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Monday, February 24, 2014


Pink Floyd 
Rob Walton's attitude
"Money? It's A Gas!"

S. Robson Walton, a.k.a. “Rob,” began his career running Wal-Mart the way he’s continued ever since. He heartlessly took over as Chairman of the already monstrously sized retail corporation within 48 hours of his father’s (Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton) death in April 1992. 

Whether you like corporate success or not, Sam Walton became Forbes Magazine’s unofficial ‘richest person in America’ (their list of wealthiest billionaires hadn’t yet been established before the time of Sam’s death) with a bit of scruples--a word Rob does not comprehend nor apparently ever learned from Daddy. Sam’s formula for massive success was simple. He discovered that if he could turn around sales quickly, say within 3 days of acquiring inventory, that would leave him with 27 days to pay off vendors--the interest of that 27 days all accruing to Wal-Mart. He became the master of getting stuff on and off the shelves.
Maybe the sickest of all 
multi-billionaires ever:
Silver Spooner

Rob’s plan was a bit more sinister. No. A LOT more sinister, damaging to the U.S. economy, harmful to the global economy and devastating to the environment. He implemented it quickly, using the cash he (he shared most of Sam’s inheritance with 3 siblings who let Rob run the show, and DO deserve our animosity in a big way for that alone) got from Daddy 2 days after he died, Rob began buying and renting real estate very, very close to competitors. Remember Caldor, Bradlees, KMart and other discount chains? He intentionally began to chase them out of the market by undercutting their prices. 

Now officially dead.
Thanks to 'conservative capitalists'
such as
Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and 

And just how was Robby able to lower his prices? Do you quality built hardwood furniture? He turned it into pressed wood boards made out of paper chips and packaged in puzzle pieces for the consumer to bring home in boxes and assemble themselves. He took the good jobs carpenters had in our great furniture shops across the land and shipped the manufacturing of his paper furniture overseas (with the able assistance and cooperation of favorable treatment by the Cheney/Bush Administration and their deregulation of everything allowing him to send U.S. jobs to Asia). Now, utilizing abused women and child laborers in the still Communist dictatorship of China primarily, but also in other nations, he was able to cut both the quality and price of furniture. But not just furniture as we all know. Everything from lamps, to tables, to underwear, bras and jeans were also in Rob’s plan. 

In the United States, quality union laborers who were making things like solid maple and oak furniture for example, were far too expensive for Rob. They earned way over minimum wage, worked full time and received benefits such as health care and time off. This was anathema to Robby. His slave labor in China (his pal Mitt Romney once visited such a manufacturing plant with media present and observing the tall fence topped with barbed wire surrounding it, commented that he thought it was intended to keep potential workers out--of course it was a slave labor camp and the fence kept brutally treated workers IN), cheap shoddy merchandise along with his occupation of storefronts in the shadow of competitors was Rob’s plan for success! 
The Greedster chiefly responsible
for the permanent loss of
American manufacturing jobs:
Wal-Mart Chairman

Sam Walton had a bit of a different approach to his employees, by the way. Here is what the L.A. Times had to say about Sam’s attitude: “Walton used to work with American manufacturers, helping them to become more efficient in an effort to prevent them from manufacturing products overseas. Walton, in fact, was proud of the fact that he was actually increasing the number of products he carried in his stores that were made in the U.S. by American companies. Walton apparently understood the importance of having a domestic manufacturing sector, perhaps knowing that well-paid employees would actually help his own bottom line.”

WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO YOU ROB WALTON? You are now the greediest, meanest, vicious employer on earth and farmed out all these jobs your father tried to protect!
So ya can't have slaves here in the U.S.A.?
What's a billionaire like
Go to China.
Wal-Mart is now unfortunately earth’s largest corporation and its largest employer--if you can call his workers ‘employees’ rather than what they actually are, slave laborers. Walton’s own employees in American stores are so grossly underpaid, averaging $8.50 an hour or so, that a huge percentage are food stamp and other forms of welfare recipients, each store estimated to cost taxpayers approximately $1 million a year in such sickening subsidies as milk money for kids of hard working Wal-Mart ‘associates’ who cannot afford to feed themselves, their kids or even purchase clothing at the store employing them--instead having to buy used clothing at their local Goodwill or Salvation Army outlet. :(

The RepbubliCON Party
has the audacity to call Barack Obama
the "Food Stamp President"
when the truest of "Food Stamp Presidents"
was George W. Bush
creating a deregulatory environment
enabling greedster
to pay slave labor wages to his own
employees now dependent
on the tax dollar.
As for Rob? His own worth stands at $33 billion and rising at last count. Along with his three silver-spooning siblings, the family is now worth more than any single American government department than the Defense Department ($150 billion and climbing). ALL WHILE HIS OWN EMPLOYEES REQUIRE FOOD STAMPS!!! 

