Friday, June 10, 2011


Arlo Guthrie Sings "The Garden Song" Sowing Seeds is Good Not Bad
If Seeds Hadn't been sown, and sustenance provided
then where would I be?
The Republitea Greedsters just don't get it!!!
A Sign Near the front of the Community Where I live--a Public Housing Program--it's awesome!
The Republican Guv mentioned on the sign opposed the bill but took credit for it whenever
she could. She's gone. Out of office. :)
Lot's 'o Wallingford jobs created
by upgrading these homes
with TARP funds! Phew!
The sign sez Barack Obama, President and
Funded by:
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
The Stimulus Bill
the TARP Bill

Thanks to the Federal Government and some awesome local people who administer the program [hi Mary--Madame Coordinator--that's an inside joke, hi Sharon!] I have a place to live that's real nice. Just moved in a coupla months ago. Boy did I need a place to live. Phew. I was sweating it out. Had financial problems and others galore! Wow. What a big help. I had to walk to apply the first time during the winter in Connecticut because the snow was so bad and I've been pretty sick for a few years and couldn't shovel my minivan out in record snows. When I got to the area where the Housing Authority Offices in town are, I saw this:

The neighborhood was beautiful, not fancy at all, but real nice. Well maintained, one floor units for the most part, for elderly folks, disabled brother and sisters, and other low income people, and further up I saw basic single family houses with nice yards for folks with bigger families. There weren't alot of fellow Wallingfordites [not exactly sure whatcha call us] out in the snow, but they were nice, friendly and very eager to help. When I saw this sign, I cried. Yes I did. I was happy. Because I knew I was coming home. It would be a few months, an application process, documentation, filing financial forms, and getting onto 'THE LIST.' THE LIST is intimidating to us applicants, boy! And a rough one for Housing Authority and federal Housing staffers in general to deal with because they don't know exactly when units will become available because it happens often due to people moving out and is unpredictable, and the staffers are NOT responsible for shortages of elderly and low income housing but just the bearers of the news. My wait was only less than 4 months. :)
My beautiful new front yard, I could have a picnic for 250 out there if I was so inclined. Lol! :D

That's my new home! Number Seven!!! Yippee! And yes, that's Peace Duct Tape
from Walmart on my mailbox. My new neighbor said that she had a bees
nest in her mailbox because of the design, when
she found out I have anaphylactic reactions to
bee stings, she's handicapped and real
nice as a next door neighbor
and cares alot.

And my beautiful little back yard. I love it! Anybody know somebody who fixes scooters???
Two tables, an umbrella and more fit back here and its real private and just over
the hill is a food store, and right across the street is
the community center and laundromat, no
more than 200 feet from
number Seven. :)

I've had a series of setbacks in recent years. I've been a Social Security Disability recipient since 2007, a Medicare beneficiary, and since January I've even qualified at poverty level for a small quantity of Food Assistance (the former Food Stamp Program) and now Medicaid.
I thank God for this Card and this wonderful program for the Elderly and Disabled.
Thank you Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Thank you Barack Obama
for fighting to
I sure
still need it for awhile, sir. Please don't give up the fight! I know you won't!

And this card? A Godsend! Wow.
Politics is not just pie-in-the-sky.
The Republiteas REALLY do
wanna eliminate Medicare
and disability.
Even Mitt Romney
during the 2008
Republican primaries
said that under a Romney
administration nobody under
65 would ever get Social Security.

Mine's from another state, Connecticut, but this is an EBT card, Food Stamps
and my Medicaid card now, too! :) Sure need this one right now! Phew!

So I'm grateful for my beautiful new home. My mammalian cohabitant is a happy camper too. But we're not camping, not feral or homeless! Instead, I'm applying for part time jobs now that I'm finally beginning to feel better. I've been admitted to graduate school at Hartford Seminary and will be a full-time divinity student in September. :) Thank you Mr. God! :) <3

I'm writing for and making a bit of money that way, and this writing project right here, Unabashed Left--your exclusive source for all your military affairs and comedy needs, the only place you ever need to be, spend all your time here 24/7 you'll be much happier a person--your one-stop shop for sociology, politics, justice and rock and roll--is doing beyond fine too, thanks for asking! Thank you First Amendment! Let's just ditch the Second Amendment, whadya say? Confusing isn't it? Does it mean individual arms or militias? Biceps or artillery? Handguns or shotguns? Second Amendment remedies Sharrrrrrrrrrrrron? Really???

Yeah, let's just scrap that one and keep my favorite! THE FIRST AMENDMENT! Keep Julian Assange and his people in your prayers, please and unhand him NATO, I insist, BTW!!! Grrrrrr....

The nonsense myth that those of us on disability or receiving benefits of any sort don't wanna work, or get spoiled on unemployment and lose the urge to achieve??? What are you fools on the right thinking? Most ofya have never 'worked' a day in your lives. And those ofya trying to end unemployment extensions for folks, end or 'privatize' [which means end it, too, just enriching their Wall Street greedster pals as they go down] Social Security and Medicare are, yourselves receiving Federal Government checks each month as employees who take over 20 weeks of vacation a year, and don't have to even report to the office on Capitol Hill ifya feel like getting yourself some publicity that day instead. And you're all rich compared to me and most of us out here in real America you rightie guys and gals! None of us are making $100,000 apiece anymore (very few households are at this point guys and gals, wake up) let alone $250,000. And you don't wanna tax yourselves which is why you oppose taxes for the rich!!!

Go ahead. Make my day. I have so many loved ones and friends and friends I haven't met yet who are threatened by your militarism, your threats to end public education, the Dept of Ed., Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security, SSD, Supplemental Security Income, Labor rights, Unemployment Compensation, and all that you're twisting up conservatism and the Republican party to be today, that I want your party to end now. It's time to dismantle the party of real Republican Abraham Lincoln. Get rid of the silly party of Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Angle, Boehner and Gingrich. Build a different opposition party again ifya like, but after we wipe your hiney (spellcheck) the first Tuesday of November 2012 you'll be in the history books, and your genuflecting to the Tea Party will have been the cause.

I thank God for Barack Obama and his decision to run for re-election, and for his wife, our awesome First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters' (Sasha's birthday this weekend-happy birthday) conscious sacrifices every day for me and all of us. Thank you guys. You're the best!


StillObama Driver said...

My Dearest StillObamaDriving Friend wrote: What a beautiful piece, Steve. I am so very happy for you!

Steve Alexander said...

Thanks StillObama Driver, this was a hard one to write. The research for this story was a bit more touchy than the Wal-Mart series, and that's saying something! Thanks, means alot! :) And thanks to Barack and his family for thier decision to sacrifice and run for re-election, and Happy Birthday Sasha!!! StillObama Driver likes this.