Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I went to the Post Office in my hometown of Wallingford, CT on Valentine's Day.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But two Lyndon LaRouche Supporters,
without any reindeer!
A protest it seemed under Amendment One,
And Unabashed Left decided to have him some fun!!

It was a Valentine's Day most fair and serene,
marked by two wonderful maidens as if from a dream.
They displayed a poster of Barack sporting a Hitler mustache,
when asked to pose with their poster each made a quick dash!
Neither would pose with the offending picture,
So Unabashed Left offered this stricture:
'Is your protest authorized on this sidewalk today?'
The protester said 'You'd better go away!'

I offered protester #1 my Unabashed business card,
Her Valentine's response hit me quite hard!
The gesture above was her response,
"Nay" she bellowed, implying meself just a dunce!
Rejecting my offering in a manner as such,
I suggested to her "Thou doth protest too much!"
When queried "Why won't you pose with your sign?"
Protester #1 wouldn't utter a line!

While we were interacting
[I'd say having fun
but that takes two--not just one :-D]
The winds went to whacking
her American Flag
which wasn't such a drag.
But the winds also blew her papers and her brochures,
So that to passersby her literature looked just like blurrs.
She tried to defend her poster whilst keeping her papers in line,
Forgetting all the while that it was her protest, unsublime.
Failing to realize that winds could knock a table down under
[yes, o yes, one keeled away
but Protester #2 saved the day]
Was indicative of the brilliance of such LaRouche fools--no wonder!

LaRouche Supporter #1 gave me some body language defensive,
Feeling my remarks to be somewhat offensive!
She wouldn't pose with her incendiary sign,
Not realizing at all that I'd get my angle alligned.
Protester #1 and Protester #2
Both shouted and cried loudly "Boo Hoo!"
Protester #2 played "I'll call the cops!"
"You have to be 10 feet from our stops!"
I asked her to cite the line in the sand,
Protester Two said it was "the law of the land!"
I pressed for an answer:
"Do you mean
Federal Law,
State Statute,
or could it be
Wallingford Ordinance?"
[Wondering myself now whether the protesters had their own ordinance-:-)]
Wondering by chance.
Protester Two just repeated it's "The law of the land!"
Just for fun I asked Protester #1
whether the favorite cigar of Lyndon, she knew?
[She sniffled and she sneezed and her nose she blew.]
I suggested Havanas and a Cuban connection!
And that perhaps their own lives had lost their direction.
I also implied Lyndon's wealth exceeded her own.
My, o my, you should have seen that protester frown.

Here's Barack Obama without that Presidential grey,
listening to a voter one fine day.
We're all aware that the President sports no facial hair,
No matter how long ya look, it just isn't there!
When told that the mustache made Barack into a Nazi,
Protester #2 made a ridiculous plea!
She said to Unabashed Left, she said to ME!
"You have a mustache, you do indeed!"

Here he is, your humble correspondent.
Unabashed Left, now so despondent.
I verify, in fact, my facial appendage.
It's truth, on that fact I simply can't budge.
But if you listen to Lyndon LaRouche,
Your brain'll be washed as if by a douche;
or perhaps by a hose.
If you're protesting in public never pick your nose.
And know that your poster of Barack looking like Hitler,
WILL include YOU looking sicker and sicker,
and you'll appear online on all 6 continents;
Via Unabashed Left, CUZ YOU MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations LaRouche Protesters,
and never drink any Kool-Aid offered by Lyndon LaRouche!


Steve Alexander said...

These two protesters would not identify themselves, nor their hometowns, admitted to having no permit, and admitted only to being from "out of town." I invited them to come to this page and identify themselves, comment, even do a guest blog. Please do! But I'm not holding my breath on that one! Peace... Steve A.

Linda said...

What an excellent poem! I think that young one looks like she's stoned. I guess you'd have to be high, to do what they're doing! Great job Steve! Too bad the other one's face isn't showing. You'd think she'd be proud to be recognized as a supporter who would stand out in the cold for the whacky LaRouche. If you can't be proud of what you're doing, why are you doing it? I would have asked her!
Just another exciting day in the life of the rabble-rousing lefty!

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