Monday, January 2, 2012

New Month: New Frontrunner: Iowa Caucuses Pick Santorum

The Dynamics
"Ice Cream Song"
"If loving you was  ice cream man,
then I could be the ice cream man!"
If it's a new month, there must be a new Republithief
Flavor of the Month!
Rick Santorum.

Ho, ho, ho. Last month, Cain, this month Rick Santorum. LOL! We all know Iowa DOESN’T matter except in terms of racking in viewers ridiculously early to the news networks and shows [to follow a ridiculously long, torturous and unfair Presidential election] and that Santorum is just about as likely to be the next Republican nominee as each of the previous Republithief frontrunners; which within the past 8 months has included Romney, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich and now that its January, Santorum. The Republithieves will nominate Romney. We know that. All the fluff is just that, helping to enrich Gingrich, and create talking head careers for others who don’t fall to personal scandal like the Pizzaman.
Dumb, dumber and dumbest, 2012 Republithief version!
I predict Santorum to walk away from Iowa with in excess of 30% and be declared a huge surprise victor, with a second by Ron Paul—a remarkable and scary notion.  Romney will come in a distant third, and the rest will fall way behind.  Not that Paul will win the nod, but he might pull in second or third at the Republiithief convention and be in a position to make deals and have a prime time platform for himself, and his obvious chosen heir apparent to his Libertarian idiocy, son Rand Paul. Romney will get exactly what he got in 2008, in the low 20s, where he stands nationwide, and will once again go into New Hampshire with the media expecting a victory there, and he will win there this time. Romney is doing everything he can to make himself look like a moderate, although even 4 years ago he called for an end to all Social Security Disability, and endorses an fanatical right-wing agenda in 2012 that rivals Bachmann’s and Perry’s.
The saddest thing to witness has been the PAC ads allowed under the absurd Citizens United decision rendered last year by the Roberts’/Dubya Supreme Court. As sick a puppy as Newt Gingrich is, it was in fact, the barrage of negative advertising which didn’t include the tagline “My name is Mitt Romney and I endorse this message,” which is not required by corporate anonymous ads, but which were clearly cleared by Romney himself. These ads had nothing to do with issues, and were effective in bringing Gingrich from frontrunner to single digits in Iowa. This is the beginning of the effects of the CU decision! Sad indeed.
I am 100% certain of the outcome of the caucuses that matter tomorrow, the Iowa Democratic Caucuses. Yes, there will be a full set of caucuses, yes President Obama will be virtually unopposed, and yes; incumbent President Barack Obama will win the Iowa Caucuses tomorrow evening in landslide fashion. This will be the first in a series of landslides for Barack, the last one to come on November 6, 2012 when he defeats Republithief nominee Willard Romney, who I predict will struggle to win even 100 total electoral votes and sweep an even larger majority of Democrats into the US House and the Senate than in  2008!
Involvement early is the key to having an organization which will wipe these 1 percenters off the map come November. Sign up today at:

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