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An Awesome Cover of the Village People Classic
I posted the following today on two of my websites and here on Facebook and received a comment from one Trix Doca who lists herself as a resident of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. My initial posting was:

Here's Vladimir Wading In a River Shirtless

Trix Doca: Russians like Putin. What militarism are you talking about? Which expansionism do you mean?Aren't there american politicians who used to work for various secret services, too?

‎Steve Alexander: Trix Doca: Putin has launched repeated wars of aggression in the former Soviet colonies of the Caucuses region, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan especially, and the consequent campaign of terrorism in Moscow, including the bombing of the... Moscow subway system twice in one day by widows of Putin victims, is the result of his militarism. He spends more on the military per capita than any significant nation on earth, and he continues to point intercontinental nukes at the rest of the world along with an exclusive club that includes only himself, the USA and the PRC. Putin IS after all a former leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and of the KGB where he first acquired the actual power he holds today. Following Mikhail Gorbachev's sacrificial service (much understated and/or misstated by revisionist historians and the media at the time) handing over power to the multi-party democracy that was headed by President Boris Yeltsin (who is also maligned and inappropriately lampooned by the US press and "historians") there was a brief period of non-KGB rule. Medvedev stood a brief chance at ascendancy but the power of the CPSU remains. In the United States we are not "Free as butterflies" either, otherwise delusion reigns rampant. The information we get handed to us in Amerika post-WWII First-strike nuclear war victory by the Amerikan DOD handed to us by the media and academia is just as colored as the trash generated by the CPSU during Stalin's heyday, Hitler's, Mao's, and anything generated today by Beijing Daily. OVERRULED, I am not hopelessness for Russia's future following Gorbachev's voluntary, willing and planned descenciion from leadership of the CPSU. Gorbachev, John Paul II, and Lech Walesa are the heroes of the downfall of the Soviet empire, not US President Raygun's obscene arms race. And Boris Yeltsin won the presidency and maintained it competitively at the outset of the current incarnation of Russia, attempted no militaristic expansionism, and freedoms were afforded the populace which hadn't existed since 1917. As soon as former KGB leader Putin took over as President for 8 years, any chance at development of these fledgling human rights were gone. When he devolved his role to PM, and Medvedev initially took the Presidency a brief power opportunity for Medvedev existed, but not for long. Now Putin will ascend in the spring, unless agitation can be encouraged as it has been throughout much of the Arab world with this year's Arab Spring overthrows. Dissent in Russia needs to be encouraged by our government and by our people, and anyone who might be hear by the average angry Muscovite especially!

Here's the same dude walking thru the woods without his shirt! What a loony! Lol dude!
Steve Alexander: And yes, Trix Doca, there might be American pols who may have worked for intel agencies, but none in power who were active in as despotic a regime as that run by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the KGB of Vladimir Putin! You are Russian, many, many Russians are fed up with Putin and his usurpation of their rights, his spending on weapons and his bare-chested ego centrism and his cult of personality and I encourage PEACEFUL PROTEST IN MOSCOW AND THROUGHOUT RUSSIA AGAINST THE TYRANNY OF VLADIMIR PUTIN AND HIS SICK REGIME!!! You, Trix, most definitely do NOT speak for the majority of Russians or even a significant minority. Most Russians and their neighbors want him GONE! Myself included. It is high time and today's announcement is obscene.


Employers: sheep farm

Castration Specialist · Jan 1978 to present · Cleveland, Ohio

Castrating sheep.

College: Homeschooled

Class of 1972 · Satanic Rituals.

Religious Views: Mormon extremist.

Political Views: Love your government

And his/her activities include:
Global Revolution.


