has a brand new loving home, JUSTICE WAS DEFINITELY NOT SERVED FOR PRINCESS.
 As I said to Deb and the Pookie fans, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all the wonderful creatures which have blessed my life and continue to do so. Several have saved my life.  One of my animal rights friends, Patty Daponte, has suggested naming a new piece of legislation that the General Assembly must now consider which would make all animal abuse cases felonies, and perhaps neglect in rare cases misdemeanors, “The Princess Bill” in honor of Princess, stabbed 29 times, but strong enough to survive and deliver a message to us all. It is really a simple one. She taught it to me as I sat on the floor and reached out to her during my visit with her at North Haven Animal Hospital. She kissed me on the hand. The message that Princess brings to all of us this Thanksgiving is a wondrous one: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Give some out today, please, especially this Thanksgiving week, and if you believe, take time to pray and give thanks. If you’re a non-believer, please know gratitude for all the wonders of this existence. I love you all in a very special way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY READERS.

I will close by asking my readers, friends and followers to please carefully consider this Thanksgiving week what animals have done for you. One or more has probably saved your life in some way. They've made you laugh, love and smile, they've been there for you always, they've given you kisses when nobody else would, they've LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY and set an example for our own species. The most awesome and plucky SPCA I know of, The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has also had the hardest job of any SPCA in the nation, helping families and critters following not only the debacle following Hurricane Katrina, but also managing the consequences of the Gulf Oil Spill sponsored forya by the oil industry, Haliberton and BP (more documented cases of dead cats and dogs are available as a consequence of the spill than wild mammals)! Earlier this year they stood up to the New Orleans City Council, for whom they are the municipal shelter providers, and insisted upon adequate resources or they'd walk away. New Orleans blinked, not the LASPCA! Ya gotta luv these guys 'n gals! It's Thanksgiving, please click the highlighted link below, give back to your furry friends and donate today to:

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