Wednesday, June 1, 2011


An awesome tune that could've been written just for the 'Reverend' Huck-A-Bee!
By even more awesome singer/songwriter Iris Dement!
Hi Iris! Let's get some new CD's out there Iris, please?

A rear shot of Ordained Southern Baptist Minister Michael Dale Huck-A-Bee
who probably thinks that the end is near like other wacko pseudo-Christians.
Haveya seen those "The end is near"-- I think the Date is May 21st-- billboards lately?
Watch out Rev Mike!
You're gonna be needin' some 'o that Romneycare, but ifwe re-elect President Obama
we'll have Universal Health care just like the Commonwealth of Mass.
real soon, and when Faux Newschannel ditches your contract
and your health insurance runs out,
any injuries you suffer when the sky falls
WILL be covered!

Allegedly 'born' the first time, Huck-A-Bee actually emerged in some manner on the planet at the end of the summer of 1955 for some unknown reason. He sez he's been born a second time. OK. We'll just skip past that. He got himself ordained somehow and went into TV evangelism then politics (surprise, surprise). Served as Arkansas Guv post-Bill Clinton, admittedly a tough act to follow, but a boring and uneventful time in office to say the least. Nothing gained, a few rights lost during his terms.

Really just a pretty boring dude altogether. Even with an electric guitar in his hands. Ever see him play? He looks as stiff as if he has a steel I-Beam for a spine even when he's playing what he calls rock and roll! He's about as loose as Pope freakin' Benedict! LOLOL! He's even uptight if he's playing with a decent musician as a guest on his Faux Newschannel one-hour-a-week late-night on the weekends' show, ingeniously entitled: "Huck-A-Bee." He has maybe two guitars in his entire arsenal and one of 'em is yellow or orange or sumthin' and is funnier than He_l!!! Sorry for the damnation allusion, there Mikey!

So the guy runs for Prez in '08 and winds up winning the way over-publicized Iowa caucuses. Now he imagines he's God-ordained for the Presidency or sumthing, for crying out loud! Shehehahalol. CAUCUSES for crying out loud. A state so small they have a coupla meetings to decide who wins their freakin' delegates. And not too surprising that a guy named Huck-A-Bee from a state like Arkansas would win Iowa over guyz like 'McCain the Urbane', Romney from Liberaland Massachussetts, and Giuliani who forgot to enter his name in the primaries and comes from NYC ennyway. He won a coupla more primaries, but in the end Urbane McCain got the nod and even the guy with a baseball glove of a name, Mitt, got more popular votes and won more primaries than Huck-A-Bee who strung the campaign out to the very end, aggrandizing himself in a futile effort to keep his silly babyface on your TV. He sure likes TV! :)

Here's a shot of Bill Clinton making 'ol Huck look really silly.
Not fair Bill, it's just that old
"Hitting the broad side of a barn"concept,
making Huck look silly is just too easy, President Clinton, so maybe go a bit easier on the poor sap next time. :)

Even though Huck-A-Bee wasn't nominated for anything and was actually unemployed
throughout 2008 he DID have a running mate and a new spiritual adviser.
Now there's a guy ya want with his hand on the nuclear trigger;
Mikey Huck-A-Bee,
who trusts guys and campaigns with dudes like
Norris. OMG. What have Republican politics become since the
Bedtime for Bonzo
co-star nominee
Ronald Ray-Gun

I'm gonna take a risk here. I've always wondered if Huck-A-Bee is the right Reverend Mikey's real name. Am I alone in this? Serious question.

I admit I've been worried since January 2008 that Hucking Bees might be Mike's hobby ala these two happy insects in the photo above, rather than his born name. But in the case of these two, it's a fair deal since they both have stingers I do believe. What does Mike have? NOTHING!

So, re-elect President Obama in 2012. The short list of Obama achievements:

1) Ending the reign of  terror that was Osama Bin Laden.
2) Ending Don't Ask Don't Tell- The official Defense Department policy of legal discrimination against gay and lesbian heros.
3) Negotiating and passing through the U.S. Senate the START treaty with Russia.
4) Passage of the highly successful $700billion TARP bill.
5) Passage of the first-step Health Care Reform Act of 2010.
6) Removing 100,000 of our bravest and best from harm's way in Iraq.
7) Getting a $20 billion down payment from BP before the spill was even over.
8) Intimidating Tony "Wayward" Hayward into resigning as the immoral head of BP, taking a demotion and hiding out in Putin's Russia to avert prosecution by Attorney General Eric Holder.
9) Naming 2 women in a row to the U.S. Supreme court with brains.
10) Having a brain himself as President, post-George Dubya Bush. Refreshing, huh?


Steve Alexander said...

Yes, we can again, sir. You're right. And yes. YES WE COULD. YES WE ARE. YES WE CAN IN 2012!!! YES WE WILL!!! And thank YOU, for your brave service and sacrifice as well, sir. Let's not forget the personal courage and bravery involved in this gentleman serving as our civilian and amazingly competent Commander-In-Chief. Thank you Mr.President.

Linda said...

Yes we will! But as for Huckabee, No we won't! Do you see the Rand Paul ad at the bottom of your page? {{shudder}}

Linda said...

Mike Huckabee Fixes American History (VIDEO)