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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sociological Stuff: The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam opens and the NFL still needs to fire Michael Vick and End Animal Cruelty!

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The NY Times reported yesterday on the opening of the new Colorado River Bridge, an engineering marvel including a bridge for vehicular traffic and a pedestrian footbridge overlooking the Hoover Dam, another technological marvel itself.  The article, composed by Marc Lacey and entitled "Come For The Highway. Stay For The View" is a nicely written piece about a bridge chock full of symbolism of all sorts.

Officially the "Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge," the structure overlooks an infrastructure project from decades ago that contributed hugely to bringing us out of another rough economic time in our American life, and a massive hydroelectric dam that proved the functionality of hydroelectric as an alternative to the carbon-spewing coal power plants we, China, and many others are still overdependent upon.  Climate change has rendered the value of this lesson all the more poignant in this century and millennium.

Governor Mike O'Callaghan of Nevada was also a Korean War veteran and newspaper editor.  Hard copy papers are dying fast(the loss of the Christian Science Monitor hard copies is still hard to take) and the First Amendment matters far more than the widely misconstrued Second Amendment, especially this campaign season.  Perhaps one possible "Second Amendment Remedy" would be to repeal it, and start that "right to bear arms" notion from scratch again once Democrats are again firmly in power.

Pat Tillman was the Arizona Cardinals NFL football player killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004 fighting for the U.S. government run, at the time, by Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld.  Attempts to con his family and the nation into the belief that he was killed by the enemy have been widely reported this year, and his family is still seeking answers on that one.  And our efforts to expand the boycott of the NFL and force Michael Vick's resignation or firing and to boycott the Philadelphia Eagles, in particular, continues!!!

The O'Callaghan/Tillman Bridge unites Nevada, where a "Second Amendment Remedy" Tea Party candidate named Sharron Angle is trying to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Her ludicrous campaign, including running away from a press conference she actually called, avoidance of mainstream press, raising money hand over fist on Fox news without shame, and absurd and inciteful and ignorant comments on issues has rendered her vulnerable to loss against the Majority Leader despite the attacks by the right on his character and competence.

The other side of the Bridge connects to Arizona, home of Governor Jan Brewer, author of what I have come to label the "Brown Bill"-- if you're Brown you're busted.  Giving probable cause to pull people over that even police officers don't want.  Seat belt laws, bad lights, moving violations, registrations, and more are enough probable cause for any competent law enforcer to pull someone over without forcing them to profile ethnically, and no competent cop wants it.

Following the attacks on September 11, 2001, traffic was diverted away from the Hoover Dam because it's been thought a likely terrorist target for scumbags like Bin Laden.  The O'Callaghan/Tillman Bridge rectifies that situation.  President Obama's only been in office for 21 months and is still doing the post-Cheney/Bush economic/civil liberties/foreign policy/defense/terrorism mop-up operation he's been stuck with since January 20, 2009.  And a fine job he, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid are doing indeed.  The Tea Partiers are griping about mentioning Bush and the prior administration, and we can well understand why.

It's called "The Great Recession" now already.  A peace agreement is finally at hand after 7 years of incompetent prosecution of the war in Afghanistan.  Wires were tapped again illegally for the first time routinely since Nixon, another incompetent Republican "President."  Roberts was named to the Supreme Court and the new "Roberts Rules of Order" for elections are a nightmare!  And please lets not forget that Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush were in office and responsible for national security for 9 months when they botched it and enabled 4,000 or so American souls to perish with 4 airliners on 9/11!!!  They hit the Pentagon of all things!!!  Only the bravery of the passengers prevented the White House from being hit, and the incompetence of the boobs who "masterminded" this plot is typified by the fact that Bush himself was in Florida that morning.

Condoleeza Rice has said that she had to yell at Bush and hang up on him because he didn't have the sense to know that he needed to stay out of the District of Columbia that fateful day.  And the American voters are going to consider voting Republican again at all??? Amazing!!!  The classic American Electorate ADHD I suppose.  But NOT.  They are too smart, and the House and Senate will be in the good hands of the Democrats come January once again I  am certain.  Thanks to the likes of silly candidacies such as the pro-meatball, anti-masturbation candidate for Senate in Delaware Christine O'Donnell; Rand Paul the libertarian extremist Senate Republican candidate in Kentucky; and Sharron Angle the way-too-radical Senate candidate in Nevada who threatens armed insurrection by talking about "Second Amendment Remedies."


And remember, please to donate today to as generously as you can.  Peace[and I do believe it is at hand in Afghanistan--mark my words, maybe before the dawn of 2011].

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