Sunday, June 26, 2011


Joe Gallagher Jr. is a frequent visitor to open mike night at a local Wallingford night and day spot, a coffee shop reminiscent of Greenwich Village 30 years ago, and an awesome place and story in and of itself, called The Dry Dock at 68 Quinnipiac Street. The aside is that The Dry Dock serves no alcohol and great local music is spotlighted frequently, good eats are there to be had at abundant times, the social setting is unique and friendly in the extreme, whether your choice is to simply donate a buck or two for a cup of java or a great breakfast, lunch or dinner cooked on the grill. I spent a good portion of my New Year’s Eve there, and it was a memorable event, indeed. I met many great folks, including some music fans from a local NPR outlet who offered the opportunity for volunteer service at their station and many other like-minded non-drinking people on a night when it seems the world is out to accomplish DUI and DUI only. I’ve since returned on many occasions during the day to stop by for coffee, to chat with the manager and to set up my lap top and do a bit of work in a more social setting than my own living room and each time came away fed in far more ways than in merely the gastro-intestinal sense, and the food’s good too!

Joe is a Wallingford friend, and I recently became acquainted with his music via a single amateur video which I hereby declare to be the Cutest Music Video Ever Produced. The song is “My Only Son” a tribute song to his young son Joe, and the tune is awesome and the emotion Joe manifests in his playing is evident. But stealing the show is his little daughter, Savannah Jeanne, who tries her darnedest to distract Dad by repeatedly using the “L” word on him, “I love you Daddy” she says, by playing his guitar while Joe plays guitar, and by dancing in front of the camera Joe set up to work on the writing of this tune. You can’t help but believe that Savannah might just have a bit of sibling rivalry going on with little bro and that this might be one factor in her efforts at distracting father Joe! It’s a riot and a beautiful testimony to the love of a father for both his son and for his daughter, for whom he’d written a song years earlier. He does other music which is acoustic and awesome, my personal favorite besides "My Only Son" being a tune he calls "Serenity" and the link to a variety of his work is: Joe's Facebook page link is:!/pages/Joe-Gallagher-Rocks/168359669874357 and The Dry Dock's Facebook page is

Joe’s individual orientation he describes as:


Style: Rock

About Me: Acoustic

Rock Record Label: none

Hometown: New Haven

Occupation: automotive paint sales

Schools: Mark T. Sheehan High School

Interests: creative writing, performance arts

Music: anything acoustic

Joe has branched out and is a member of a band which is less acoustic in orientation which goes by the name “Out of Character” and which is playing gigs frequently throughout the area. They describe themselves on their Facebook fan page (linked on FB as:!/pages/Out-Of-Character/187736491269365) as:

Hometown: Wallingford, CT

Genres: Alternative / Indie Rock / Alternative Rock

Label: Wicked Talent Productions

"Members: Mark Andersen-Drums, Pat Mace-Bass, Jonathan Sibrava-Lead Guitar, and Joe Gallagher Jr.-Vocal/Guitar Out of Character is a slap in the face, a riot act to replace the free will of mankind. They tear their way on stage as well as off and bring an industrial, hypnotic sound into the world. Formed at a local open mica in a magical place called The Dry Dock, they progressively cut through the scene. By leaps and bounds, Out of Character stormed into their own souls to produce and create fantastic songs. Keep an eye out for these rising stars."

The list of venues the band has played in recent months is impressive and stretches from The Dry Dock in Wallingford; to the Bronx; Manhattan; to Danielson, Hamden, Orange and New Haven, CT. Their music is great on video, although I have to admit that I have neither caught Joe's individual nor the group in action onstage yet. That yet will happen very soon, and a review will most certainly follow. That is most certainly a ‘yet’ I’m very much looking forward to, as Joe’s music, Out of Character’s music and Joe’s own character as a man today are amazing, indeed. Hi Savannah! 5 Stars without a doubt! And a link for the advancement of community, please take a look and drop by when you're in the area, I assure you that you won't regret it!


Unabashed Left said...

My thanks to Joe Gallagher, Jr. for allowing me to post this video and to enjoy his music, and I certainly hope to get to The Dry Dock on a night when he's scheduled to perform. I'll seeya tonight, Joe, God willing and we'll try to hook up! Peace to U and Savannah and your "only son!"

Steve Alexander said...

And to Rich and everyone at The Dry Dock, thanks for all you guys do and for the companionship and fellowship. Awesome, simply awesome. Peace... Steve