Monday, January 5, 2015


British "Royalty"
the Queen's son
"Prince" Andrew
 is a Prince of
juvenile rape (the pic
shows a coupla victims of Andrew).
Before letting the Queen knight McCartney,
John Lennon got to this tune
and made a mockery of her. :D
Lest you doubt it, articles and photos prove that he continues to mingle with convicted US child rapist and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein AFTER his conviction and lifetime placement on the sex offender registry.

Above you see scumbag
Epstein and below are
Scumbags Andrew and Epstein
after Epstein's all-to-short
jail stint.
It's not even like this is the first scandal in recent times among the sick, maladaptive Windsor family. Just look at the "family values" inculcated among British and Commonwealth kids that heir to the throne "Prince" Charles. He had a lovely white wedding for all to see with a beautiful Princess all fell in love with, impregnated her with two kids then booked for Camilla. Then Diana died, proving royalty had nothing to do with public LOVE.
The forever lovely and beloved
Here is Mr. Morality,
Prince Chaz
being an example
for his nations' youth.

The "moral titan"
and future "King"
Charles ditched Diana,
leaving her to raise
his heirs in favor of THIS?
Camilla. :(
Here is a link to the latest reports from one of Andrew's and Epstein's underage sex slaves:

The annual budget for these spoiled brats who call themselves the god-ordained royal Windsors is way in excess 0f $300,000,000 per year which could do much to feed the poor throughout the nation.
And while we're talking about eliminating the dangerous, immoral and hypocritical Palace, how about the same for their outdated colonial Commonwealth.
Those who think
the British Commonwealth
(the map shows all its members
in dark blue)
is a quaint tradition
have another think coming.
Via its 'Commonwealth' Great Britain is able to exercise great political and financial pressure to ensure members travel in lockstep with Downing Street policy. MOST of our 'coalitions of the willing' for our intercontinental invasions of sovereign nations are made up Commonwealth member countries with ZERO independence in foreign policy. I think each nation would benefit politically, financially and actually enjoy having their own Head of State.

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