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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paula Poundstone Pounds Madison Av. Corporate Market Researcher

I hopped a Metro North RR Train(I guess they're all RR Trains,
the RR is probably redundant, please give me feedback) to
Manhattan yesterday to see Paula Poundstone do
stand up comedy at the Gramercy Theater.

Everyone, me included got a big bonus!!!
A Madison Avenue Market Researcher was in the audience and decided
to speak up.
Paula made mincemeat out of him!
He said he had his own business designing questions for state
tourism boards to ask on questionnaires.
She asked him to name a question he wrote.
He said:
"Why do you vacation in Colorado?"
The crowd roared with laughter.
"How long you been doing this?"  Paula asked the ad exec.
"17 years," he replied.
The crowd roared again!
"That's the best you can do after 17 years?" Paula asked.
The exec was spacing. No comment.
The crowd roared again. LOL.
The exec said he had a prior job as an adman for Clorox Bleach.
Paula said Clorox is a terrible product and bad forya probably.
She said she was in "residential" and washed other
peoples' clothes with Clorox Bleach and mixed an orange item
with white items and barely escaped alive. Lol.
She said, "It says on the bottle it irritates your eyes."
She said "Everything irritates your eyes. But they're
not dumb enough to put it on the label.
This soda I'm drinking will irritate your eyes."
Paula demonstrated.
But they're not dumb enough to put that on the label.
The ad exec was silent and silenced.
Paula spends a lot of time working for NPR.
NPR decimates a lot of Corporate types often, too
and the Republican Party wants to eliminate
federal funding for NPR and Public TV.
Not too surprising, there.

There I am with Paula. Sorry the picture is so dark!
Cheap-ass Net 10 Phone. Grr.
Paula remembered that I was Unabashed Left when I showed
her my Unabashed business card.
She followed me on Twitter.
Me, not Paula.
Like her outfit?
Like mine?
Paula gave me her contact information so I can
do an interview with her soon. That's gonna be really cool.
I'm happy about that.

There's Paula on stage during the show just before I met her.
She wuz funnier than all get-go.
She has 16 felines.
She's crazy.
My 3 felines are enuff to keep track of.
Plus she has 3 human kids at home and a K9 or two.
Give me the K9's enny day, Paula Poundstone!
Cats are cool.
Kids are OK.
But K9's rule!
Do u hear that Paula P?
U do a very accurate imitation of felines barfing.
That's unfortunate, Ms. Poundstone.
You've obviously heard it way too often, and practice it far
too frequently.
U need more dogs!
They lick their balls
and will chase some too!
Then lick your face and
wag their tails.
Never seen a feline do that,
Ms. Poundstone.
But I'm not a species-centric kinda guy.
We're all in this one together.
So let's nail some corporate types and keep all the species going.
I'll donate to NPR.
And Public TV.
And not to Tan Man Boehner's re-election campaign.

Paula gave me her autograph and wrote out a note to me with my real
name and my Unabashed Name. I bet she thought I wuz strange.
Go figure, Paula Poundstone.

Look at the unbelievable size of the buildings in Manhattan.
Really tall, but not so wide.
Kinda like missiles.
Phallic, ifya ask me.
Mostly designed by men.
Go figure.
Manhattan Island is cram-packed with 'em!

Here's another!
They are on every street corner, these tall buildings.
They're building 'em so tall now that even
Superman wouldn't stand a chance at leaping
'em in a single bound.
Even if he hadn't committed suicide or had a neck injury that killed him.

This is Fifth Avenue as you can well see.
Over on Madison Ave they make up ads and try to make you
into a consumer oriented person.
Then ya go to the stores on 5th Ave and buy all their stuff that they advertise just
a few blocks away on Madison Ave.
And all the profits go just a few more blocks away to the billionaires on 
Wall Street.
I didn't stop in at Wall St yesterday, otherwise I'd
have been glad to show ya a picture of Wall Street, too!

This is just a kinda cool looking little park on 42nd Street, near
Grand Central Station.

And this is a wedding party that was having their picture
taken at Grand Central Station.
She's gorgeous, huh???
Yes, she is.
My, my.
And isn't that groom a lucky stiff this weekend.
In more ways than 1!!!
talk to you soon.
And donate today to this cause becuz Paula likes catz and dogz
and so do I:


Linda said...

I felt like I was there too! I think you're right, you can leave the RR out of the train! I feel bad for the ad exec guy, although that was funny! How did you manage to meet her? It's great that she knows who you are! Nice to know she's a cat person too!

Unabashed Left said...

@ Linda: Duzn't everboddy know me? Cat person? You're a cat person? I'm a dog person. Catz r gudd, dogs rule. :p