Monday, March 21, 2011

My President Obama Rally Story

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(it's 'We Are The World by George Michael) and listen to this cool song while you look at my page:

Hi everybody. This here is the 'First Family.'
That's Malia, Michelle, President Obama and Sasha's sittin' on his lap.
Cute picture, huh?
Uncle Unabashed took me to a rally last October to see the President.
It was in Bridgeport, CT at a place called
"The Arena at Harbor Yard."
It was the Saturday before the election, on October 30th.
It was fun!
The next day was Halloween.
We went to see Bill Clinton that night, Halloween night.
It was kinda scary seeing Bill Clinton Halloween night. Lol.
Not really, I'm just joking
with President Clinton.

My friend, Bella is a big weather fan, and she
has some awesome facebook weather pages, including
The Weather Explorers (T.W.E.).
Uncle Unabashed made up a sign and wore it on his back for
President Obama.
That, right there is the sign!

We met a real candidate there, she was running for
Secretary of the State.
Her name was Denise, she was nice and so was her campaign manager.
These ladies like Denise.
Me 2!
That was fun.

We went inside this really big hall and saw a bunch of people there and a
big American flag.
Governor candidate Dan Malloy spoke and the rally was really for him.
He won Governor, by the way.

Then President Obama came out and everyone cheered.
This guy in front of me got so excited he pumped his fist in the air!
It was great!
The President was awesome!
Everyone loved what he had to say!
Fun, fun, fun!

That's Uncle Unabashed. He wore the The Weather Explorers(T.W.E.)
on facebook sign on his back.
He also wore a red Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
sticker on his hat and a "Vote 2010" sticker on his lapel, and got all
dressed up in a suit and tie.
He said he wanted Barack to notice him.
I wonder???

Outside Uncle Unabashed ran into Joe Ganim,
he said Joe used to be Mayor of Bridgeport.
Joe seemed to be real popular.

Uncle Unabashed said it's a pretty good country where
kids like Sasha, Malia and nice people like Barack and Michelle
get to be in the White House.
Uncle Unabashed said he used to be mad a lot about the government,
but that he's perty happy with all that
President Obama's
done and what he's trying to do!
He said:

And please don't forget to donate today to:
since they help kitties and doggies.
The end.
For now.

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