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Bluebelle The WonderCat and Angel [a.k.a. Angelpie] Orange

Sorry to say I'm beginning to run low
on tunes pertaining to greedsters.
Here's a quality little performance
of their "Money" by none other than
John Lennon and a backup band he called
The Beatles.

YES, IT'S TRUE! My loving family--Bluebelle the WonderCat, Angel [a.k.a. 'Angelpie'] Orange and I will not have to live in a tent for the duration of New England's currently brutal winter! YES WE CAN! We did a very good job in eviction court yesterday. :)

My own trusty steed has earned her own name.
This is the company vehicle transporting
me from Wallingford (a.k.a. Wallyworld)
to New Haven.
"Hi Ho Silver, AWAY!"
<3 b="" silver="">

The company vehicle that can't ride 
company (Wallingford Housing Authority)
tenants, only employees.
even has a vanity plate
paid for with YOUR tax dollars.
Tracy Blackwell,
ace Resident Manager
and self-described
Court Liaison
drove in this vehicle,
don't worry about him being
 subject to the 17 degree
weather at the bus stop
I waited at for 33 minutes.

In the courtroom itself, after his attorney plumped me down in a seat directly in front of the guy who refused me a ride to court, New Haven/Wallingford Housing Authority employee Tracy Blackwell, I leaned back and said to this dude sporting a 1980's style fade "I checked it out, Tracy, your company vehicle has a current retail value of over $21,000 even used!" 
Yes, fades ARE apparently still possible,
34 years later,
with the proper barber shears!

In the same courtroom I asked him if it was really true that the vehicle can't ride residents, when I asked in whispered tones why the WHA has it at all, then, he was stifled. So I helped Mr. Blackwell out. "Then it can only ride employees, right, Tracy?" I queried. Tracy affirmed this. When I pointed out that the Dodge Ram Nitro company vehicle has 5 seats and the WHA only had 3 full time employees, Tracy was again stifled. Ever helpful, I asked Tracy if he didn't like what I was saying. Believe it or not this WALLINGFORD [OR IS IT NEW HAVEN--EVEN THE HOUSING COURT CHIEF MEDIATOR DIDN'T UNDERSTAND NEW HAVEN'S ROLE IN THE WALLINGFORD HOUSING AUTHORITY NOR DID SHE KNOW THEY WERE 'RUNNING' THINGS HERE, NOW] HOUSING STAFFER ACTUALLY HAD THE AUDACITY TO TELL ME THAT TO HIM "WHAT YOU SAY DOESN'T MATTER." Dejected and rejected, I quoted Tracy repeatedly in private and before the court that WHAT TENANTS HAVE TO SAY SHOULD MATTER TO HIM!"
After a one mile trek uphill with my trusty steed,
Hi Ho Silver,
we finally arrived at OUR destination.
The bus stop at Sylvan and S. Main
in Wallyworld.
17 degrees Fahrenheit, no less. :(

So, by 10am I was actually in the shadow
of this amazing structure:

And by 10am I was in the courtroom, and nothing happened [oh, yes, the judge made 3 brief appearances, including one in which a heroic attendee actually briefly refused to rise for the robed white guy, like me--white guy, that is, I left my robe home] for me for two solid hours. A stiff wooden chair for that time, until Attorney Mike Burdo called me out of the courtroom--so rude and self-absorbed that he felt introducing himself was unnecessary [he knew who I was because he was there when I arrived and announced myself to the recorder--I stuck my hand out and said "My name is Steve. And you are???"] And then there we were in the hallway with the mighty Tracy Blackwell and his fade haircut.
The Halls of...
um.. er..
The Halls of...
I forget--
What halls are these???

Once in the hall, after Burdo tried to deny that I'd attempted to negotiate a 3 month deal through him to the housing authority [detailed in the prior article linked here: ], and demeaned me in other ways--including demanding repeatedly that I tell him my medical expenses for this month [I finally told him I was seeing a psychiatrist for ADHD, I kid you not--I AM proud to be an UNABASHEDLY left wing fellow and to report that I said this solemnly to Mr's. Burdo and Blackwell]. LOL! We struck a cash deal during this lobbying, before appearing before New Haven's Chief Housing Arbitrator Cynthia Tiexear to sanctify it. I admit that I was rather harsh on Tracy during our hearing, but Attorney Burdo [whom I couldn't stop referring to as "Mike" in front of the arbitrator, rather than Mr. or Attorney Burdo because of his boyish looks and the fact that during the last year we had become VERY familiar by phone despite his attempts at denial of our near constant contact] had NO right to do what he did next. Wallingford Housing Authority Mike Burdo actually THREATENED me by saying that I'd better go easier on Tracy or he could "negate the agreement and have me removed in 5 days." Shame on you, Mike--I mean... MISTER Burdo! But also a some shame goes to you, Cynthia [who was actually nice otherwise, and showed some of the humor I was displaying as well--when I leaned over once to talk with an empty chair next to me pretending MY attorney was there, Cynthia pointed to a chair behind her and told us Mr. Murphy--of "Murphy's Law" fame--sat in that seat at all times] for not either recognizing or rebuking ATTORNEY Burdo for threatening me.
This is my plea to WHA Attorney Mike Burdo
and to the 
Wallingford--nay New Haven--Housing Authority.

Cynthia was given a copy of our previous article-- -- but said the judge was unlikely to read it lest the purity of his objective mind be tainted. Cynthia and the New Haven Housing Court were clueless prior to my appearance yesterday that New Haven was running the WALLINGFORD Housing Authority. She was fascinated by the dollar amounts I was throwing out [Tracy actually said "You know more than I do"], but more by the shear volume of eviction cases that the WHA was bringing as I alleged that she began looking back to the caseload back to 2012 during our hearing. LOOK SOME MORE PLEASE, CYNTHIA AND I ASK THE COURT TO COMPELL THE WHA TO CEASE AND DESIST WITH THEIR ABUSE OF THE COURT AND TALK WITH, REASON WITH AND EVEN HELP TENANTS LONG BEFORE SERVING EVICTION NOTICES! I repeatedly reminded Tracy [in front of the court, his attorney and in private] that his and the Authority's primary job is caring for their elderly and handicapped tenants, not threatening, abusing and tossing them on the streets as I have been observing since New Haven took over WALLINGFORD'S Authority! But, most importantly, Angel, Bluebelle and your intrepid unabashed correspondent need not sleep in a Wal-Mart tent in 4 days as Mike Burdo threatened. WE WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE A HOME [unlike the poor lady neighbor of mine, mentally incapacitated and dependent upon her electric wheelchair for mobility and now housed in the New Haven homeless shelter]!

So after court, off I meandered off with my trusty steed,
to the bus stop on New Haven's still
somewhat attractive [from a distance] green.
The second is a shot of a building I love 
much more than the courthouse:
New Haven Free Public Library!
As if to add an insult,
while waiting for the bus
with high winds and freezing cold
snowflakes began to fall under
the partly cloudy skies,
even as the sun shone.
But fortunately I am NOT homeless, nor
are my beloved pets.
It can happen to anyone.
Even YOU.
At any time. 
Please remember that

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