Saturday, December 31, 2011


Brian, Carl Wilson and the rest of the Beach Boys lighten the mood for the speaker.
The original party-pooper John Boehner has a plan to outlaw 2012
at the very last minute!
Hold on there Mr. Speaker!

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker, John “Tanman” Boehner, has announced that he is still in Washington along with a quorum of Congress, and that they will pull a surprise parliamentary maneuver in order to defeat his own minority Tea Baggers in the House. This “Speaker” has stymied legislation, agreed to with his own Senate partners of the same party and with members of his own caucus because of his inability to count votes and to ‘lead’ in any sense.
Rather than proceed with a vote on a new budget extension in two months, Boehner has been sopping up beverages within the beltway while the press hasn’t been paying attention this holiday weekend, and will call the House into surprise session before midnight tonight, and will attempt to pass a measure through the House eliminating 2012 altogether! His argument is that if 2012 does not happen, then any need for negotiations on the budget would be circumvented, and his party (the Republithief party) wouldn’t have to suffer embarrassment at the polls in November of 2012.
If the House approves any anti 2012 measure, then the Senate would have to approve an exact same bill with exactly the same language, and then the President would have to sign the bill. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, when asked to comment, said “What are you bothering me for? Want a drink?”
When reached on the beach at Waikiki in Hawaii, President Obama appeared very relaxed, and commented: “Ohmmmmmmm. Somebody get that guy a tanning bed and a Bud please!”

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