Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keith Olbermann Leaves MSNBC-"Countdown With Keith Olbermann" Is No More

Much is being written and will be written about Keith's departure announcement last evening at the end of his broadcast.

I've written a lot about his employers and will do so, and did already elsewhere today at:

This is just a fan tribute. A retrospective of awesome memories of a great
American broadcast.
Already classic TV.

Keith will tellya he's been playing a character all these years.
He's referred to his character as more or less a
caricature of his own self.

The fools on the right never got it.
Don't get it.
Never will.
2 bad 4

But comedy's comedy
and satire's satire.
And satire

The Fixed News Network owned by Rupert Murdoch
is Comedy,
slipping into dramady
because Republican politicians
think the farce is real.

Along with his staff Keith turned the MSNBC division of NBC,
its prime time line-up in particular,
 into a complete satire of the Fixed News phenomenon
in it's entirety.
A caricature of "objective" news--
like Fixed calls itself:
Fair and Balanced.

NBC tried to "punish" Keith back in November for donating to
wounded AZ Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' campaign and one
other, exercising his constitutional rights to do so.
It was NBC that got punished and ended his suspension
1 business hour after announcing it. :D

Keith managed to convince the execs at 30 Rock to
hire Rachel Maddow on full time in prime time. :)
Good News!

Rachel's research staff, editing staff, and Rachel herself and their
took on the world, one general at a time. :)
One candidate at a time.
dismantling the empires of
various political idiots.

Keith at his laptop, reminds me of me at mine.
Wish I had a fraction of his talent.
Gonna missya on-air, man.
But don't be a stranger
you have more freedom
now to freely
assemble with
people who call themselves
Unabashedly Left.

I just know Keith will be back soon in another capacity
helping to dismantle the right
one brick at a time, but sometimes
bringing entire walls and buildings collapsing
down as he's done
with his extraordinarily successful

It sure does look  like you've got your tongue in your cheek in this shot, Keith. Wipe that smirk off your face.
Roll up your sleeves.
Let's get back to work.
We have a couple of parties to crash.
The "Tea."
And the "Republican."
On second thought...
Keep the smirk!

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