So at 11:47 Trix Doca has not yet had enough, and posted:
Here's ol' Vlad sportin' some camos and holdin' a tranquilizer gun?
Doya think he just might have himself a Napoleonic Complex?
Or maybe he's just REALLY repressed in a sexual way? Tee hee hee hee.
Trix Doca: Repeated wars? In Azerbaijan? And Kyrgyzstan? Ah yeah? And I guess he also attacked Georgia, right?Russia spends more on the military per capita than any other nation? Where did you get these 'facts' from? Here you can check your 2nd claim, about military spending per capita: to Russia and talk to some people on the streets, you will see that they like Putin. Then ask them about Gorbachev or Yeltsin.American people don't understand Russia or the Russian people at all. You complain about missiles aimed at you, but are you not doing exactly the same? You complain about military spending, is it not the US who is entertaining hundreds of military bases all around the world, is it not the US who continues to piss on Russia shoes, with its anti missile idea in eastern Europe? Is it not the US who is currently occupying more than one country, killing a million Iraqis, bombing Afghans for no reason? Is it not the US where they stick their hands into your pants at airports? Is it not the US where they lock up more people than in any other country? Is it not the US where wealth is distributed as un-equal as in no other country?Tell me, which country is Russia occupying? Which part of the society is oppressed? Why would anyone care about what Russias neighbours want? Did it occur to you that the only reason foreign politicians don't like Putin is because he actually acts in the best interest of his country? I am sure, America would kiss his shoes, if he would lick Obama's ass and praise American politicies.So again: America is the warmonger, America is occoupying countries, America is poisoning other people's land with DU. America is spending more than anyone else on arms. America is locking up more people (per capita and overall) than any other country. America is letting sick people die instead of providing healthcare for them.So tell me again, who needs to rise up?See MoreList of countries by military expenditures per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here's the former and soon-to-be-again President of Russia in his Karate outfit...
And it ain't even Halloween!
To which I replied:
Here's the current Prime Minister of Russia wrestling in the same outfit! OMG!
Steve Alexander: Guess what Trix Doca, using Wikipedia as your source is as silly as calling yourself satanic and a pro sheep castrator. I dispute the Wikipedia figures, and Russia is NOT occupying any country because they have been rebuffed by the heroism of the people of the former Russian colonies under Putin's KGB during the Soviet empire in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia among others. The economy of Russia is still in a third world state because of the ridiculous amount of cash spent by Putin trying to keep his Oedipus complexed missiles up and running. And READ please, Trix, I'm no fan of American nor Chinese militarism either. I don't defend our militarism and called us the first strike winners of the first nuclear war ever, WWII! Lol. You don't even ID yourself as male or female on your profile, yet you call yourself a sheep castrator and a satanist college grad! The entire society has none of the rights they had under Yeltsin, arrests for political reasons are back, graft and corruption rampant, and now the drug trade in Russia is as bad as in the West and the government thugs who ruled fiefdoms under the old CPSU are now profiteering off of organized crime as well. Putin has brought all of these wonders to the Russian people. There are many warmongers in the world, Putin is but one, but a sicko who is a misogynist exhibitionist and a megalomaniac who has brought despair to millions. If you haven't heard of the Russian military misadventures in the Caucuses it is because Putin is controlling so completely what you are allowed to read, hear and think, Trix. BTW, r u male, or female? Just curious. LOL! :D
Here's Mr. Putin in some kinda goggles and what looks like a flight jacked of some sort.
But at midnight HE came back for more:
Here's the Vlad-man on a T-Shirt lookin' kinda like an alien.
Ifya ask me he never looked better. Actually she looks great, him...
well... I'd rather look at her to be honest even though she is kinda young.
Trix Doca: You are making a lot of sense, yes. Have you ever been in Russia? Have you ever even left your own country?How do you know when corruption supposedly ended, and when it came back? There has never been a time without corruption. As I said,... American people don't understand Russia at all.Arrests for political reasons? Do you really believe that, or do you actually bother to read what people who are imprisoned are accused of? There is one country that has the habit of locking people up and torturing them indefinitely, and I think it is called America.Do you really think that you have any idea about what happenend in the Caucasus? You can't even spell the word. Have you ever been there? Have you been present during the conflict? You embarrass yourself when you talk about things from which you obviously know nothing about. I think it is you, who does not know what your country was actually doing during that conflict.Who in Russia wants Putin gone? Of course, there are people who would prefer somebody else as president, but the overall opinion is pretty much pro Putin. The only real opposition comes from old people who want the good old times to come back, including communism and everything it stood for.To sum it up: Putin did not engage in military expansion and the Russian people in general like him. You can't compare Russia to an Arab country. To answer your question: Male.
Here's the Man called Vlad(he wore his shirt that day) and Dubya.
Remember when Dubya gazed into Vlad's eyes and they both looked like the Man from Glad and
Georgie pronounced Vlad his 'trusted friend' after meeting him for the first time
and talking with the insane dude for about an hour through Russian interpreters!
Since then, Vlad's tried to annex about a half dozen sovereign nations,
imposed political repression on his own people and created
a terrorist threat in Moscow and elsewhere because of his
tendency for violence and mayhem!
Doya really wanna elect another
Republican President
of THIS country?
Steve Alexander: Hi once again Trix Doca, you self-avowed sheep castrating satanist supporters world revolutionary supporters of Vladimir Putin just don't give up, do you. Yeah, I guess I'm embarrassing meself, dude! Lol. Now that we know you're a dude after all! OMG you ARE funny, is that your sense of humor or are you simply weird? Another genuine question. Sorry for the misspelling of the Caucasus, but at least I'm aware that there have been repeated military incursions into the independent and sovereign nation states bordering the Caucuses mountains, for example see the NY Times articles on the Russian war with Georgia in 2008 and it's usurpation of Georgian territory: .World news about Georgia. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times:

