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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A Republican Fantasy Breakfast: Greed and No Tax Liability
Pink Floyd Describes The Republitief Field:
"Keep your hands off of MY stack!"

Here we go: let’s take an unabashed look at Presidential candidate wealth since Willard Romney has relented at long last and hinted that he pays under 15% on his massive wealth. Oh Willard, Willard, just today the NY Times said of you “Even among presidential candidates, a typically a well-to-do group, Mr. Romney stands out: His fortune of between $190 million and $250 million makes him one of the wealthiest men to run for president in modern times.”  You poor boy, how will you ever live this down? Well on your way to your first billion, via hedge funds and questionable legal money laundering schemes which put thousands out of work and eliminated their pensions while creating other companies in a random manner which was anything but random, if you simply look at the motive of the Bain execs personified in that infamous picture of greed that Willard no doubt regrets so badly today. Bain was the bain of the poor employees of victimized companies Romney squeezed for profit before shutting them down.
The obscene Bain photo of Romney with his cronies which should
disqualify him from consideration for anything but
eternal damnation perhaps, with the possibility of parole.
Poor, poor Willard has, according to Willard himself today, earned “not very much” in income, his sources of sustenance being primarily unearned as investment incomes from those aforementioned hedge funds and abusive treatment of Bain employees. But unfortunately for Willard, it was public information that his speaking fees alone last year, “earned income,” were $374,327.00. Unfortunately for Willard this “not very much” income constitutes 5 to 10 time the average American’s full-time annual income. Oh poor Willard.
In an amazing display of transparency and the obvious pride that he takes in his ownership of his contribution to the war efforts, and his tax obligations as well as his delight at providing the public with detailed information on his honorable financial pursuits, Willard has toyed now publicly with the notion of revealing his tax returns. After the April filing date for this year. After the Republican Primary is decided, just coincidentally and still 7 long months to hopefully blow over somewhat before the November general election. What a guy. Willard Romney.
If Willard succeeds in replacing President Obama in Barack’s current day job, Willard will further supplement his current earned income with the annual Presidential salary, which now stands as $400,000 per annum. The strange irony is that the $400,000 salary, which is buttressed by a $50,000 expense account, is actually a drop in the bucket for Willard, as well as his other competitors for the job.
To be fair, lets reveal that Barack himself, and Michelle Obama in last year’s tax filing revealed that they “earned $1,728,096 in that year, most of which came from the sale of Mr. Obama’s books, including “The Audacity of Hope.” The couple, who filed jointly, paid $453,770 in federal taxes and got a refund of $12,334.” This works out to an effective 25% tax rate, and making the Obamas personal wealth among the lowest in the game this year, still even despite his success and his incumbency.
TX Governor Rick Perry ought to be ashamed of himself for a bunch of reasons (i.e. Forgetting which cabinet department he wants to eliminate, or just today calling key U.S. and Israeli ally Turkey an Islamic Terrorist state) he particularly ought to be embarrassed about “double dipping” by raking in his $150,000 annual Governor’s salary, but also figuring out a ‘creative accounting’ means of ‘retiring’ while still in office, so he now gets a monthly $7698 ‘retirement’ annuity as a delightful supplement to his gubernatorial salary rendering his total cash take as Guv $240,000! Smooth Rick! Perry is famous for using his political cronies and pull in office to make great real estate deals for himself over the years. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported, for example that “Perry once sold a 9.3-acre tract to computer magnate Michael Dell for nearly four times what he paid for it, using influential Texas lobbyist Mike Toomey as the broker.”  That same newspaper reported “Perry's biggest real estate pay day came in 2007, when he sold two-thirds of an acre of lakefront property he had acquired in 2001 from his friend Troy Fraser, a Republican state senator who owns a nearby tract in Horseshoe Bay in Central Texas. Perry sold the property in March 2007 for $1.14 million - for a profit of $823,766, tax records show. That helped produce the highest annual income Perry and his wife have ever reported - about $1.1 million in adjusted gross income, according to their 2007 tax return.”
And the Newtster? Well…. His Newt enterprises are as legendary as they are well hidden. The latest even remotely reliable information as reported by the Los Angeles Times is that “Newt Gingrich had a net worth of at least $6.7 million and income of at least $2.6 million in 2010, according to financial disclosure forms that were released Monday,” July 25th, 2011. The most interesting aspect of that set of forms was that they revealed a mysterious and whopping 300% increase in reported worth and income from just the prior year. Come on Newt, show us the money, dude! What’s good for the goose is good for the Gingirch!
And the Christian moralist of the Santorum variety? He earned about $200,000 total his last year in the his last year in the Senate when he got trounced for re-election by Pennsylvania’s very wise electorate. Since then he’s boosted his income into the millions. The Boston Herald reports, for example, that this tricky Rickster “reported that the American Continental Group, a Washington lobbying group, paid him $65,000 in consulting fees. The firm’s lengthy client list includes Microsoft Corp., Comcast Corp. and the American Gaming Association.” Tricky Ricky “left the firm last June when he formally began running for president.” Mr. Santorum  “also reported earning $125,000 for consulting work for The Clapham Group, a Virginia-based consulting firm that works with faith-based groups, among others.” Hmmm. That faith thing is a pretty lucrative gig, huh Rick? What's that ya say there Rick? "Vows of poverty just ain't my cup 'o tea?" We can see that guy! Lol. Rickyboy‘s “earnings included payments from a conservative think tank and media outlets. The Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington paid Santorum $217,385 as a senior fellow. News Corp. in New York paid Santorum $239,153 for his appearances on Fox News Channel. Salem Radio paid Santorum $83,999 for his work as a radio talk show host. Santorum was guest host for "Bill Bennett’s Morning in America" radio show. The Philadelphia Inquirer paid Santorum $23,000 for columns he wrote for the paper.” Wow, not bad! Getting shellacked at the polls sure can be lucrative for these Republithieves! Makesya think about switching parties!
And Mr. Libertarian, Ron Paul? Well, he: “puts his personal money where his personal mouth, and public policy, are -- in precious metals.” According to the LA Times. That’s sure what you want in your next President, one who is so scared he sinks most of his money into gold bullion! Lol dude! The ex-practicing MD grants himself a hefty retirement income from that practice and is estimated to be worth $5 to $10 million.
Wow, did I make a mistake not running for office and choosing the party of the Pachyderm back when I turned eligible to vote or what???
These guys pay peanuts in taxes, and with the total combined that will be spent between campaigns and Citizens’ United unattributed dollars and cents, the election will easily exceed $3billion in spending publicly this year. All for a job with a $400,000 annual salary.
I’m thinking about holding a press conference. How many signatures does it take to get on these freakin’ ballots? Peace….