Friday, December 30, 2011


One of the Doggies I had to leave behind at The Dog Pound!
The most famous doggie of all is a mixed-breed, a beagle mix named
One hit-wonders The Royal Guardsman were able to milk
a second hit outa this one thanks to Snoopy!

My Dog Pound Story

Hi everbody! It’s me again! Lisa! Yippee! This is a real speshal story about a new member of my awesome family.  I’ll give you a clue: His name is Fred! Teehehehe.

Over the summer Mommy, Daddy and I moved from our tiny little apartment to a big house with a big yard. I’m going to a new school (it’s going good, thanks for asking--lol—just kidding) and both Mommy and Daddy have pretty good jobs that they like a lot! Perty good, huh?

So anyway, I’m sitting there; reading a book, mindin’ my own business when from out of the blue both Mommy and Daddy came up to me and said they wanted to talk. “Uh oh” I thought—I ran over a list of things I did that they could’ve caught me at and wouldn’t like, but couldn’t think of one!

They sat down on each side of me and Daddy said to me: I remember awhile back you said you wanted us to get a dog. Do you remember honey?

I said to Daddy: Yup, I sure do!

Daddy said: I told you then that it wasn’t exactly the right time, but that I would let you know when was the right time. You remember that too?

Now I was beginning to get giggly inside and excited and said: Yes Daddy!

Now Mommy looked at me with all kinds of love and she said to me: It’s the right time to get a doggie, Lisa!

WOWWIE! I jumped, and hollered and hooted for joy, because I’ve always wanted a doggie, one to be a friend to my two kitties! OMG! I hugged both Mommy and Daddy like nobody’s business.

Daddy said: We were waiting to make sure that if we get a dog, we will be able to take care of him his whole life, and that he’ll have a good place to live and be happy in his new family. When you asked, all of that wasn’t true and now it is!
The Royal Guardsman Tribute To Snoopy!

I said: Yippee!

Mommy asked me: What kind of dog do you want to get?

I said: I want a corgi! I luv corgis! A puppy!

Mommy said: Good choice, I luv Corgi puppies too! But there’s something else to think about. A lot of dogs are in animal shelters, dog pounds, and have been left behind by owners who couldn’t or wouldn’t take good care of them. They mostly aren’t puppies, they’re fully grown. And you usually don’t get a full bred dog like a Corgi, you get a mixed breed. But these dogs need to be rescued because their lives in the shelters are unhappy and sad, and because so many of them die through no fault of their own. I would miss having a puppy too; it’s so much fun playing with a puppy.

Daddy said: It’s your choice, honey. You make the dog decisions from here on out. Just let us know and we’ll go get us a new family member!

I said: DEAL!

So the rest of that weekend I thought about puppies and playing with them, and Corgis and then about sad dogs in cages who have NO families. I tossed and turned a lot that weekend.

Then Sunday night I went to Mommy and Daddy and said:

I wanna talk about our new dog.

Daddy said: Ok sweety, talk away.

I said: I want to adopt and rescue a senior citizen dog from the dog pound! I could kinda tell that’s what you guys would want too, and that’s what I want too AND I sure KNOW that’s what our new Senior pup will want TOO!

Tears of joy streamed down my face and I think I saw some (I'm not sure, but I think there was some pride in Daddy's tears, too) on Daddy’s too, when we hugged, and hugged, and hugged that Sunday night.

So just a coupla weeks ago Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Unabashed and I all got into the car and drove to the dog pound after school! I was sooooo excited! Whewwwwie! Wow! Mommy and Daddy both said it was my decision which dog we picked, and I asked them if Uncle UL could come too because I luv Uncle UL and I respect his opinions on a lot of things!

When we got there, there were a couple of officers in uniform working there, and I heard lots of dogs barking. It was sad. Knowing all these dogs didn’t have homes to go to! OMG! Uncle UL reminded me that I was being a hero and making the choice to rescue one of these precious animals! Thank you Uncle UL, I AM a hero for doing that! Yeppersr! I sure enuff am!

So these nice officers took us from cage to cage and showed us middle aged dogs available for adoption, some in their own cages others with other dogs in a tiny space. OMG. They were nice enough to let some of the dogs out and introduce them to me. I met a few really nice doggies, and they all just loved getting attention outside their cages from Mommy, Daddy, Uncle UL and me! Then out came Fred. I got on my knees to pet him. I asked the officer his name and she said “Fred.”

I was askin’ her a bunch of other questions--yah, go figger, me askin’ questions—lol—when I noticed that Fred had nudged my arm over his shoulder and was gettin’ free {{{{{{{HUGZ}}}}}}}}}. I turned and before I could say to Fred, “FRED!!!” he just gave me the biggest kiss right on the nose from any doggie I had ever gotten before.  I looked up and could see Daddy, Mommy, and Uncle UL beaming with joy! Then Fred got spunky and started to play with me, just like a puppy. We all just laughed, and laughed and laughed!

I looked up at Mommy and Daddy and said “This is him, huh?”

Daddy said, “It’s up to you Lisa.”

I said: This IS him! Yippee, Fred’s the one!
<3 <3 <3

And we all cried and laughed and hugged like nobody’s business. And Fred’s tail was waggin’ and he was happy. The other dogs were barking even louder now, but I think they were happy for Fred that he found a new family at long last and that their pal was gonna be more than ok! Uncle UL said that he believes that we all have the same souls. He said that he believes that people like us are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. He also said that he believes that doggies and kitties are the same spiritual beings, just having temporary canine and feline spiritual experiences instead. So treat your dog and your cat, or any animal at least as well as you would a kid is the moral of that story! And don’t try to take care of them if you can’t be responsible enough to do it, wait until you can and you will be blessed. With Fred, or somebody like him.

Last week Fred came home for good, and is getting acquainted with his feline sisters, who are all getting along well. They’re funny together. BREAKING NEWS: CATS AND DOGS DO GET ALONG. NOW LET’’S WORK ON THE PEOPLE!
And Mommy, and Daddy, and Uncle UL, and Fred, and my Kitties and me
we hugged, and hugged and hugged.
A big group hug!
The end, again.
But just for now
(I'm gonna come back yaknow!)

I suggest you donate today to the best Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the nation, the Louisiana SPCA, by going to their link:


Steve Alexander aka Unabashed Left said...

Arf. Arf. Meow. Prrrr. Bow. Wow. :) <3

Lyta said...

What a sweet story. We have a mixed bag, literally. 2 pound kitties and one pound dog. We have 7 in all the others were either dropped off or adopted us. Thanks for the smile and tears of joy.

Unabashed Left said...

Lyta: Thanks for being my hero and a hero to so many of our 4-legged friends who might not have been able to fend for themselves. And thank you so much for having the kindness to take the time to write someting so sweet. Your own comment brought a smile and tears of joy to my face on a day when I sure needed it. I don't always get positive strokes like this, and I always take it to heart when I do, that people like you who are good-hearted enought to write actually constitute the tip of an iceberg of people who react to my pieces. I love your furry friends, your lovely commment and you, my friend Lyta!