Steve Alexander: I've never been to Nazi Germany, Trix Doca, but I have some pretty sound understanding of Hitler's rule and some opinions about them. You seem to only march to your own drummer, and keep attacking America, I despise the American criminal "justice" system as well as it's militarism. Please don't change the subject from your bare-chested exhibitionist Prime Minister who was allowed only two terms as President constitutionally, put in a puppet in Medvedev sandwiched in between, and announced his intent to take over the Presidency once again next year. There won't be any opposition nor any form of democratic election, he decided and its done. I didn't compare Russia to any country, just yearn for an call for the Russian people to emulate the heroes of Alexandria and Cairo when they peacefully overthrew another egocentric murdering dictator like your Putin, Hosni Mubarak.

Steve Alexander: To sum it up, Putin has repeatedly tried military expansionism since the downfall of Boris Yeltsin. And I can compare Putin to Hitler, Stalin, and Mubarak, Trix Doca, because the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is still in force and freedom of speech flourishes here, unlike Russia today.
Here's ol' Vlad wearin' a starched white shirt, tie and a suit. Betcha he couldn't wait to strip!
He looks kinda dumb in this one, huh? That's cuz he is!
So's Trixie! LOLOLOL!
Steve Alexander: Are you certain of your gender, Trix Doca and why isn't it on your profile on the information page that says you graduated from Satanic College and are a pro-sheep castration technician in the United States, but live in Russia? Why Trix? Why? I'm embarrassing myself again, aren't I? Lol dude or dudette!

Trix Doca: Oh my god. You criticize me for quoting wikipedia, and now you post an article from the New York Times?I never denied that there have been conflicts in that region. Do you know how they actually started? Do you know which role the US has ...played in it? Do you have any idea about who attacked and killed whom? Or did you just read the New York Times and watch Fox News?To describe the actions in Georgia as military expansionism is completely laughable. It was an act of self defense.I suggest you go to Russia, one day, talk to some people, and have a look at the country. So Putin is only allowed to serve 2 terms, which he most probably will do, what's the problem with that? Do you have anything against him or Medvedev being president because the people actually like them? Would you rather see a guy that is being hated by everyone? Again, you can't compare the situation in Russia with the situations in arab/north african countries. Both the political system and people's mentally are completely differentPutin is not perfect, neither is Medvedev. If there were a better alternative, people would vote for them. Most western tv channels and newspapers like to present those guys 'as the right choice' who would only serve western interests.Do you really believe that all the uprisings in Egypt and so on just happenend by themselves, automatically? Are you really that naive? I suppose you haven't heard how these supposedly 'free' countries started to ban protests all together, and how they introduced sick religious laws right after they came to power.Perhaps Russians should do the same - participate in a staged revolution, to then accept a new US puppet as the new leader.

