Monday, September 17, 2012

Once There Was A RepubliCon Prez Nominee, A RepubliCon Veep Nominee, and an Awesome Incumbent Democrat-They Went Fishing Together....

There once was a Flip-Flopping Quarter-Billionaire Republican Presidential candidate, a kind of Pathetic Republican Vice Presidential Nominee with hoof-in-mouth disease and an Awesome Incumbent Democratic President.
They're all in a boat fishing.They're doing pretty good, catching some decent bass.

The President sez to the other guys- "Wow, that soda has gotten to me, I have to excuse myself."
So the President hops out of the boat, walks to shore, goes into the woods-disappears for awhile then comes out of the woods, walks back from shore, out to the boat and climbs back in. He sez "Now that's how I spell relief, guys!"
Romney and Ryan look at each other in disbelief! "HELL NO!" he couldn't have done that they thought.

So Ryan has to pee also by and by, but rather than risk his buttocks by trying to walk to shore, he just asks for Barack's soda can and pees into it.

And you just KNOW Romney had to go real bad, but held it just as long as he could because he couldn't make up his mind whether to walk to shore and was afraid of looking bad.
Finally he couldn't stand it any longer and he jumped outa the boat and sunk like a rock.

He bobbed up and cursed, screaming for the other two to haul him back into the boat (he had apparently peed himself out in  the process of sinking and treading water).
When Romney got back into the boat, he blubbered to the President you ARE amazing, you walk on water dude!"  

"Lean over, Willard, and look close." said Barack. "Do you see that rock just below the surface? Now look ahead of  it. Do you see that one?? All you had to do was follow the rocks in to shore and get your relief and come back. If you follow SOME kind of CONSISTENT plan, instead of trying to be all things to all people, NOBODY SINKS and I get my nickel back for my soda can without feeling guilty. And NO, you may not have the key OR the wheel to this boat WILLARD!"

Let's re-elect this awesome incumbent, it's crunch time and his website is:

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