Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cowardly "Lefty" Questions Unabashed's 'Goodness and Honesty' In 'Private' FB Message

If you click on this link then minimize it you'll get to hear the classic tune from
Napoleon XIV
"They're Coming To Take Me Away Haha!"
Appropriate as you read about Mr. Hartley.

Daymon J. Hartley's Juvenile FB Profile Picture Which Aids His Mission Of
Maintaining His Own Anonymity When Making Personal 'Private' Attacks
On Strangers Online.
Rocket Scientist Hartley Was Apparently Unaware That
I'd Decide To Render Him A Published Author On All
Six Populated Continents Today.
Congratulations Mr. Daymon J. Hartley,
You, Sir, Are Now A Published Author.
I Hope You Are Proud Of Your Little Essay!
Daymon J. Hartley April 17 at 2:59pm Report

Daymon J. Hartley: Sorry...I can't support anyone who unabashedly proposed peace and now supports war in three different nations. It is not about deems or repubs. It is about finally seeking an independent program in the interests of working people and not the corporations. If in your heart your you are a good and honest person you will abandon yet another mouthpiece and spokesman for the ruling class or stop referring to yourself as being left.

Unabashed Left: April 19 at 8:36am

Please don't be personal in your political discourse with me in 'private' messages. Your bumper sticker shorthand personal attacks in private are not debate. Please read my blogs: Unabashed Left and Examiner.com and address the specific points in detail, point by point without personal characterization. You are inciting with this type of absurdity. How dare you call yourself a supporter of peace when you 'privately' call the President and by implication, me, a 'mouthpiece' and 'spokesman for the ruling class.' Issues, not personality. I accept apologies, and publish 'private' messages. Congratulations Mr. Liberal, you are now a published author. Please don't be so angry in life and agressive in their personal approach to strangers and simultaneously claim to be supporters of peacemaking by government leaders, but not for themselves in their own lives. Your response is welcomed, but must be civil. Your first definitely was not. I want peace at ALL levels by all possible means and in such a way that a Kindergartner would be welcomed to read anything written by me, or to me. This definitely does NOT meet that criterion. Try again or be reported and deleted. Peace... Steve

Unabashed Left: April 19 at 8:38am

Here are my links, if you actually want to discuss issues, not incite personalities. :) Peace...



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