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Why oh why has the NFL allowed Michael Vick to model his role for the nation's children.  The NFL is misguided in so many ways it should be boycotted.  It happens to be my belief that dogs are spiritual beings having a temporary canine experience just as I am a spiritual being myself having a temporary human experience.  The latter is one of the pillars of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic tradition.  Regardless, the central pillars of morality with any value whatever are such values as mercy, charity, love, compassion and care.  Michael Vick is none of these.  His all too short "debt" to society was purchased with his ridiculously large NFL salary[and what about those salaries and profits, NFL?].

Many of the wonderful pups Vick mercilessly abused, tortured and maimed for profit[already the highest paid multi-millionaire in the NFL] are still alive and living lives without the severe physical pain inflicted by Vick, but suffering the emotional consequences of his horrors with loving families and organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society which are still picking up the pieces from his selfish reign of terror against helpless canines.  He admitted to his crimes!

Just this year, before the beginning of this foolish NFL season, which should be boycotted by anyone who shares their life with a dog, ever did, or ever loved one, Vick was again in the news.  The terms of his parole reportedly included terms preventing him from associating with known ex-felons altogether, and specifically as well as especially his own co-conspirators.  At a Virginia Beach bar where a birthday party was being held in his "honor" words were allegedly heard being spoken between Vick and a "co-conspirator guest."  A felon.  If this were in fact the case, in and of itself a violation of his parole.  This man was shot outside the bar by another party-goer allegedly.  WAKE UP NFL AND NFL FANS!!!  BOYCOTT THE NFL NOW!!!  GET VICK OFF THE PAYROLL AND OFF THE GRAVY TRAIN HE ROBBED HIS CANINE VICTIMS OF!!!

Face it NFL, players are role models, otherwise don't sell advertising, and products to kids.  No matter how you wrap him up, even reformed one day, God willing, is no role model for the kids you target for profit.  He blew it for life in that regard.  If you're reformed or reforming, face it Vick.  You're no role model for kids ever in this particular life.  Resign today!  Now there would be an example for kids!  What a lesson for us all you could teach, sir.  And NFL, if you don't fire him for good then you are a bunch of[as Jesus said to the clergy in Jerusalem] hypocrites!!!  NFL, you are in a unique position to stop the abuse of animals, and of the long decline of American culture that you've so richly been participating in for years.

BP's oil spill earlier this year killed thousands of kittens, cats, dogs and puppies, probably more than wildlife.  Unemployed families had to give up these loved ones.  The cover story on the August 16th 2010 edition of Time magazine, beautifully written and thoughtfully researched by Jeffrey Kluger is mandatory reading for any animal lover and and NFL fan.  The cover photo is of a beautiful black pug.  The higher mammals all think and they all feel emotion.  They all also feel physical pain, many far more acutely than you and I.  Elephants are ingenious and emotional.  Primates intelligent and nimble, and creative tool inventors.  Dogs can anticipate seizures, and do for humans so afflicted, guide the blind and assist the deaf and routinely save human lives.

The only mammal to threaten life on the planet is the one called Homo sapiens.  The primary threats currently are our nuclear weapons[those of America being among the two largest arsenals on Earth], of course, and now climate change caused primarily by our greedy laziness resulting in carbon emissions beyond what our thin coat of oxygen can take, and it is likely too late to repair that damage, but let's please not give up hope.  U.S. economic and foreign policies have resulted in taking the carbon emission issue out of our own hands and placing it in so many others worldwide[for example, the Communist regime in Beijing is responsible for the largest tonnage of pollution in the world now, surpassing America's own, thanks to our policies--and India is coming up fast and so are so many others].

Dogs are man's best friend, so let's please be theirs.  And all the others, felines included(dontcha just love 'em all?).  In any long-term relationship I've cherished, I've owed amends.  And amends, in my book, are not just saying you're sorry, but proving, one day at a time, that you'll never do it again.  And not profiteering off your mistakes, nor pretending to be a role model for people not to abuse dogs once you've been convicted of abusing dogs, for example.  And giving up on the notion that you are any sort of role model afterward by returning to a hypocritical NFL for ego and cash.  Who cares whether the Philadelphia Eagles win or lose as long as a filthy rich spoiled dog abuser is in charge of that offensive offense?  Not I.  Nor should any dog lover, or anyone who ever was or loved a kid, for example.

I recommend a visit to the http://www.la-spca.org/  today!  Donate please as much as you can.  They did and continue to do awesome work for the domestic-animal victims of the likes of Tony Wayward Hayward and his BP cronies(Hayward, now hiding from US extradition in Vladimir Putin's Russia at last check).  If you click on the title of this essay, you'll get to the site.  Thanks to you Deborah, I hope you like this one.  You are an inspiration and a gentlewoman indeed.  ABSOLUTELY. 

I want to conclude this essay by inviting Michael Vick, NFL execs and all its employees, and all my readers to check out the awesome poem to be found at:  http://www.rainbowbridge.com/

You'll be very glad you did, I do believe.  Thanks to Augie, Meow, Momcat, Bluebelle, Iggie, Gout, Trixie, Lennie, Mollie Brown, Cricket, and many, many other unconditionally loving felines and canines who contributed to the research for this article.  :)

If there has to be an NFL season with Michael Vick involved, how about we all root for a New Orleans Saints repeat, and for the Philadelphia Eagles to stumble to the bottom of the heap this season.  Nothing against the City of Brotherly Love, just the NFL and Michael Vick's audacity at pretending to be some kind of example for the city's kids to emulate.  Dontcha think?

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He did his time. We have no say to tell someone they can or can't have a job because of their past actions.