Monday, March 24, 2014


Bluebelle the WonderCat in the grey suit
Angel Orange aka Angelpie
bedecked in orange.

We ARE family.
The best fam ever!!!

I’m a common story. Pretty healthy except for some emotional concerns, until a few years ago. Came down with pneumonia. First time. Felt like being kicked in the chest by a few mules. 200/100 blood pressure. 2 months later needed radiation for an endocrine disease. At the end of that year 10 months of chiropractic hadn’t cut the mustard so I saw Dr. Howard Lantner associated with St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT. He botched a NON-FDA approved amalgam implant as attested to by a Yale neurosurgeon when he had to do corrective surgery one year later. While at Yale Hospital a deadly pulmonary embolism was found in my lung, cutting my O2 levels, and threatening to enter my heart and kill me imminently. So an implant was installed to prevent my death.

In October 2013 my cell phone was out of commission and I was suffering severe chest pains. I had to struggle to my neighbor’s house where he called 911 and ambulances carted me off. It was pneumonia caused by a chronic disease discovered in recent years, polycystic kidney disease which is slowly eating both kidneys. After getting out of the hospital a week or so later I was having severe chest pains again (one good thing about chest pains is the ambulance ride and no waiting at the ER) so Wallingford’s bravest were out again to cart me to the hospital. It was a pneumothorax--a lung collapse. I am prone to them because of certain of my genes I’d like to annihilate. This was followed up by a pneumothorax again a few weeks later, along with two chest insertions, and two different lung surgeries.
Just a few of my scars
from recent chest surgeries.
There's one more of those,
two for spine surgeries
and one for
heart surgery in the past 
2 years. :(
There have been times when I’ve been unable to keep up with housework--cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I haven’t been able to work at all. My income fell and I can’t afford a car, TV, cable--nought. I have no kids on purpose, knowing at a young age I was a bit--shall we say--eccentric and that the world needed two more white Dadless kids like it needed nukes in South Asia. 

Live Action!
Angel and Bluebelle 
just this morning!
My family is me, Bluebelle the WonderCat and Angel Orange (Angelpie). I have been offered an opportunity to live in one of the best elder/handicapped care communities in the nation, right here in Wallingford. The Masonicare Campus now includes much more than dependent living. Founded long ago by the Episcopalean do-gooders and Friday night beer swillers, the Masons, it’s reputation is unparalleled. It has the Wright Residence just designed for mostly able bodied folks like me, but who are chronically ill and weaker with lots of bad days. 

The Wright Residence wants me to be part of their independent living community and I’d love to live there. I’m scheduled for a tour with the CEO on April 3rd. But when our phone conversation left the sublime and we got down to brass tacks, two issues arose for me. Number one was a no pets policy. They have a community bird. Really. Number two was that I can’t bring a 50cc scooter there. Really? 

There are lots of pluses to such a move now. I’ve been deathly sick all winter, and this is a guaranteed home through all bad weather. I haven’t been able to take care of paying bills and record keeping, the arrangement at the Wright Residence would eliminate those concerns. They serve three great meals a day (I’ve eaten there many times for benefits...) and I have access to a community kitchen. I’d have a kitchenette and an efficiency, private bath, and routine cleaning--including laundry and linens if I choose. 

I could always find a place on grounds to stash the scooter. My mind is made up. Simple. Bluebelle, Angelpie and I are a family. Unless and until I’m convinced they are safer with somebody else, we have a loving family unit that really does depend on me for certain provisions. That includes food, shelter, health care, and love. LOVE. More than anything else I need to show these kitties, one rescued literally out of a backyard wishing well and the other abandoned by some wretched soul in the dead of the upstate New York winter, LOVE. 

They’ve shown me so much love I could never repay it. When I adopted Angel I knew risks were involved. Bluebelle is a tiny kitty with no claws, and Angel is big with claws. Angel gave Bluebelle time to accept her into our home, and has never once threatened Bluebelle that I’ve seen. She defers to Bluebelle, even though she knows she could kick her ass to Kingdom come if she chooses. She loves her. She loves me. She’s a great lapcat and she likes to bump your nose with hers.

Bluebelle has been with me since she was born 5 years ago. She’s forgiven me for some stupid stunts I pulled with her when I was married. She’s taught me all about forgiveness and UNCONDITIONAL Love. Bluebelle is the Queen of Unconditional Love. She’s earned her own bunk box--a shelf in my dresser. She loves it. 

They’ve saved my life like other pet family members have in the past. And even now as I write this story they’re teaching me even more lessons about LOVE. If it’s not unconditional then it’s not love.

Why would I have it any other way, no matter how inconvenient. I’ve never had it so good. I rescued two kitties and they plan on repaying me with LOVE every day they live. No complaints here. If you’re in a position to do so, I highly recommend being a hero and rescuing a K9 or feline today! Just call your local shelter. I don’t know anybody who ever regretted it. I love you Bluebelle the Kittie. I love you my sweet Angelpie. Always and forever.

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