Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 2012 New Hampshire Presidential Primary: A Poem

A New Unabashed Inroad: Political Poetry!
Think Pulitzer, Friends!
Who's Next?
Queen Knows!
Another One Bites the Dust!
Another one gone,
Another one bites the dust!

The 2012 New Hampshire Presidential Primary:
A Poem

It is finally two thousand and twelve, you see,
And New Hampshire is blitzed by Republithieves, golly gee.
We are the baby boomer generation for sure,
We’ve never been able to resist the lure
Of wanting what we want when we want it,
And if it’s denied of having a tantrum and a fit.
First to Bite the Dust!

So it’s only the tenth of January today,
And Iowa’s already history by a week and a day.
Unable to defer gratification is the baby boomer’s tradition,
So this primary a year before November is the current condition.
Barack Obama is largely uncontested in the Democratic primaries it seems,
Because he’s done what he said and says what he means.
The Republithieves have a different quandary indeed,
Dozens of suitors lined up to dance out of greed.
First came Palin who never announced,
She bought a big bus and around the nation she flounced.
Unfortunately for Sarah, her poll numbers dropped,
Because she verbalized and her balloon, it sure popped!
Remember Tim Pawlenty? The Next to Bite the Dust! :)

Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Cain,
Paul, Santorum, Perry, Pawlenty and Trump in the main;
Have all taken a stab at the Tea Baggin’ nod,
Thru a snowless New Hampshire they all have trod.
This Republithief field has shifted so far to the right,

That by comparison even John Birch seems full of love ‘n light!

Who could forget Herman Cain's exit. He's got a new big bus with his picture on it
and is still promoting 999 and Herman Cain! Another one bit the dust!
Anti-gay marriage; Anti-abortion; Anti-gay civil union;
Anti-free speech, and now Anti-Contraception!
Another Minnesotan, this one far crazier than Tim Pawlenty,
Michele Bachmann, bit the dust next! GREAT!

OMG! This crew is strange for real,
Family values that just make ya squeal!
“Less government's our mantra” is these Tea Baggers' ruse,
While with a dictator’s authority they try to impose their own values!
So Herman’s family values caused cheating and harassment,
He fell to the wayside before voting commenced.
Iowa happened and Family Values candidate Michelle,
Dropped outa the race because she sounded like a hollow belle.
Willard “Mitt” Romney won Iowa by 8 lousy votes,
To a former Senator Santorum who wears sweaters, not coats.
It is SO much fun handicapping the Republithief field this year.
My prediction for tonite: Ron Paul comes in a ridiculously strong second
to Willard Romney and within a day or two,
Jon Huntsman
Bites the Dust.
Handicapping these folks isn't too hard, this crew's biggest handicap
are their own racist and selfish aims.

In Iowa, Willard demolished former Speaker Gingrich with true but vicious advertising,
And the Speaker is now gunning for Willard and seeking an uprising,
Against the likely Republithief nominee; Gingrich now seeks to cut him down to size,
Because Willard told Iowans Newt cheats and lies.
So in 60 minutes a projected winner shall be declared,
No doubt Willard as always will not have shared.
He’ll have the biggest piece of the pie,
But mark my words, Doctor Paul’s the apple of many an eye.
Lots of folks like smoking reefer unencumbered by legal complications,
So Ron Paul will finish second because of folks who seek permanent vacations
Between their ears by smoking dope and paying no taxes,
The irony being that it’ll be Ron Paul who sends Perry back to Texas.
Pawlenty’s done, Sarah as well, Cain was unable
Tomorrow Huntsman will have earned the label:
Quitter it seems is the inevitable outcome of a Republican contender,

Ever since the original Republithief, Nixon had to end her.

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