Saturday, February 12, 2011

MomCat's Vegan Project: Some Videos - Some Graphic, Some Amusing!

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Bluebelle the Wonder Cat may not be eaten. I will be angry and ya don't
want me angry. Believe you me!
Here are some graphic videos, be warned.
They ARE graphic, and disturbing.
Because how we treat the animals
we claim to luv
is violent, brutal,
disturbing and
when put on
But my motive is to stop the violence against critters so I am allowing
myself to post this pornographic treatment of animals.
The last two videos are funny. Not graphic.






 This one's funny, she's a Vegan comedienne. LOL!

 And this comedian calls himself
I really like that name.

There she is!
The star of this show!

M   O   M   C   A   T  !  !  !
This is her Vegan Project!
Not to get Vegan herself!
She's gonna keep eating meat
'n stuff.
Her Project:
To get this
S T E V E N    V E G A N ! ! !
Bluebelle the Wonder Cat is her
daughter, born in a fake backyard
wishing well a few years back
when MomCat was a feral cat in an
urban setting.
Meow, MomCat's life partner and
Bluebelle's father, live in
the basement of my home, separate
from Bluebelle mostly at present.
Bluebelle is much smaller than
both her parents and declawed,
unable to defend herself.
Meow and MomCat are clawed and
expert at hunting and defense.
Bluebelle was born in a feral environment
but has always been in a home since her first days in her wishing well birthplace.
Meow and MomCat are temporary
guests as they will be returned to
their owner when that is possible, their rescuer--a genuine hero
who rescues ferals and spend
time and resources making sure
they're ok.
But at present they are my guests.
I love MomCat, Meow and Bluebelle
so much you can't possibly imagine.
I love dogs, too.
So much, I'm training to be an
(Association of Professional Dog Trainers)
Here's Augie the Doggie:

And here's Meow!

Paws toya!

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Steve Alexander said...

"Bark,bark! Mew, mew. Meow, meow. Prrrr. Prrrr. Woof, woof, woof!"
Augie, MomCat, Meow, Bluebelle, and Augie. In that order. :)