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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Jay Baldwin was accused of killing a kitten, abusing and neglecting a dozen or so others.
Kinda reminds ya of this guy at the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, don't it?
Also reminds me of the classic off of John Lennon's "Imagine" album,
"Crippled Inside."
Baldwin's still taking feline hostages now that he's out,
but while the dude's no doubt still crippled inside,
he needs to be put away as soon as possible again.
Could be kids next, felines and canines are bad enough.
Studies show that Columbine types, and
rapists and what-not began their
idiocy with animal abuse.
Three years ago in early August Jay Baldwin, then of Ansonia, was charged with abusing and neglecting his own 12 cats and kittens including the murder of one kitten. It became a very high-profile case and Mr. Baldwin and his taxpayer-dependent Public Defender Jonathan Gable abused the Criminal “Justice” system by inventing the lie that the kitten had died from rat poison, which was easily disproven by an autopsy which showed that he killed the cute little defenseless kitten with blunt trauma, since the feline had no trace of poison and extensive bleeding within the skull. Once this lie was uncovered they just switched gears and decided to abuse a new piece of legislation allowing defendants to seek easy time via psych treatment followed by erasure of the criminal record. Baldwin wound up serving only one year. When asked by a reporter about his courtroom tactics, the entitled defender Gable snottily and obnoxiously replied “I don’t have to answer that.”

Jay Baldwin's Kitten-Killing Mug Shots from 2008 above;
And below is admitted Dog-Stabber Alexander P. Bernard from May 2011.
This case portended a bizarre current case at the Meriden courthouse involving Alexander Bernard who has admitted publicly to stabbing his own 8 month old gentle and beautiful puppy (Princess the Staffordshire Terrier mix) 29 times in a Hamden neighbor’s driveway in May 2011. Bernard was released without bail then, but violated the terms of his release by clipping his electronic monitoring anklet, jailed on $10,000 bond, deemed competent for his defense and then on July 12th told Judge Phillip Scarpellino in court that he wanted to fire his Public Defender Thomas Conroy and asked for a continuance to seek other counsel. It was granted, but at his next appearance on July 22nd, no mention was made of his motion for new counsel and instead the long-controversial and dubiously competent Judge Scarpellino screamed for 15 minutes from the bench about a letter he had received from 22 State Legislators, Democrats and Republicans, calling for justice in the case, and refused to recuse himself from the case. I attempted to query Thomas Conroy, and he sent a proxy to say he didn’t want to speak with any reporters. When I did finally succeed in getting his attention he rudely gesticulated and simply said “client confidentiality.” These courtroom abuses are also evident in the Prosecutor’s office at the Meriden Superior Court, and can be found in articles detailed elsewhere on the pages of Hartford Government Examiner , linked at:

Animal Rights Activists, including Donna Ploss (second from left) and Patty Daponte (center)
outside the Meriden, CT courthouse (nay, circus) one sunny day after yet another
Alexander Bernard court appearance.

Animal Rights Activists Patty Daponte, Donna Ploss and I visited Princess at North Haven Animal Hospital July 22nd and found her somewhat emotionally scarred, but well on the way to recovery and soon, if not already placed in a good home since Bernard’s last appearance. At that appearance, Scarpellino was much more subdued following extreme reaction from the public to his behavior in the case.

Ms. Ploss was involved in advocating for justice during the Jay Baldwin ‘trial’ and reported on one of her days at the Derby courthouse as follows:

“Donna Ploss has been vocal in her belief that people who abuse animals are likely to also abuse people, especially children. On two occasions, her comments about Baldwin raised Gable's ire, and the last time he had her removed from the courthouse.

Ploss said she was waiting in line at the prosecutor's office when she made the remark to someone standing behind her.

"I said, 'If this guy ever gets out, he's going to go after little kids,' " she said. "He called the marshal over and had me taken out." A judicial marshal also told her that every time "you people" -- meaning those involved in animal rescues -- show up at court, they create chaos, Ploss said.”
My two rescued kitties, Bluebelle the Wonder Cat (top) and Angel Orange (below) in an aerial shot taken from a
helicopter at Tunatime. They've saved my life too. And made it much happier. :)
<3 Bluebelle and my Angelpie.

Jay Baldwin served one easy year and is now out and living in Meriden. He has acquired at least one and possibly more cats. Upon his release in August of 2010 animal rights bloggers warned each other about Baldwin’s immediate attempt to acquire more cat and kitten victims, including this plaintiff plea from a blogger who writes at

“I work at an animal shelter in northwest CT. Today we had to keep all our doors locked and check people (license, etc.) before they entered our shelter and keep the security camera on at all times. There is a man called Jay Baldwin who just got out of jail on Thursday and on Friday he stopped at a local vet and tried to get an animal from them. They recommended our shelter and another local one (not knowing his reputation, he is known for animal abuse). Our director alerted the police who kept an eye on us and will continue to do so. He may even break into a building to get an animal.

