Saturday, September 10, 2011


Mason H. Colbert
on Facebook
"I'm tired of seeing things from tight-lipped, condescending mama's little chauvinists,
all I want is the truth now, Just give me some truth,
No mother hubbard short-haired son of tricky Dicky is gonna soft soap me...."
So said John Winston Ono Lennon 35 years ago on his Imagine album.
On the evening of September 9, 2011 a fake Liberal, a Tea Baggin’ Republican Troll posted an absurd ‘Petition’ on my Unabashed Left wall and I attempted to repost it on his own wall and comment. I was unable to do so, because this scared rabbit fears other’s comments so much that he has his Facebook settings such that posting links upon his own wall is impossible, yet he feels free to impose his silliness upon others! I engaged Mason H. Colbert, a right winger all dressed up in sheep’s clothing in the following ‘dialogue’ if his end of it merits such a description. Like most of the right wing today, since the term ‘stonewallling’ was motivated by the onset of the liars in the Republitea predecessor Nixon Administration, Colbert actually says “I wasn’t aware my wall was closed…” Really Mason??? Do you have any bridges for sale too??? I’m in the market. Lol, dude!!!

The level of Mr. Colbert’s debate did not rise significantly as he resorted to such misogynist terms as SOB, in our discussion and refuted my economic and ecological arguments with such one word gem responses as “What?” and “Later.”

Following this ‘discussion’ I deleted Mr. Colbert from my FB ‘Friend’ list. But I will make sure he receives a copy of this fine article for his edification and welcome another reply. Try more than one word, and see if you can find something other than anti-female vulgarities next time though, dude! : )


Unabashed Left: Job redistribution and income redistribution, not job 'creation' is what a true liberal will call for in 2011. You're being duped by Boehner, and his Tea Party cronies. More jobs only creates more consumer demand, more need for oil, more need for middle eastern wars, more smoke into the already dying atmosphere and the endless cycle of US greed! END GREED TODAY, be a true blue liberal Democrat, not a Blue Dog Tea Bagger, please. And, Mr. Mason H. Colbert, you have the nerve to post this trash on my wall, but I am unable to post links on yours. Where's the democracy (little’d’) in that? Open your wall, please. ;o)

Unabashed Left: Well, if you 'like' this post, Mason H. Colbert, change your settings so I can post some legitimate and meaningful true Liberal Democratic links to your wall, just as you choose to put Tea Bagging 'petitions' like this on my FREE wall. Your settings only allow for Mason H. Colbert and his silly points of reactionary views. OPEN YOUR WALL IS MY CHALLENGE. CHANGE THOSE SETTINGS AND LET ME POST ON YOUR'S AS FREELY AS YOU DO ON OTHERS' OTHERWISE BEGONE AND BE DELETED!

Mason H. Colbert: I wasn't aware that my wall was closed to you. I'll check it out and allow it. Blue Dog Tea Bagger? Son of a bitch is as low as I go. I will agree with about 90% of what you said, however, everything will not change overnight...........we'll have to keep working on it.
This 'stonewallin' 'Liberal' reminds me more of the always sweaty Richard Nixon than of Barack Obama.
Unabashed Left: Nobody can post links or comments to your wall, only thread comments, SIR! And watch your language on MY wall; this is yours I'll let it pass. Mine does not allow for such petty misogynist comments as "SOB." Silly Mr. Misogynist Mason H. Colbert, or don't you understand the sexist nature of your condescending term?

Unabashed Left: VERY CLOSE TO PERMANENT DELETION this sexist is. Lol Mr. Liberal.
Whenya can't think of ennything intelligent to say, swear or just say what. Colbert's retort.
Not Stephen Colbert, Mason H's.
We Steve's hafta stick together,
I like Steve Colbert better 'n Mason H. Colbert on FB.
Steve's intentionally funny. Mason H. just IS funny.
LOL dude!
Mason H. Colbert: What?

Unabashed Left: Your use of the term "S_n of a B___ch" is sexist in the extreme. You have no clue Mason H. Colbert of what you speak. Silly man.
Sorry Mason H. Colbert!
I disagree.
I believe you actually DO tippy-toe around just like a ballerina!
Mason H. Colbert: I guess you should delete me. I don't tippy-toe around anyone.........sorry about that.
Someone explain to me how you argue with these Tea Baggin' fakers when this is all they can
come up with?
Mason H. Colbert: Later.

Unabashed Left: The direct quote from this ‘Liberal’ about to be reproduced in a photo essay at is "What?" Congrats - you are a published author on all 6 populated continents misogynist. Foolishness. Imitation Liberals enrage me. :) I wouldn't define what I've done here in revealing your true sexist and Right Wing nature as tippy-toeing, but I do see you as an obvious woman despiser who sees them as bi_ches and sees fit to use that term in your discourse, which is base, and baseless. You are driven by greed and instincts, just like that Tanman drunk we call a Speaker. Deleted, Mason H. Colbert. Enjoy your artificial Liberal Life. Don't take too many hostages, please. :) and the final quote from Mr. Liberal and his response in toto: "Later." What power behind your arguments Mason H. Colbert, the latest fake liberal to be revealed by

And now he is deleted forever and for good. The end. For now. Right Lisa?
Right Uncle UL! ;o)

Forget this guy and join the real liberals and support our awesome incumbent President who has the Republiteas in Congress on the ropes with a new $450 Billion Jobs bill they won't be able to say no to:

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