Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My War Story-Lisa's Conviction: War is Over!

Angel Orange in battle with Red Dot!

War? What IS it good for? Yuckipoo! Bruce Springsteen sings it good!

Guess what? It’s me again. Lisa! Uncle UL is letting me use his page again to tell an amazin’ story about Uncle UL’s kitties, Angel Orange and Bluebelle the WonderCat. You’re just not gonna believe what happened!
Uncle UL has two beautiful kitties; Angel Orange is like a big orange fluffball. Even her eyes are orange, and her hair is super-long and super-soft. She’s a lap cat, and loves to sit in my lap whenever I go to see Uncle UL! She’s cute as can be! And beautiful? Wow! She’s like a walking…. a walking…. Hmmm… Who was that guy—the one who painted such pretty pictures and chopped his ear off cuz his girlfriend broke up with him? VINCENT!  That’s who! Angel is like a walking Vincent painting, she’s so beautiful.

And Bluebelle is all gray and cute as all get-go! Uncle UL sez he calls her a WonderCat cuz my other uncle found her in a wishing well in someone’s backyard. Her mother and father were wild cats, feral they’re called. So the fact that Bluebelle was found and saved is a Wonder! AND Bluebelle is also VERY curious, so that’s another reason he calls her a WonderCat.  Uncle UL sez he calls Angel ‘Angel Orange’ after a horrible chemical that the American government used as a weapon in Vietnam a bunch ‘o years ago called ‘Agent Orange.’ Uncle UL sez Agent Orange not only killed tons of jungle and poisoned people in Vietnam, Laos AND Cambodia, but it also poisoned our own soldiers! Yuckipoo! I DESPISE wars! Why anybody would wanna go killin’ people and torturing’ an’ (Uncle UL sez I can write this) even rape and burn people! OMG! So he sez that because she’s orange and just like an angel, so beautiful—that he thought that the super-sharp difference between a work of God’s art like Angel Orange and the horrible nightmare of Agent Orange was a good reminder to always do everything he can every day to end war. I think that’s a really good idear. Don’t tell him I said this, but Uncle UL comes up with some perty good idears, and has a lot ‘o opinions I really, really like! But ifya tell him it’ll probly go to his head. So shhhhhh on that one. OK??
So anyhow, whenever I go see Uncle UL I always like to play with Angel and Bluebelle. I play with them with a little fishing pole-like toy that has a mouse on the end of a string. They love that. That’s Bluebelle’s favorite! I always like to play “Red Dot” with ‘em too! That’s a little tiny red light that comes outa a little flashlight shaped like a mouse. It drives Bluebelle and Angel Orange curaaaazzzzyyyyy!!! Teehehehe! There’s pictures of ‘em goin’ at it on this page ifya looky there! THAT toy is Angel’s favorite and she’s always a lot better at it than Bluebelle and just luvs it!

I went over to Uncle UL’s about a week or so ago, and started playin’ Red Dot with both kitties and they were havin’ a blast! Uncle UL started takin’ pictures to show ‘em playin’ with Red Dot! He even took a picture of the toy so you’s can see that picture on this page, too, ifya looky see!

Now this time it all changed all of a sudden. It’s almost unbelievable what happened next! I wuz holdin’ the Red Dot steady between Angel and Bluebelle, and there was a standoff goin’ on. I always think that’s funny when I do that. But this time I did it for a REAL long time. All of a sudden the Red Dot started to shimmer and shiver all by itself without me movin’ it AT ALL!!! Ya wanna talk about creepy! Boy, did that sure give me the willies and then some! Phew!

It’s the next thing that happened that wuz amazin’ as all get-go for sure! That Red Dot went and split into two dots without me doin’ ANYTHING! I mean it! Cross my heart! And then each new Red Dot moved over, one towards Bluebelle and the other towards Angel! And you’ll never guess what happened next! Those two Red Dots went onto Bluebelle and Angel’s chests and WENT RIGHT INTO THEIR HEARTS!!! Then Bluebelle and Angel did sumthin’ neither Uncle UL or me ever saw ‘em do before. Both of ‘em rubbed up against each other like they do my own ankles when I’m givin’ ‘em tuna and then went and laid down totally EXHAUSTED!!

I tried and tried to get that Red Dot to work, but it wouldn’t work anymore. Uncle UL got another Red Dot toy out that he had, and tried it with Bluebelle and she just sorta petted it with her paw, and so did Angel. In fact they both looked like they LUVVED THE RED DOT NOW!!! And both Uncle UL and I think they do. He sez that ever since that night both of ‘em have been treating Red Dot exactly the same.

Now here’s what I’m figgerin’ happened. Believe you me, Bluebelle and Angel are chock full ‘o luv. You never saw two ‘o ennythin’ that’s more full ‘o luv. In fact Uncle UL sez that he really thinks that really is ALL they are—is just LUV!!! I think he’s right. So what I figger is that until I stopped the Red Dot for a REAL long time from goin’ crazy around the room and chasin’ them and vicey versie, everthing changed. Uncle UL agrees with me on this, and he’s perty good on this sorta thing. I told Uncle UL that until the Red Dot stopped for like 5 whole minutes without movin’ around, they weren’t worried that the Red Dot was mean and wanted to hurt one of the people in Uncle UL’s fambly (UL, Bluebelle and Angel). Becuz they are PURE luv, they were tryin’ to get Red Dot imaginin’ that Red Dot was out to get everbody in the house! OMG! They were SCARED ‘o Red Dot and Angel wuz worried for NO reason that Red Dot wanted to hurt Uncle UL, Bluebelle and her. And so did BLUEBELLE! Wow! Once I held Red Dot still that night, both Bluebelle and Angel had time to see that Red Dot didn’t want to hurt ‘em or me or Uncle UL at all, and once they knew that, then they could not only let Red Dot do whatever it wanted without chasin’ it anymore and tryin’ to wipe Red Dot out, they could LET RED DOT INTO THEIR HEARTS AND LUV THE RED DOT!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! THE RED DOT WARS WERE OVER AND NOW THEY ARE BOTH HAPPIER AND AT PEACE! Their enemy was all in their imagination! And Uncle UL feels so bad that he was playin’ Red Dot for so long with ‘em and didn’t figger all that out! Phew! It’s not his fault! He didn’t know, it’s just that when I stopped it for a real long time Bluebelle and Angel were able to let LUV BRING PEACE.
Sumbuddy at Rolling Stone got it ALL WRONG! 
This is NOT the 362nd BEST song, it's THE best.
That John Lennon sure was smart!

Uncle UL and I both agree now that the only way to have real peace of enny kind is LUVVIN’ whoever it is you think you’re mad at, scared of, or who’s differnt than you are! So ifya get mad at somebody or sumthin’ like that, just LUV ‘em! Uncle UL sez that ifya believe somethin’ a WHOLE lot, then that’s called a conviction. This here is my conviction so I’m gonna write this here now in bold letters cuz I think our politishuns and Generals need to hear this! All the countries in the world need to wise up and use LUV not killin’ to make everbody get what they want ‘n need! That espeshally includes the UNITED STATES ‘O AMERICA for sure! I DO luv all you guys and women who run countries ‘n armies ‘n stuff, but for God’s sake and mine please finally unnerstand just one thing and one thing only—LOVE IS ALLYA NEED! ! ! ! !


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