Monday, January 10, 2011

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot, AZ Shootings: Photos and Prayers

No extensive comments offered here. Just some photos of U.S. Representative
Gabby Giffords.
Shot yesterday and still in critical condition.
A medical update is on-air live right now on the news networks.
The MD's are optimistic, but she is in trouble, and prognosis is not
being definitively offered. A doc just said "I just don't want to go down this speculation road, but I'm cautiously optimistic."
I think?
So some photos without comment.
And a request for prayers from all my believing friends, and for
wishes and whatever power you may invoke
from my non-believing friends,
agnostic, atheist
and any others of any
For the dead and their families especially.
Particularly the Social Worker on Gabby's staff, the 9 year old girl
who died because she wanted a civics lesson and all the
and their families.
And for the survivors for a rapid recovery emotionally, physically
and spiritually for them and thos who love them.
For our nation, and for our elected officials
who do take risks.
For Secret Service, and security pros.
And for their loved ones.
Hug someone you love today.
Hug someone you don't please, too.
Some lovely photos follow.
In Jesus' precious name I pray.

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