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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear Mr. President:

I have never been as inspired by an incumbent head of state nor head of government, nor by any leader playing both roles in any nation during my lifetime as I have been by your courageous actions resulting in the safe deliverance of the 39(33 trapped miners and the 6 below ground hero rescuers)individuals yesterday and the worldwide focus on love and peace during the past 48 to 72 hours especially, but throughout the crisis.  Viva Chile, Sir!  Thank you for your faith, compassion and leadership.  The only other national head of state/government that comes to mind is the great President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, and yet most of his awesome accomplishments for his nation, the world and life on this precious planet had already been accomplished prior to his tenure as President of that great nation.  The other non-national leaders of my lifetime who come to mind this morning sir, are Mahatma Gandhi, the likely-soon to be canonized Pope John Paul II, and my own nation's great leader and prophet the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., sir.

The New York Times much-abridged biography describes you as the first "right-wing" President of your awesome nation in 20 years who has promised to maintain the social policies of the prior "left" administration.  I'm not exactly sure what the NY Times means by right and left here, sir.  I believe that if you have adopted the more humane policies of your predecessor socially, and have such compassion as you've demonstrated here, the NY Times is barking up the wrong tree altogether by making the effort to label your politics right, left, center or to derogatorily characterize another's views such as yours in any such manner whatever.  In my nation division, right and left reigns in Washington, DC.  This happens to be a liberal political blog, and my name "Unabashed Left" is itself a parody of the name calling mud-slinging that currently prevails here, Mr. President.  As a liberal I confess that the NY Times, MSNBC and other "liberal" outlets, including myself, frequently bark up wrong trees in this regard.  Not you, sir, I do believe.

This is a media event, and has clearly been orchestrated by your administration as such.  Thinking outside the box, because media events have a bad rap because they are typically orchestrated by individuals, groups and governments for the wrong reasons and in wrong ways, I believe your motives are clearly good and planned + implemented flawlessly, and obviously the results have already benefited billions of humans the world over.

You now, I believe have succeeded, perhaps beyond your wildest dreams my dear Mr. President.  Your non-scripted speech following the 33rd miner's rescue was an inspiration and I heard your shout-out to world leaders[I must confess that I wish a leader or two without a "conservative" reputation might have been helpful to our cause] and welcomed that.  For the first time in my life I feel motivated to invite a world leader I know little about to follow-up on a good deed and take the world stage.  I confess to not follow Chilean politics.  I confess to having caught the contagion of ethnocentricity that reigns in this nation which threatens the rest of the world with nukes and shouts down any other that dares to even consider doing the same.

The world stage, sir, happens to be in this nation on an island called Manhattan in New York City.  It is called the United Nations.  Please solicit an invitation to speak there as soon as possible.  I believe they have no choice but to accept this week.  And a carefully considered and well delivered speech by you there very quickly will also capture the world's imagination I believe, sir.  The window of time is narrow, because our species has ADHD sir.  Time is of the essence I do believe.  A request quickly submitted for a speech asap can certainly happen right now.

You have created a golden opportunity for yourself, for Chile, for the world, and for every person in my life that I love.  I am a person of passion too, sir, such as yourself.  I cried with joy frequently yesterday sir.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I do believe your great people of the inspiring Chilean nation are in no way selfish.  They will make the sacrifice of allowing you to seize this opportunity I do believe.  The opportunity, sir, is to advance and even do a slam-dunk(or score a header goal) for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who's cause was Unconditional Love.  I submit this request genuinely and lovingly myself, and have considered it and these words carefully, but much consideration wasn't really necessary.  Peace and love are worth any risk.  The notion that American drilling experts were diverted from their aggressive task in Afghanistan aimed at killing, to saving lives in Chile-by a liberal U.S. administration that I agree is misguided in these particular efforts(in both Afghanistan and Iraq) provides a great opportunity.

Only a "conservative" like President Nixon(whose Administration in general I continue to deplore) could talk to Mao Tse Tung.  Only a "hawk" like Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel could sign a peace treaty with an awesome Arab President like Anwar Sadat of the great nation of Egypt.  And, ironically, right now the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau has a similar opportunity.

Please sir, come to the States and speak in Manhattan as soon as your schedule permits.  I promise to do everything in my power to acquire a ticket, but by whatever means necessary to listen with rapt attention to whatever wisdom you may have to impart.  God bless you Mr. President, and God bless Chile, indeed.  ABSOLUTELY.  Sincerely, Steven M. Alexander  Wallingford, CT  U.S.A.

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