Friday, January 2, 2015


Racist fools, KKKer David Duke and the so called "Reprentative" and House Whip, with House Sphincter
Boner's 1,000% support,
Bigot Steve Scalise.
Fools and ignoramuses like these,
including Boner, need to resign, and
attend an intensive camp led by
people like this great singer/songwriter
Richie Havens, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson,
Trayvon Martin's grieving family,
and the grief stricken families
suffering from racist police murders
with all decisions on prosecution
made behind the closed doors of a
not so "Grand" Juries.
It's really not too hard to reason. Ohhhh.... Say just for example the RepubliCONs had discovered that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid had once ''mistakenly" spoke to a convention of card carrying Marxist-Lenninists? Do you THINK they just might be calling for them to be booted. And I'm sure they'd be commencing impeachment proceedings to say the least.
I was looking up a man who I consider a brother, a mentor, a man I looked up to growing up an whose National Holiday all Americans celebrate this month. That would be the Reverend, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. I found a quote from him that epitomizes LOVE from a true disciple and leader. He calls frequently upon members of all races to recognize the irrelevance of skin color, but this poignant and prophetic quote shows his deep love for all souls, whether human or contained in the body of another critter. I happen to LOVE this quote.
Reverend King saw that humans
are the ONLY species killing
other wonderful creatures
solely for our comfort and luxury.
What LOVE he had in his heart.
LOVE is most definitely NOT an epithet that will EVER be applied to the Racist Scalise (who has the nerve to try and hoodwink the nation AND insult the intellect of his constituents by claiming he didn't know the group advocates lynching, burning crosses and such), Duke (who deserves a lynching just short of death) and Sphincter Boner (the worst 'Speaker' in history, passing fewer laws during his six years than ANY legitimate Speaker in U.S. history).

Perhaps Mother Theresa and
John Paul II are on track
to Sainthood,
Since the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) offers such a broad spectrum of extremist right wing and racist speakers at their convention, I, Steve (a.k.a. Unabashed Left) Alexander, have decided to solicit an invitation to speak at their next convention.

Not only does the "multi-talented"
(bwaah ha ha!)
Scalise speak to
racist Ku Klux Klan rallies,
he's also welcomed by CPAC.
Let's see if they'll welcome
a TRULY different viewpoint.
I plan to send them a certified signed receipt required letter requesting time on their podium, send emails and to invite my readers and friends to do the same!

If CPAC can listen to this
KKKer, then maybe
they might consider a lefty
wearing a hood to commemorate
Trayvon Martin,
instead of another silly
red, blue or purple tie.
I'm 100% serious about this, I already have the phone and fax numbers for CPAC, and their ground address. Their email should be coming shortly. With the support of all my leftist and liberal friends just maybe we can get Steve Alexander a surprise speaking spot at CPAC 2015. C'mon, it can only be fun! Here's the contact info I have now, I'll get the email toya as soon as I can. Let's get an impoverished disabled old hippy up there to tell 'em how life REALLY is! Peace...

1331 H Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20005
Ph: (202) 347-9388
Fx: (202) 347-9389

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