Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Palin Calls Criticism "Blood Libel"/Congresswoman Gabby Giffords Still Critical

In her most hypocritical action since resigning as Alaskan Governor after only half a term when she got famous and came down to the lower 48 to sign million dollar TV contracts, become a talking head like her guru, alcoholic and addict without a program Glenn Beck, and position herself to run for President after a ludicrous Republican VP nomination that demonstrated her total ignorance of issues altogether, Sarah Palin called criticism of violence-laden rhetoric of hers, Sharron Angle's, Rand Paul's and others as "Blood Libel." The term is an anti-semitic term used commonly to accuse Jewish people of using Christian kids as ingredients in Matzohs. The response was to criticism of herself, Angle and Paul and their type of political "discourse" including crosshairs from rifle scopes aimed at Congresswoman Gabby Giffords on Palin's own website, Angle's threats against Senator Harry Reid calling for "Second Amendment remedies" against him during the last election campaign, and Paul's defense of supporters of his who assaulted a peaceful protester at a Senatorial debate last year. Giffords happens to be Jewish. The photo above is a classic that shows the palm of her hand written on by herself so she could remember what she stands for[lower taxes for the wealthy was on her hand, for example].

In her slick 7 minute slick Facebook Madison Avenue advertising speech, Palin gave another wink to the Fox news crowd.  Her anti-semitism and racism is showing clearly now, although she probably doesn't even know either term, unfortunately. She doesn't read books, newspapers or periodicals, she said during her Vice Presidential bid.

In her talk she argues that there's never been a time of peaceful political discourse. Was it when people were dueling with handguns, she asks?
What a fool.
U.S. History has been highlighted by the peaceful advancement of human wants and their deepest needs.
The Civil War being the one major exception.
Even the anti-Vietnam war movement and the cooler
heads in the Civil Rights struggle prevailed
under the leadership of leaders such as the man whose birthday we
will celebrate as a nation once again in 5 days, the
Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior.

I read a quote by Chris Matthews of MSNBC yesterday that said it all for me. Second Amendment fools were carting rifles and what-not to a Presidential event and compromising the safety of all involved, especially the Secret Service personnel assigned the task of sacrificing their lives up for the safety, survival and well-being of the President of the United States of America. Matthews asked simply, not a direct quote, but an important point: "Why are they carrying guns to a political event?"
Politics is talk.
Guns mean war.
Peaceful discourse is what is needed, and even the more vitriolic elements of Republican Leadership, including Speaker Boehner have had to concede that their rhetoric has inflamed the nation, and appear poised to cool things down a notch, hopefully. A scheduled debate on repealing the Health Care bill just passed, ludicrous and inciteful in and of itself, has been postponed.
It was Chairman Mao Tse Tung who said:
"Political power stems from the barrel of a gun."
Palin is an ignoramous in way over her head.
So was Mao and Hitler.
Anti-semites and war-mongers.
We need to stop taking Palin seriously.
We need to bury her politically today.
Now is the hour and the opportunity.
Go away Sarah.
You've had your 10 minutes of fame.
Your Alaska "travelogue" on TLC
was cancelled this week due to lack of interest.
Now depart, pleeeeze you fool.
Congresswoman Giffords remains in critical condition in an AZ hospital.
Doctors remain optimistic about her survival, but her
prognosis for full recovery still remains in question.
Six are still dead.
13 others still were wounded.
Goodbye Sarah.
Good riddance.
Our prayers continue unabated for the wounded, the dead and their loved ones in this tragedy. Amen.

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