Sorry if these photos nauseate you.
stores forya.

I have been doing a series of articles here and at headlining my local store-entitled Wallingford Walmart. I began the series because around Easter time a few years ago now I went to a public men’s room at this store, and the conditions in there were so despicably filthy that a poor 5 year old whose Mom was waiting outside the restroom kicked a piece of feces out of the way in order to enter a toilet stall. I began to photograph conditions at the store. I had the Health Department inspect repeatedly. The then Store Manager was compelled to have the regional cleaning crew come in and sanitize the store, especially those restrooms within sight of their produce department.
Great Value, huh?
Sorry to nauseate you again,
but there are actually three moldy 
packages in this photo
and dozens of outdated
cheese as much as 6 months out of date
from my local store.

I documented outdated food, including some REALLY moldy cheeses I discovered on their shelves. I was so outraged that I actually showed the Mayor in addition to the Health Director. That Store Manager (who was always being stifled by the Wal-Mart corporate headquarters in Arkansas from speaking to the press--not allowed they’d say, but the Manager would always slip up and talk to me) had to fire the manager responsible that very day and pull all the refrigerated items he had off the shelf. 

Employees of Rob’s at the Wallingford store became acutely aware of my publications and loved it. I acquired countless secret supporters and even received a military salute from one of their ‘greeters’ each time they arrived. Oh, and about those ‘greeters’ who are a Wal-Mart trade mark? I’ve been reliably informed that their primary assignment is keeping an eye on shoplifters until police can arrive, and other such security tasks, rather than merely saying “Hello, welcome to Wal-Mart.” What a risky business, indeed, for $8.50 part time and no benefits, huh Rob?
Yes. He's the fool responsible for all of this.

I was once taken in the back warehouse portion of the store by a “Co-Manager” of that store, surrounded by half a dozen warehouse workers, and reamed out by that manager for my publication exploits. He tried to intimidate me and the entire crew surrounded me as though forcing me out of the store. I had a basket of merchandise and as I approached the front of the store, with witnesses now present, I was able to tell his goon squad to leave me so that I didn’t have to shoplift my stuff myself, and rather bring my cart through the register. This Manager didn’t call the police on me, because I had violated no laws whatsoever. I merely published the entire story with the guy’s name attached, forwarded it to the Store Manager and his job was now history.

More than one female employee has told me that they do occasionally have difficulty with male customers stalking, especially into the parking lot. An evening employee told me the stalking of one customer became so bad the police became involved and an arrest ensued. That Wal-Mart store REFUSED to allow a single male staff member to accompany her into the dark parking lot as she would leave her shift around midnight. At least she and one other employee has had to resort to suing the store for such a sick attitude and behavior!!! Sexual harassment in the extreme is what I call that, Rob!
decides which Maserati he'll purchase next,
his cashier is wondering if
she can purchase food for the kids.
You SUCK Rob!
You just do.

And Robby is so unfeeling that he has the audacity to publicly display his material excess with a public “hobby.” He has a $16 million dollar race car collection (including his Maserati, Ferrari and Corvette) and races them publicly in California while his own store a mile away has workers slaving away, unable to afford food. WHAT A SICK DUDE!!!
While you are enjoying your
please don't forget that 
Sam's Club
is really 
Wal-Mart in disguise.

So, for all these reasons and more, we hereby declare Wal-Mart Board Chairman Samuel Robson (Rob) Walton to be the number one reason to despise and BOYCOTT WAL-MART!!! Aside from employee abuse, creating permanent U.S. industrial unemployment, cooperating with the Communist regime in China to employ slave labor, shoddy merchandise, food you REALLY have to check before putting into your cart including moldy stuff, sexual harassment and abuse, and just plain GREED!!! We support all efforts to organize and unionize Wal-Mart associates here, and call on Congress and the President to investigate labor conditions of Walton employees overseas, re-regulate and pass legislation outlawing these sick practices!

If you thought you hated Wal-Mart and weren’t quite sure why, well here you go. The number one reason has to boycott has to be the guy running things since Daddy died. ROB WALTON is just number one. How about moldy cheese? Slave labor? Tax subsidies for stores because employees can’t afford food, clothing, shelter and health care? Shoddy merchandise? GREED?



Sheila Rekdal said...

I totally agree with Boycotting WalMart. They have a practice of buying Life Insurance policies on employees with terminal disease that pay out to WalMart. They are the biggest Welfare Queen in the World.

Long shot said...

Matthew 22
[35] Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, [36] Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Revelation 22
[15]...and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.


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