Jay Baldwin is in his 50s, tanned and likes to wear hats. He will pay an adoption fee to get the animal and can even get violent and take the animal if thwarted. He may also send friends in to get the animal. He will use other names. So it this makes it hard to tell who he is. Hopefully adoption screening will help keep animals from him.

Please let other shelters you know of know this.”
Napoleon XIV's one hit wonder tune
"They're Coming To Take Me Away."

More recently a cat was taken from Mr. Baldwin, now relocated to Meriden and it was removed from his possession and is recuperating at a shelter, and apparently severely shaken by Baldwin’s treatment. Donna Ploss did some direct advocacy and spoke with Baldwin recently, providing the following notes on her discussion with Jay Baldwin just within the past month:

Donna Ploss reports on her recent talk with Baldwin:

“Jay Baldwin is a sociopath, a convicted animal abuser who is also a pathological liar. He was convicted of 10 counts of animal cruelty in 2008. He served one year. He is now free and at it again. Unable to find out his location, I did some digging. Found out he goes to the Meriden Senior Center on a daily basis. I decided to pay him a visit

As I walked into the Meriden Senior Center, my mind was racing. What do I ask? How would I identify myself??? Would he recognize me? (I was front and center at Derby Superior Court throughout the entire proceedings)

With everything I had NOT to lose control, I walked up to him, extended my hand (*note to self - scrub hand raw with bleach*) and said, "Mr. Baldwin, I'm Donna, a writer, and I wonder if you'd care to talk to me?" He agreed.

I began by asking him how everything is going, now that he's a free man, after being convicted of animal abuse. It was like opening the flood gates!! He went on about the trial, and how his public defender, Jonathan Gables, told him to take the blame. When I told Baldwin it was because it was proven there was no rat poison in the cat's system, but the cat died of blunt force trauma to the head, he had an answer for that too. "It could've been my neighbor, I loved that cat."

I then asked him why he didn't report to the Pretrial Diversion Program as required as part of his sentence. "I don't remember." When I asked him about the theft at the convenience store, he said he was broke and out of gas, and he asked the owner if he could borrow a couple of bucks. He then took over $600.

I asked him about the cat he recently got his hands on that was seized by Meriden ACO. It was a beautiful tiger tabby. He said he loved that cat and didn't know why they took him. He said it might have been because pets aren't allowed. He also remarked that the cat was probably sick. According to sources, the cat is so paranoid and terrified; he won't let a human being near him. This is a definite sign of abuse.

He also said that he's being evicted from his apartment. He showed me a letter from his attorney, indicating Baldwin's lease would not be renewed and that he had until August 31st to vacate the premises.

Baldwin told me of a man that he says is stalking him and leaving him threatening notes. When Baldwin complained to the police, they asked Baldwin if HE was the one writing the notes. He denied it.

He is conniving, cunning, charming as hell. He flirted with me as I left. He trusted me so much he gave me BOTH his cell phone, and his home phone (yeah, like I'm ever going to call him), as well as his attorney, AND his public defender. Now why would he need a public defender if he's free?
I thanked him for speaking with me. He said, "Give me a call later!! Maybe this story will make people realize I'm a nice guy and then I can GET A CAT!

I thought I was hearing things. A FREAKING CAT??????? Not if I have anything to do with it!!!!

This man flatly refuses to take responsibility for what he did. He had an answer for everything and has his mind set on getting his hands on another cat!”

So the warning continues for all people: don’t give this man an animal, especially animal shelters! Beware of Jay Baldwin, he still looks like the mug shots accompanying this article. He has a long rap sheet of offenses, including theft, animal abuse and breech of peace.

Stabbing victim Princess. <3
Cowardice and cruelty are so unattractive. Animal Abuse needs to be a felony in the state of Connecticut and the nation, and definitive sentencing guidelines legislated so that the courts MUST adhere to them and only cases of neglect should be considered as possible misdemeanor cases. Watch out for Jay Baldwin, as I said, though cowardice and cruelty are unattractive, if he can be thwarted good, if not, any abuser caught and imprisoned is one less abuser available to do harm to the harmless today. My friend has proposed that legislation in honor of Alexander Bernard's victim be proposed for Connecticut stiffening criminal statutes in this manner, and that it be called The Princess Bill. I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to honor this beautiful animal. <3 Princess and let's get her some justice please.


Anonymous said...

jay baldwin is trying to get his conservator todrop all charges to have his record clean to try to get more cats.i met him a few times since i live in meriden. we gotta fight so he cant get more cats

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