Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kevin Spacey's Number One Fan: Isabelle York on Facebook

Isabelle York on Facebook has been a friend of ours now for years, and is about to turn 18, a high school student, fan of nature but especially of the above pictured gentleman, Mr. Kevin Spacey. She marks her attendance at a performance of Richard III, which was transported across the big pond from his London offices where he is the Artistic Director of the Old Vic theater where this particular production was staged originally last summer. Isabelle had the opportunity to experience this production starring her idol when it was presented in Manhattan earlier this year.

Isabelle York on Facebook
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Kevin Spacey Fan and Admirer Extraordinaire

In the video above, Ms. York expounds upon her feelings regarding her fondness for Mr. Spacey. There are legitimate grounds for admiring this talented actor beyond his on-screen activities. As a director he has done yeoman's service advancing the cause of live theater, and he maintains a full-time office at the Old Vic Theater, and relishes live theater so much that he is more often to be found in England than he is here in the states or anywhere else in the world.

Bella explains that her devotion to Mr. Spacey is deeper even than their common love of the theater, but also has much to do with commonalities in their personal lives and in their outlooks upon life. She views him as a "huge inspiration" to her and this video shows her being surprised on Christmas morning when she opens the tickets to Mr. Spacey's Richard III performance, and her extremely grateful emotional reaction to this gift. In her introduction piece prior to the Christmas morning segment, she suggests that others might not understand her fascination with the talented Mr. Spacey, and suggests that her strong desire to meet him and her fondness for all things Spacey are preferable to others' obsessions with drugs, alcohol or staying out late.

We couldn't agree more and offer our love to a dear friend, and our sincere wishes for good fortune as she musters both the courage and the technique which may be required in order for her to achieve her long-held goal of meeting Kevin Spacey in person.

To learn more about Mr. Spacey's work at the Old Vic check out their website linked here: 

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