Thursday, February 20, 2014



Dear Mr. President:

I’ve supported you in many ways since 2008 and continue to do so. Though I live  well below poverty level as a disabled American, I’ve given cash support to both of your campaigns; as an author and reporter I have enthusiastically endorsed you twice; and as an active member of your campaigns I have opened my home to others for recruitment and fund raising. THANK YOU for persevering and passing the Health Care Reform Act! Thank you for the TARP bill, preserving Social Security and Medicare. To borrow a phrase from Vice President Biden, your elections and Administration have been “a big f_____g deal” for all Americans! :)

I must reiterate a frequent criticism and perhaps state it a bit more clearly now that you’ve drawn yet another “line” threatening “consequences” against a government on another continent. We have no business threatening fools like the Basher of Syria-Assad--nor do we have any such business doing so in the Ukraine now! PLEASE GET THE TESTOSTERONE OUT OF YOUR MILITARY AND FOREIGN POLICY, SIR, AND STOP THREATENING AND AGGRESSING AGAINST SOVEREIGN NATIONS! VIOLENCE DOES NOT BEGET PEACE, MR. PRESIDENT! By threatening to intervene in the Ukraine you are inviting the idiotic leader of Russia which happens to be next door to that nation and shares a huge border with it, and has legitimate national security concerns there to take charge once again while you sit in Washington manipulating our bloated military. Vladimir Putin does not need you making him look good once again, as you did when you threatened Syria with a ‘thin red line’ and a potential bombing campaign while Putin resolved the matter of chemical weapons without firing a shot, sir!

What’s happening in the Ukraine is a tragedy and I also call upon the government and protesters to seek only peaceful options, but peaceful options will not come about as the result of threats from overseas. AND PLEASE STOP DRONING SOVEREIGN NATIONS AS WELL! I CALL FOR AN IMMEDIATE HALT TO ALL DRONE STRIKES UNTIL WE CAN REVIEW THE IMPLICATAIONS OF THIS STILL BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY! AND INTERNATIONAL LAW DICTATES THAT YOU REFRAIN FROM USING FORCE IN ANY OTHER SOVEREIGN NATION, PARTICULARLY WITHOUT THAT GOVERNMENT’S KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL! And for crying out loud, sir, let us finally LEAVE AFGHANISTAN TO THE AFGHANS! Sometimes, sir, I hate to say, that when I look at your abuses of force and misuse of violence and/or threats, I’m more reminded of the RepubliCON Cheney/Bush insanity rather than a reasonable and liberal Democratic foreign policy.

I support your Administration, and look forward to a Democratic victory, especially in the House, this November. However I will say it once again: PLEASE, MR. PRESIDENT, GET THE TESTOSTERONE OUT OF YOUR VEINS WHEN CONTEMPLATING MILITARY ACTION AND CONSIDERING MORE THREATS OR IMPLIED THREATS OF VIOLENCE ON OTHER CONTINENTS!

Steve Alexander
aka Unabashed Left

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