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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MOMCAT'S VEGAN PROJECT: Edible Animals: The How's and Why's Of My Decision To Go Vegan-Lifestyle

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Bluebelle the Wonder Cat in an Edible Arrangements Box
Given to Us by my Mom and Dad-in-law Thanksgiving 2010
A few months ago Momcat went missing.  We've been the foster parents of formerly feral Momcat and Meow for over a year now.  We agreed to care for these beautiful felines when a dear friend needed us too. This person is awesome with animals, and has a knack for training wild animals and creating friendly pets out of them. As a child I would watch in awe as this outdoorsman would capture a muskrat, lets say, and have it in his lap being petted like a domesticated guinea pig within days.


As a child we always had animals, as pets primarily.  We had Trixie, my first recollected pet in life. Trixie was a standard poodle-springer spaniel rescue dog my parents heroically rescued. She was great with us kids growing up. Trixie understood the danger of cars and used to walk around our property unchained and unfenced-in without any concerns by us or our neighbors. She loved to play outdoors, running with us and indoors she loved being petted and rolling around with me on the carpet.

                                         Meow the formerly feral Cat

We also had great canines in Iggie and Gout. Iggie was a comical-looking, but cute as all get-go beagle mix who was a clown and loved attention. One time, I was all hippied and depressed-out in High School, and a carload of beered-up irrelevant football players from a crosstown High School parked near the beach at dusk where I was walking Iggie. They had baseball bats and were looking to 'rumble' with one lone semi-depressed high school hippie. Iggie chased them back into their car, and they rode down the street and beat up another guy and put him into the ER. 

           Our current hero and former pound pup 14 year old Augie 

Gout was a jumper. He was maybe 30, 35 lbs and could jump so high when you came to the door, you'd see his head and face bobbing up through the window of the front door as he jumped to catch a glimpse of who was coming in. He was the tug-of-war King of all time.  He loved socks with tennis balls in 'em and wouldn't let go no matter what. You could lift Gout clean off the ground and he'd cling to that toy. He luvved playing tug-of-war and jumping!

We had guinea pigs--I wound up having 2 rosette abyssinians; one growing up and one while living in Boston during grad school. Hamsters. Box turtles[Sam and Sam II], green turtles, an iguana, the Rabbits--Bonnie and Clyde, white mice, white rats, squirrels that would come into the kitchen for peanuts and more. We'd trap backyard birds, marvel at 'em and then release them. Boys! Yaknow!

So we had been foster-caring for Meow and Momcat, strays from the urban streets of West Haven, CT for 3 months or so. And suddenly at midnight Momcat was nowhere to be found. When Momcat came to stay, she still was very wild in her fears of humans in many ways. It took weeks to develop a relationship with her that allowed me to even touch her. Then feed her. Then get her to not run when I came down the stairs. One day and one hour and one minute at a time Momcat taught me the ways I needed to behave in order for her to develop trust in me. What a great life lesson. The first time she let me touch her head I was honored, indeed.

That day, I touched her head and she allowed me to scratch her neck and she rubbed and purred. :)  Oh my. Tears. Yaknow this Unabashed Leftist is a bit overemotional at times. Joy.  The first time she came out of hiding when I was down in the basement was an equal honor.  Same as the first time she came to watch as I fed her.  The first time she jumped up onto the furniture I was sitting on with me was a day for great celebration, indeed!  What a distinct honor to have as fine a soul as Momcat, the mother of my own raised-from-a-kitten pet Bluebelle the Wonder Cat, invite me into her life as one of two trusted servants and friends. Wow. Momcat.

So, I'm in the basement and she's nowhere to be seen.  Looking for hours in every nook and cranny. Finally give up. The Momcat rescue operation is over.  The Momcat recovery operation is over. Meow is alone, and seeking my attention all night during the wee hours as I search. Meow, though a paternity test has not been done, is the father of Bluebelle and Momcat's loyal mate from the streets of West Haven. Momcat's done for.

I hear a faint meow. Then another. And more. I track the sound to a cranny I'd never imagined existed. As high as the basement ceiling, this particular cranny was. I climbed a ladder and peered in. MOMCAT'S THERE!! YIPPEEE! She's huddled in the corner looking scared. I got bowls and trays. I gave her milk, tuna, dry cat food, wet cat food, cat treats, water and more right there in her cranny to make her comfortable. I stayed on the ladder and reached in and petted her. I thought back and remembered she hadn't had her normal bowel movement routine lately, and hadn't had much appetite. She was constipated and scared. 