Trix Doca: Of course you can compare Putin to Hitler, or Mubarak to Stalin. It just doesn't make much sense. Putin has not attacked any country, nor is his country currently occupying any. All he ever did was protecting Russian people from violence, and stopping a freaked out leader of Georgia, who btw thought that could do just about anything thanks to the Okay that he got from US politicians. People who need to know any details about my person already do so. Last time I checked I was still male. The contradicting details in my profile serve to confuse people. In the end it does not matter where I live or where I am from, I think. You have already brandmarked me as a Russian and a Putin supporter, what more do you need to know? :-)

Steve Alexander: I'm bored with you now Trix Doca, your defensiveness is repetitive. WHY on EARTH would a nation the size and scope of Russia have to engage in self-defense against a tiny defenseless sovereign nation such as Georgia. And please address the issues raised, not raise smoke screens. Why do you have such a deceptive profile. You clearly cannot be a full time sheep castration specialist in Cleveland Ohio where you say you've been employed from 1978 to the present and simultaneously residing in Russia. That's quite a commute. How much does a sheep castration specialist make these days? And you call yourself a Mormon Extremist, How large is the Mormon church in Russia and does Mr. Putin have a large following among the Mormon flock there? And since you say on your Facebook profile page also that you are a graduate of Satan College, is that where you acquired your Mormon extremist religion? And is the vast army of Putin supporters like you, in that they like "World Revolution, attend Satanic Colleges, commute to and from Ohio to castrate sheep for a living and are Mormon extremists? Inquiring minds wish to know, Trixie! :D

Steve Alexander: We DO agree on one thing, Trix Doca. And I shall also quote you on this one: "Putin is not perfect." I couldn't agree more, Trixie! :D

Steve Alexander: Just so you may determine who embarrassed themselves more this evening Trix Doca, is a link to a note I composed simply restating this entire thread along with a Playboy Bunny photo of your hero, the Exhibitionist Superpower Superstar, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: . :  BIZARRE VLADIMIR PUTIN CONTACT! OMG! A MUST READ, A SICK PUTIN SUPPORTER LISTED AS A SHEEP CASTRATION SPECIALIST!

Trix Doca: As you have already found out, the details of my fb profile are contradicting and were placed there to humor people. You already concluded that I am Russian, living in a country without a free press, plus you seem to know where I stand politically. You don't seem to form your opinions on facts anyway, publishing any real data about my person is completely unnecessary.See More

Steve Alexander: Therefore I shall now block you and report this very comment to facebook as it is a facebook violation plain and simple and I certainly do not trust you at this point at all my friend Trix Doca.

And please note that poor Trix Doca has only commented on the thread attached to this article the following which you may find below:

Trix Doca: Well done.

Thank you Trixie, I couldn't agree more! :D
Right Lisa?
Lisa: Yup, that's right Uncle UL! Vladimir's an ugly old man ifya ask me! He should keep his shirt on when a camera's around unk! AND he should bury his head like an ostrich so I don't hafta look at his face. Tee hee hee hee! :D

And me and Unk,
we hugged, and hugged, and hugged!
The end again.
Just for now, though!
<3 :D


Anonymous said...

Your page is very cute .. and funny. Sorry to burst your bubble, but absolutely nothing about the democratic party truly contrasts the republicans other than their empty words and false promises. How's the hope and change working out for you right now? Obama .. behaving exactly as Bush did.

I love borderline psychotic leftists when they make overly dramatic blogs .. pretending liberals are somehow afraid/discouraged from speaking out. Fact is, they're pretty much the loudest, most condescending, obnoxious, uninformed, intolerant group of hypocrites in the western world today.

Unabashed Left said...

Thanks for your personally insulting derogatory and nasty irrreverence. Name-calling is the last vestige of a losing argument. I don't know you, yet you pretend to have telepathic powers that enable you to give me a psychiatric diagnosis. Typical of ANONYMOUS cowardly commentators, to be honest. That hope and change thing is working just fine, but note that I do NOT endorse the President's military policies. If he were not reelected then my disabling condition would no longer be covered by my Social Security and your's would likely be on the stock market if you are working. My medicare and medicaid would have gone down the drain, and we'd be headed back up to the double digit inflation wrought by the same crew Cheney had in office during his administration--except for one difference. Romney would have had the most belicose Senator in US history as his Defense Secrerary--that would be John "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran" McCain. So how does that work out forya Mr. Anonymous??? Peace please...