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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wallingford Walmart Men's Room Vile 2nd Day/Following Report To Health Dept.

Yes, unfortunately that is what it appears to be,
fecal matter on the floor of the same Men's Room in the
Wallingford, CT Walmart which was reported to the city's
Health Department yesterday morning. We decided that
the horror of the health hazard justified publishing this
horrific and nauseating photograph, and we do so only after
careful consideration for the readers' taste and stomachs.

We had to do more Wal-Mart shopping today and stopping in the Men's room we expected nothing but cleanliness following our publication of photos and two articles in two different publications, a conversation and complaint with the store manager, and with Wal-Mart corporate headquarters in Arkansas. Unfortunately the two public men's rooms were once again filthy beyond belief due to mismanagement and Wal-Mart corporate greed.

We apologize to our readers, but apologies, unfortunately were NOT forthcoming
from the Co-Manager of Wal-Mart Wallingford, Larry, today. In fact he was insulting,
demeaning, verbally abusive, and irritated that we should bring this nauseating hazard to the
community to his attention.

We spoke at long last with Store Manager Doug Yeakey by phone yesterday after being stonewalled for weeks, apparently the right combination of published photos, documented articles detailing the legendary Wal-Mart greed, and complaints to government authorities and his own corporate superiors motivating him to speak. We are following up his comments with some research to document some  of his assertions, and will deliver a Wal-Mart update very shortly, both here and at

This was once again the vile filthy disease-fostering situation once again today,
April 19th, 2011
the day following a complaint to the Health Department.

Just to give a clue as to Yeakey's perspective in advance, he actually asserted during our conversation yesterday that Wal-Mart is not required by law to redeem returnable bottles and cans when he sells those same bottles and cans. These are the types of assertions that we will follow up on before publishing a complete report of Yeakey's comments. We did not hear back from the Arkansas media hotline and have not for 6 weeks now. We complained to a phone answerer in Arkansas who said she'd send it to the 'next highest management level', regionbnal, and we haven't heard from them either. She said give them 3 to 5 business days. We certainly will. We await their call with bated breath.

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Linda said...

Boy, they just don't seem to care, huh? Maybe you should write an article for the Courant as well?
Jeez, Louise.