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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


You Can Shine Your Shoes and Wear a Suit,
You Can Comb Your Hair and Look Quite Cute.
You Can Hide Your Face Behind a Smile.
One Thing You Can't Hide, is when you're

Tis end of season, yea it be true…
Signs and posters must begone into the blue.
Now tis time to cast ye ballots and forsooth…
If ye do not--let ye please lose at least one tooth.

For if the Koch brothers and their allies,
Romney and Ryan chock full of lies
Should win this quadrennial tally due to YOUR deferment or sloth
My own mouth shalt work itself into a rich foamy froth.

For old folks’ pensions shall be barren as an octogenarian minus Viagra,
And their health shall plummet like the Falls of Niagara,
‘Repeal and Replace’ is the dramedy they preach,
Imagining the 47% a lesson to teach.
The reality is they seek to steal from the masses,
And create a plutocracy of only men—not any lasses.

Yea- they seek to enrich the military contractors,
By ‘Attacking and Occupying’ in even more serious wars,
With the likes of Iran a continent away,
For want of oil, greed and money tis what I say.
So cast ye a ballot today is my fervent undying plea,

If you don’t want a grin from the deceased Mussolini.

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