Wednesday, February 2, 2011

President Hosni Mubarek: Here Is The Door!

Good morning Hosni. It's time to hit the road.
Why are you manipulating, conniving, conning and trying to orchestrate, still?
What do you have up your sleeves, Mr. President?
You are not Pharaoh, by now you are aware of that fact. Not even a boy-wonder such as Tut. Not a boy at all, 82 years old and 29 way too long years.
It's almost over.

After his idiocy in attacking his only Islamic ally, Turkey, by invading a
pacifist ship headed towards Gaza to provide relief supplies and make some
statements about Israeli intransigence, especially his own government, and
killing a bunch of Turks on board and then under reacting and justifying,
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally had to agree to
sit down with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to
engage in negotiations. Just like his right wing predecessor years ago,
the first Likud block Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Netanyahu might
come to his senses and realize that he is in a unique position
politically within his own country to negotiate and sign a peace treaty with
an opposing Arab government that other domestic Israeli politicians
are and were not in a position politically to do. Begin came to this
realization, after your predecessor the late great Egyptian President
Anwar El Sadat,
Nobel Peace Prize Winner,
U.S. President
Jimmy Carter,
Nobel Peace Prize Winner
had already come to this realization and convinced him in marathon
negotiations at Camp David all those years ago.

Since Anwar's assassination, you've clung to power way too long. Why?
It was the Reagan Administration that basically set in place the American
policy of propping your regime up militarily with massive infusions of
weapons, weapons technology and developing your own military
It was continued under the Clinton Administration and by the Bush folks
as well, and in the 24 months of Barack's Administration
it was looking good forya like this policy would continue, what else
could we do at this point, if we stop, then Netanyahu gets annoyed.
And we don't want Benjamin annoyed.
He seems to have an anger problem.
You 2!

Most folks get 15 minutes of fame.
You've had 29 years.
So exit
now, please, your people demand it.
They've been very patient until now.
You've actually set into place your own personal constitution with a
constitutional succession, whereby the leader of your own party dominated
parliament takes over if you leave.
Instead you named an intelligence guy VP.
What are you, crazy???
Give me a break!
You're a control freak and still trying to orchestrate Egypt when
the writing is on the Sphinx wall that
you're headed for another country.
Just hop a flight and get the heck out.
Your legacy is one of shame and despotism and there's no changing that now.
Too bad.
I think your motives were good in the beginning.
It's all over now.

So you got to be famous.
Hang out in golf carts with not-so-bright U.S. Presidents, and
try manipulating and being manipulated by the likes of former
KGB head and Soviet Communist Party member and former
Russian President and current
Russian Prime Minister, and fellow hanger-on
Vladimir Putin.

Barack's been in the background on you so far, and has only been in office
for 2 years, so his policy on you has been to accept you and to try and deal
with the hypocrisy of your 'rule.'
He wants you to go now, that's evident.
He, and his awesome Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton,
have compelled Bennie Netanyahu to talk to Mahmoud Abbas and
I think talks could be fruitful as time goes on. I think an agreement
with Abbas could be a first step in incorporating the desires of all
Palestinians for free homelands on the West Bank, in Gaza and on the Golan Heights. I believe that once Abbas is aboard that it is conceivable to incorporate Hamas and Hezbollah eventually into some kind of formula. I see no other alternative, and I don't think you even care, Hosni. Not anymore.
At one time you might have, but not for years.

Once you're gone, these two,
American President Barack H. Obama
U.S. Secretary of State
Hillary Rodham Clinton
will be in a much better position to aid in the legitimate desires of the
Palestinian people to acquire a secure homeland with legitimate
sovereign national rights including a right to national defense
somehow someway against foreign aggressors,
including, but not limited to,
But I believe these two Americans have a good perspective.
The United States of America
Is but one of all the nations on Earth
with a stake in international peace.
Just one.
We may be in a key position to help
with the assistance of allies.
You are not one
and haven't

You're old news,
like a black and white photo.
Boring, uninteresting, autocratic, paternalistic, chauvinistic and gone.
G O N E ! ! !
Goodbye Hosni!

President Obama, do I admire you!
You sure have had some fools to deal with since you've taken office.
First you still have the ongoing mop-op operation to continue following the
Then "Hell-No" Boehner and Absurd Mitch McConnell.
Palin, O'Donnell, Angle, Bachmann.
OMG, Sir.
My sympathies.

Peace is at hand in Afghanistan, Iraq and may be, in the not too
distant future, between the Israelis and the people of
Yes We Can, Sir.
Yes, We Shall.
In Jesus'

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