She stayed in the cranny for a day or so, and came down. She pooped! Yippee. She was better. I was better. Spiritual awakening and spiritual experience for both of us. A transforming event in my life. Momcat's alive! Miracle. Praise the Lord, once again in my life. I told Momcat I loved her. I use the "L" word, the "G" - God word, and the "J" - Jesus word, alot more since then. :)  Jesus is God and I Love him and You. :) +

Tony "Wayward" Hayward sponsors a big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a couple of months later.  We all sweat out whether millions of animals will get soaked in oil and wash up dead. We see the pics of tortured animals because of corporate greed. 11 dead platform workers: HOW EXACTLY DO YOU MAKE 11 DEAD FATHERS, BROTHERS, SONS, HUSBANDS AND PARTNERS "RIGHT" BRITISH PETROLEUM???" Ditch the ridiculous and insulting PR slogan and ad campaign pleeeeze!

I see a CNN report in the middle of the spill crisis, one ridiculous attempt to seal the spill after another, that cats and dogs in shelters are overpopulating shelters and being put to sleep because people in Louisianna, poor Katrina-ridden New Orleans[but at least the Saints had won the Super Bowl in January-:)] and LA, had to make the decision to give up their pet family members because they couldn't feed or medicate their human children. OMG!

The report shows the awesome work being done by on the Gulf coast to reach out to families, provide shelter, medicine, veterinary care, food and more to cats and dogs.  I wound up coming online for the sole purpose of trying to help raise money for them and to save dogs and cats. This blog website is a consequence of all that! Tony "Wayward" Hayward gets himself demoted and hides in Putin's Russia to avoid testifying and extradition, where he is right now.

     My Black Leather Baseball Cap With The 'Scratch 'n' Sniff Stickers'(retired)

I got involved in the local Democratic campaigns of 2010 as a consequence. I had been wearing a black leather baseball cap as more-or-less a trademark of mine. I started going to a great chiropractic practice here locally where I provided them with stickers for the kids. They bought scratch-and-sniff stickers at my request. :D  It's always a "Great Day at the Tobin Center" according to Dr. Dawn Tobin's chiropractic assistant Anna Gagliardi and I blogged about it. Anna would award me a scratch-'n-sniff sticker each time I was a "good" patient. Sometimes I wasn't "good" in my opinion, and I was awarded a sticker anyway. They say things like Wow, Spectacular, Wonderful and what-not on them. I started to feel wonderful and spectacular because of the Chiropractic care and because of Anna saying I was wonderful and spectacular when awarding me stickers three times a week usually. :) TY Anna. TY Dr. Dawn.

I've been very sick this year, and have documented it elsewhere on this website(see 'The Nuclear Purple Pill,' for example). My Mom-in-law had pneumonia and congestive heart failure and has since made a full recovery. I had pneumonia, 200/100 blood pressure and a 102 temp one day. I had Iodine Radiation for Graves Disease. I have lost 20 pounds in the last month. I have had chest X-rays, blood tests and have a colonoscopy ordered. I can't do yard work, or work standing up. So I'm trying to make a living writing and doing sit-down kinds of work instead.
I kid Anna alot. But wearing a black leather baseball cap and eating vegetarian animals just didn't seem right anymore. Hypocritical even. My Lord and Savior called the members of the Sanhedrin 'hypocrites.' I do not want to be in THAT category, Mr. Hayward. So I won't eat any animals. At all-- carnivores, omnivores nor vegetarians or vegans themselves. I'll do so publicly and try to educate myself and the public about the health benefits, about my own health matters, diet and exercise. I was dieting and exercising until about a year ago and stopped. Got sick this year. Correlation? Cause and effect? I'll be writing about all that. 

We'll call this series the 'MOMCAT'S VEGAN PROJECT.'  This is actually the second installment, I will retitle the first after I post this one. Thanksgiving weekend just passed. I promise not to gobble a gobbler next Thanksgiving and to give thanks for having alternatives in this life. And pleeeeze, donate today and every day as much as you can and as often as you can to    
Good Health Toya, Sideways Moon Toya and Peace, Pleeze.....   Steve Alexander  In Jesus' precious name I pray, AMEN!

Originally Published November 2010


Unabashed Left said...

Paws. :) <3 Luvya Aug. Doc Magic. Magic Man. Mr. Happy. Augie The Doggie, M.D.(Doctorate of Magic, not Ph.D.-yuck). Turkey King! Peace be with you my canine pal. You are, indeed, a spiritual being, just like me, but having a temporary canine experience rather than the temporary human experience I'm currently having. Please visit

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading all of this. Integrity, honesty. You have built the character of the holy spirit here. Thanks Steve(Unabashed left)
love and hugs,
Kristy aka silversurfer506

Unabashed Left said...

Wow. Thank you so much Kristy aka silversurfer506. Wow. I enjoyed reading all of your comment, I like praise. :) And I like getting love and hugs and giving them back.
love and hugs,
Steve(Unabashed Left)